White Stripes Tonight

Last Thursday The White Stripes announced a surprise show in NYC today, at the newly renamed The Fillmore at Irving Plaza. Tickets went on sale 10AM Saturday at the box office – $30 each, cash only, 2 tickets max per person, photo ID required. Instead of a ticket you get a voucher which must be presented with the photo ID to get in.

My sister-in-law Carrie and I got on line at about 5:45 AM. As we later found out, we were 124th and 125th in line. We finally got our vouchers at around 11:15 AM. I did a lot of recording which will be heard on an upcoming episode of The Overnightscape.

Around 8:00 AM someone took a video of the line. You can see me and Carrie at the 0:50 mark sitting on the ground (1:13 if it’s counting down). She is wearing black and I am wearing green.


Rumor has it only 350 people on line got to buy tickets, with another 150 being sent home empty handed. I’m looking forward to the show!

UPDATE: Here is an annotated screenshot of us on line:

The Overnightscape #602 (6/15/07)


The Overnightscape #602 (Friday, June 15, 2007 / 1:42:00 / 46.7 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Onion rings and parallel parking, where is that feeling in my brain, beautiful hidden park, Arizona 1947, show notes, tracking a dollar bill on WheresGeorge.com, the true nature of the Federal Reserve, Oregon, “Forever” stamps, “Earth” stamps, Friz Quadrata, decaffeinated coffee, heart palpitations, 90s NYC coffee shop “In The Black”, coffee guy sightings, listening to “The Silmarillion” audiobook on a subway in Brooklyn, store people, mochas with way too much espresso, kicking the caffeine habit, Taster’s Choice instant coffee, detox, many stages of coffee, amazingly great half cup of cold coffee, sci-fi novel “The Mote in God’s Eye”, Crazy Eddie, Melitta’s vague grandiose tree planting statement, 600 for 600 emails #61-#71, blog and forum, Heretic Films, DigitalCafeTour.com, Jazz Kenny’s eye, Conrad Slater, Freehold Raceway Mall, Manalapan Mall, Warner Brothers Store, Budapest, NYC trans-fat ban, dream review (“Sgt. Pepper’s Outfit”), becoming a Beatles fan, Beatles conspiracies, “Paul is dead”, getting rained on, new Korg synthesizers R3 and M3, revamping Station Unlimited, “Audio Street Fair Blues”, beverage review (“Bug Juice – Fruity Punch”), Cub Scout day camp, leather tyabietate, snack review (“Sheffa – Spicy Mix – Hot Crunchy Nibbles”), candy review (“3 Musketeers Mint with Dark Chocolate”), French store always closed, doorbell, The Sopranos controversial final episode, defying viewer expectations, “Don’t Stop Believing” Journey “Tribute to America” Flash video, Carnivale, Deadwood, crappy Marvel comic books, Iron Man Annual, TV show reviews (“On The Lot”, “John fron Cincinatti”, “Big Love”, “77 Sunset Strip”), reality show traditions, Nervous Norvus, Efram Zimbalist Jr., Stephanie Zimbalist, Remington Steele, weird bus detour, Stuart Pankin, Not Necessarily The News, Bizarre, Steambath, cultural treasures locked away in company vaults, dull throbbing headaches, and a funky moose. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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The Overnightscape #601 (6/12/07)


The Overnightscape #601 (Tuesday, June 12, 2007 / 51:00 / 23.4 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Chair sculptures in the park, The Silver Surfer, Mississippi, 7-11, beverage review (“Pepsi Summer Mix – Tropical Fruit Flavored Cola (Limited Time Only)”), the Lindsay Lohan Strawberry Quik rumor, 600 for 600 emails #51 – #60, “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, cold brewed coffee, China, NYC audio (walking down 12th Ave. by the Hudson River from 34th St. to 23rd St.), mallard, near beer, ramp, convention center, heliport, lots of helicopters, skateboarding park, a kid’s boat moment ruined, maritime security levels, “there is no upstairs” on the ferry boat, old walks, Chelsea Piers, soccer field, cool playground, Ask.com billboard, coffee shop, The High Line (unused elevated rail line that is being turned into a park), visiting a video game arcade within walking distance, bad token, Hydro Thunder, Tekken 5, Bruce wins!, button mashing, and an empty mashed potato container blowing in the breeze. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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The Overnightscape #600 (6/10/07)


The Overnightscape #600 (Sunday, June 10, 2007 / 3:15:00 / 89.3 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: It’s the 600th episode!, 600 for 600 results, 700 numbers, the strange Canadian area code 600, negative popcorn incident, massive car crash?, anniversaries, AOL, minicomics, 11 days since the last episode, future plans, Station Unlimited, podfading, Hate The Radio, Dailysonic, Bibb and Yaz, Grammar Girl, “melon seed” pasta incident, psychedelic supermarket, vague parameter certification, Uncle Brutha hot sauces, counting pasta, 600 emails part 1, Jean Shepherd, paradoxes, Sound Pollution, No Credit Needed podcast, beverage review (“Stonyfield Farm Shift – Strawberry Banana”), yogurt, “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, Flash websites, Strawberry Quik, little tiny robots, show history, nerdy measurements, duodecimal 420, the year 600, King Ingvar, Gregorian chant, “Sadeness” by Enigma, girl moaning, episode art, 600 emails part 2, Portable Night, speckles of sparkle, Starbucking, Guam, Cloudbase, gliding, The Times of London, The 350 Experiment, Frank’ sister-in-law Carrie Engdahl on IMDB, urinals, Governors Island, tetanus, Amarok, melting clocks on loan, FontExplorer X, photos, dreams, 1975 Cocktail Desktop, arcade flyers, astrology, Mercury Retrograde, cell phone weirdness, popcorn sting, bagel roulette, lids, depressing deli, lost lunch, umbrella failure, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Eden Sea Vegetable Chips, new challenge for vegetarians, crustacean shellfish, 600 emails part 3, veterinarian visits, Alaska, Australia, Scotland, Stephan.com, Newfoundland, Labrador, beverage review (“Diet Coke Plus”, “Coca-Cola Cherry Zero” (and both mixed with Boomsma)), listener audio (“Andrew from England”), new notebook computer, computer issues, childhood visits to Walt Disney World, Contemporary Resort Hotel, vintage WDW map and EPCOT bags, Mardi Gras coin, 600 emails part 4, scuba diver, hypnopompic info flashes, interior/exterior versions of reality, the universe as pure information, book learning, Bangkok, the international audience, exploring Chicago, haze over Manhattan, The Sopranos, The Muppet Show, chemtrails, a giant X in the sky, dream review (“The End of the World”), Koyaanisqatsi, Cars, southwestern roll incident, cheese fries, crappy garbage can, Ito-En Tea’s Tea, deconstructing the hot dog, 600 emails part 5, werelion, Howard Stern, good and evil mailmen, magician JC Sum from Singapore, appearing motorcycle, birthday card choice, The Michelin Man, vague cyberpunk novel, and the telling of the negative popcorn incident. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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600 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

1975 Cocktail Desktop

Desktop background made from 1975 video game flyer for “Electromotion IV”

This one has it all… corduroy, cactuses, groovy wallpaper, cigarettes, Pong, snacks, beer, whiskey, and lots and lots of quarters.

Next Episode Coming This Weekend

Episode 600 will be coming sometime this weekend.

The Overnightscape #599 (5/30/07)


The Overnightscape #599 (Wednesday, May 30, 2007 / 3:11:00 / 87.5 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Emptying the carousels, love of Canada, weird fountain behind the hedges, impossible area code?, 600 for 600, another podcast reached episode 600, green incense, Memorial Day weekend, entering and exiting the world of Summer, the season finales of American Idol and Lost, DVR, 9 day gap between shows, longest gaps in show history, reality show cliches, On The Lot, The Beatles, Bette Midler, Frank gets the phone call that his grandmother “Nanny” has died, how different people deal with the concept of death, Frank remembers his grandmother, living the American Dream, having a positive effect on the world around you, Scatman Crothers, comet stuff, reaching 3 billion seconds old, house impressions, fortune cookie, complaining, “Scentless Apprentice” by Nirvana, outside on the “veranda”, birdcall, windchimes, tons of photos uploaded, rum, porchveralcony, a day without chemtrails, preserving legacy media, moldy slide carousels, slide show projection, analog and mechanical systems, ignorance of photography, cool CBC radio shows (Fuse, Vinyl Cafe, Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap), bossa nova, thick layer of pollen, sewage, cigar problems, digital vs. analog photography, red aphid, another 500 GB hard drive, Best Buy, Nobody Beats The Wiz, Crazy Eddie, personal computing, fake moon missions, digital data preservation, Coca-Cola to buy Vitamin Water, beverage review (“Vitamin Water – XXX”, “Vitamin Energy – Dragonfruit 9”), caffeine molecule T-shirts, dream review (“Document Storage Area / The Quiet Company / Slides / Choi from The King of Fighters”), Freddy Krueger, cosplay, Better Homes and Gardens article on the health benefits of quiet, master volume level, natural caffeine, the death of Charles Nelson Reilly, Saturday morning live action kid’s TV shows from the 70s, eating macaroni and cheese and nachos, drinking beer, and watching “H. R. Pufnstuf”, owl costume characters, “The Altered State of Drugachusetts” on “Mr. Show”, Nike H. R. Pufnstuf sneakers, Krofft live stage show, Frank is now on IMDB.com, Starbucking, return of K-Rock, tough times for talk radio, The Radio Chick, podcasting Meetup, rewards program annoyance, Radio Shack, disturbing license plate frame, Albee Square Mall, del.icio.us links, BugMeNot.com, Christmas Tree Shops, vegetable chalk, Menlo Park Mall, old school 70s malls, “Nixon Slim”, Bergen Mall, kids playing Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering in the subterranean “Village Mall”, aspects of growing older, pay massage chairs, the mournful sound of vacuum cleaners at the end of the day at the mall, soldiers and cops with machineguns, the emerging police state, the sound of a train, NYC audio (“Protesters on Third Ave.”), Governors Island opening again soon for the season, cool, rushing thru the rain to the underground system, new favorite NYC bathroom (Rockefeller Center near Nintendo World), Bubba Gump Shrimp Company gift shop, try our new Cold Cocoa, “Amarok” (a phenomenal but relatively unknown 1990 album by Mike Oldfield which was never released in the U.S. – check it out, it’s one of the greatest pieces of music ever), Margeret Thatcher puppet, “Tales of the Inexpressible” by Shpongle, “Whirled” by Vasen, FASA Corporation, obscure tangents, corrupt iPod, discovering the mythical highway bus stop, 9/11, Zaro’s Bread Basket is back, recycling, defeating Stoic 2 in the Seat Wars, bus queue difficulties, jabbed by a rusty nail, and the bowling alley temporary entrance. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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Next Episode Coming Wednesday

Episode #599 of The Overnightscape is coming this Wednesday, May 30, 2007.

Flickr Photo Set – 7 Months of Overnightscape Review Items (and more)

Here is a Flickr photo set of 7 months worth of Overnightscape review items.

I’ve always intended to release the pictures at the same time as the episodes, but I kept putting it off. So now I’m releasing a ton of pics all at once! These go way back to September 2006.

There are also a few interesting non-review pics scattered throughout.

I am very happy…

…because I am on IMBD!

(Thanks to Matt Mason.)

Flickr Photo Set – Treo Pics 2 (4/28/07 – 5/19/07)

Here’s a new set of pics I took recently with my Treo.

Episode 599 should be coming this Monday or Tuesday.

The Overnightscape #598 (5/21/07)


The Overnightscape #598 (Monday, May 21, 2007 / 1:24:00 / 38.5 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Walking down to the liquor store in the rain, “Ride My Seesaw” by The Moody Blues, bus people, beverage review (“Allagash Tripel Reserve Belgian Style Ale”), new pics on the way, Brooklyn Pilsner, original gravity, crab cakes, asparagus, The Overnightscape “Hi-Fi Archive”, laundered cards, pocket management, strong habits, drop kicking a Treo smartphone, the Podcast Expo in California, empty experience, extravagant parties, Southern California, Disneyland, from the forum (“Neal from Ireland”), kerning, New Time Radio editor’s note, the wire of the Internet, podfading (“The Obtuse Angle” with Steve Dupont, “Hate The Radio”), the 600 for 600 promotion, the podcasting way of life, alcohol, psychological barriers, Internet radio shows before podcasting, Crap and Stuff, Static Internet Radio, Retrogaming Radio, MAACP, drunkenness, finishing watching the HBO show “Rome”, reincarnation, hedonism, accent clarifications, losing an EPCOT bag on eBay, watching the original “Battlestar Galactica” on channel 3, robot dog “Muffy”, the font “Stop” by Aldo Novarese, “Galactica 1980”, the magical early 1980s, W train, 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, Middlesex Mall, Meetup.com, 1950, Frank visits his grandmother on the train, Metuchen, travel with siblings, mini food reviews (“Idahoan Baby Red Flavored Mashed Potatoes”, “Kraft Bistro Deluxe Classic Cheddar” (macaroni and cheese)), flares, hazmat unit, a wire on fire, detour, fireman, synchronicity (“Frank’s Wife Calling”), horrific traffic, weird cravings, string cheese, Ricola mints gone bad, chewing gum review (“Bubble Yum – Hershey’s Genuine Chocolate Flavor”), the bubble gum spider egg urban legend, and garbage that is useful. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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The Overnightscape #597 (5/16/07)


The Overnightscape #597 (Wednesday, May 16, 2007 / 2:54:00 / 79.6 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Celebrations in the distance, birds, the 600 for 600 promotion, MySpace, paycheck went thru laundry, cleaning up, aging phenomena, Cate Blanchett, from the forum (“Escapist” – Cocaine Energy Drink becomes Censored Energy Drink), Audio Field Trip in New Jersey, an interesting commute home, Clifton Commons, World Trade Center, Story Corps, PATH, ground zero, World Financial Center, show notes, ocean liner, ferry ride, the train to Delawanna, dead mummified squirrel, motorcycles, ticket mistake resolution, walking guy, alternate way to walk to Target, Lego Backhoe, synchronicity (“Mayo font”), Blockbuster, Staples, Stop ‘n’ Shop, Anna pasta Annalini No. 71, Violet Crumble, beverage review (“Vault Red Blitz”), Martha Stewart’s old house, evil kids, spring cleaning, Audio Field Trip in Brooklyn, J. J. Byrne Park in Park Slope, Frank’s wife Denice, vendor at “block party”, apparel printed with antique print blocks from India, Items of Anymore, Bunta Block, The Old Stone House, Frank’s near-death walk across the Manhattan Bridge in the late 1980s, Maryland state flag, reincarnation, school parking area, dance routine, a kid whose name in some language means “ocean”, cute doggies, Google Maps on the Treo, long lunch breaks, vague streets, enormous old building, black netting, red steel beams, yelling for Billy, onehanson.com, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Laurie Anderson, city design, Flatbush Ave., Fulton Street Mall, Harry Potter movies, Mighty Beanz, introducing a new feature: “Mall Memory Series” (Mall #1: “The Gallery at Fulton Street” (formerly known as “The Gallery at Metrotech” )), beautiful abandoned food court seating area, closed chicken place, lint brush purchase, Maxell cassettes, weapons, spy shop, human hair, old dirty tile floor, terraces and levels, R. U. Sirius, destroyed bathroom, Toys “R” Us, escalators, action figures, what was Tamara’s?, empty stores, rotunda, horse logo, Return of the Pharaoh toy machine necklace, Lego Arkham Asylum, mad overtime, concept Boba Fett, heading down Bond Street, Munchkins and iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts, the assorting process, Boerum Hill, Baskin Robbins, C Town Town, wild church spire, the tone of the street, odd sculptures, the picture situation, coffee graffiti, Union Street Bridge (drawbridge over the Gowanus Canal), old signage, HAARP, smoky compressor, Holiday Inn Express, recording your life, books in the trash, sidewalk gardening, martial arts, return to the park, “The Open Road”, eating a bagel from Bagel World on an old stone chessboard table, annoying back scratching, napkin situation, mini beverage review (“Naked Red Machine”), steam locomotive coloring book from the 70s, free newspapers, parrot doctor?, odd little guy, historical diorama of The Battle of Brooklyn, annoyed by an ice cream truck, packing up, air traffic, corrections, “Fawlty Towers”, John Cleese, “A Perfect State”, falling asleep in front of the TV, listener Skype messages (“CB from Chicago” – squeaky shoes, “SinisterPurpose” – podcast promos), Republicrats still pretending that “Democrat” and “Republican” are different, candy review (“Jelly Belly Pomegranate Jelly Beans”), The Chocolate Goat Gift Shoppe, mini beverage review (“Bombilla Gourd Mate Tea”), robot voices, Shufflin’ Jamboree update (“Manny the Mailman”, “Boostah”), freezing a game in progress, fun with politics, the depiction of Galactus in the new Fantastic Four movie, and the trend of “bananas”. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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597 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #596 (5/12/07)


The Overnightscape #596 (Saturday, May 12, 2007 / 2:13:00 / 60.9 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Inconvenient condensation, lime juice, air traffic, a puddle of water on the desk, Bed Bath and Beyond, Zaro’s update, Cocaine energy drink pulled from shelves, cleaning up, John Cleese sighting, send in your 600 for 600 email, American Idol, the review situation, new ringtone (“Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head”), snack review (Caribou Coffee Chewy Granola Bars – “Mint Condition” and “Caramel High Rise”), mint cookie from childhood, Ciao Bella Gelato, coffee cup sleeve review (“Montreal Sweet Offer”), accents, English, French, Mr. Jesse the Cat, office supply review (“Peppermill” Post-It Notes Page Markers), robin’s egg blue, Japanese Pen Review (“Family Goods Communication Pocket Knock Gel Ball Pen”), ((48:19)) a telephone interview with Winter from StarbucksEverywhere.net (a man on a mission to visit every Starbucks in the world, subject of the documentary filmStarbucking“), 10th anniversary of the project, over 7000 Starbucks visited, recent journeys (Hawaii, Alaska, British Columbia, etc.), natural beauty, blog, ferry view, affording it, a live store visit in Libertyville, Illinois, rules, controversial philosophies, DVD sales, media appearances, websites, movie screenings, “Black Gold”, “Super Size Me”, neutral relationship, new Starbucks in Clifton, NJ, plotting the course, Howard Schultz, origins of Starbucks, dedication, our purpose in the universe, are people the same all over the world?, future plans, Bono, taking pictures, Frank in the movie, sleeping in the car, harrassment, torrents, listener audio (“Nick from Kansas”), the “silent majority”, failed attempt to hear Skype messages because the computer crashes, Storm Codex, 209, card review (playing card decks from Ellusionist.com“Bicycle Black Tiger” (regular, red, mini), “Bicycle Ghost” (regular, mini), “Tally-Ho Viper” (Circle Back, Fan Back), “Bicycle Vintage Series 1800” (red, blue)), magic trick memories, chemtrails, and the world premiere of Frank’s brand new solitaire card game “Shufflin’ Jamboree”. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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The Overnightscape #595 (5/8/07)


The Overnightscape #595 (Tuesday, May 8, 2007 / 1:53:00 / 51.8 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Depressing seating areas, the horror of the spongy potato chips, a free feeling, Monkey King, NYC deli salad bars, tofu, avocado, pasta, Zaro’s Bread Basket closed, yellow signs, mental hygiene, from the forum (Podcast Alley Voting – Manny the Mailman, Mr. Bunny, Dadaist, boostah, Huw from Wales, Felix from Indonesia, Neal fromIreland, Roel from the Netherlands, Harvie from Australia), a Dido-related incident in the bathroom, The Overnightscape Mailing List, Jobox Entertainment, how many people are listening to The Overnightscape?, losing people when switching formats, introducing the “600 for 600” project, Golden Grahams cereal sounds like glass, sordid history of graham crackers, tonic review (Balestra and Mech “Tuscan Serenity” Relaxation Herbal Tonic), maceration, decoction, little tiny spoon, ashtray, legal highs, Water Sensations update, listener audio from Boostah / Eddie from TedPod.com (“Overnightscape Mashup 1” (from 2005), prelude, and the brand new “Overnightscape Mashup 2”), opening phrases, cat, Sopranos, Orchid Spangiafora, Star Wars, audio problems, a cool secret footpath, journey to a new strip mall, perfect suburbs, Linens ‘n’ Things, introspection, tire installation area at Costco, conditioning and fear, new Starbucks, musing, dried plants, pussywillows, baby’s breath, fake money plants, a phone call with Frank’s sister Julie, People Magazine’s 100 most beautiful people, escaping from a male model, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, celebrities paid to go to clubs, Julie’s favorite health food store, biochemists, cancer treatments, hospital food, society, call waiting, Julie’s long trip via subway and bus to the store (and back with heavy bags), helping and harrassing of people on the streets of NYC, chivalry, “mommy mommy”, Feline Pine kitty litter, PodCampNYC audio (pianist Gregory Nissen and Chris from Team Spider), language issues, “like”, more awesome playing cards, new music (from Rush, Bjork, and Tori Amos), and the happiest podcaster ever. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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595 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #594 (5/4/07)


The Overnightscape #594 (Friday, May 4, 2007 / 41:00 / 18.8 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Cardstock show notes, sick again, missed the 18 day mark, voice trouble, the absolute final Koli Koli update, classy signs, beverage review (Blue Sky Green Tea Soda – “Peach Mist”, “Imperial Lime”), wrong website, juice, Chinese folk character “Monkey”, mini movie review (“Paprika” (Animated, Japan, 2006)), Akira, a dream parade, Pixar’s “Ratatouille” preview, The World’s Largest Cheese at Grand Central Terminal, NYC audio (“Someone Very Helpful On The Subway”), curveballs that life throws you (“Super Awesome Lightning”, “Centipede On The Leg”), trouble describing things, the original 35 LaserWriter fonts, opening a package from Matt from Florida, the book “Cruel Shoes” by Steve Martin, Palatino, “Shufflin’ Jamboree” preview, iPod problems, screwed over by DRM, and the trouble with iQuiz. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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594 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #593 (5/1/07)


The Overnightscape #593 (Tuesday, May 1, 2007 / 1:15:00 / 34.4 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Farewell to a stairwell, chaos at the cash registers, college popcorn memories, Lou Gehrig’s disease, buying Cold-Eeze at Duane Reade, sore throat, sucking and biting, the silent majority of listeners to The Overnightscape, 5 million hits since December 2005, blog comments, supporting the show, tip jar, Japanese product review (“Furuta No-Tore” (wooden puzzle toy and gum)), ball bearings, Towers of Hanoi, candy review (Jelly Belly – Soda Pop Shoppe” – 7UP, Orange Crush, Grape Crush, Dr. Pepper, A and W Root Beer, A and W Cream Soda), lymon, Fizzy Fruit, checking out more recent pics Frank took with his Treo, Maui Tacos, Spike seasoning, Citigroup Center, cool but dumb, mini reunion at a place Frank used to work, dreamland, the dot-com world, Kongo Gumi (company that went out of business after 1,400 years), Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Jeff Wall, the melting clocks, Christina’s World, pediatrician, 50 Years of Helvetica, the original 35 laser printer fonts, metal type, Airstream Land Yacht, cubicle art, spentgag, getting yelled at at Rockefeller Center, Hammer and Coop billboard, Times Square, giant chair, Sanrio, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, sets of colorful characters, card game, switching domain registrations to GoDaddy, phone support nationality, switching from the studio to the terrace, saving the document, bag o’ cutters, heading outside, pleasant evening, cigar review (“Van Der Donk – Cocktails” – from Roel from The Netherlands), condensation event, chemtrails, popcorn for the line, queueing skills, podcast meeting, sounds of the night, and so much scaffolding, and a gently evil character. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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Flickr Photo Set for this Episode

The Overnightscape #592 (4/29/07)


The Overnightscape #592 (Sunday, April 29, 2007 / 29:00 / 13.3 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: A pre-oatmeal completely unlimited show, first Sunday episode in over 2 years, shortest episode ever, first anniversary of the new studio, feed announcement confusion, coffee review (“Coffee Company – Zacht and Dansend – Bossa Nova” – sent from The Netherlands by Roel), Chase flashlight/laser update, philosophical day, new life and old life, checking out recent pictures taken by Frank with his Treo – Oban, studio, Corridor of Losers, cool NYC buildings, mysterious VHS sticker, Grand Terrace, Cold Stone Creamery, Virgin Megastore window display, cannisters of nitrogen, cigar, taking the bus home to NJ , The Sopranos, NYC skyline, off cloud, Meadowlands Xanadu, indoor skiing, United Nations, Tudor City Greens, lamppost, Madame Alexander dolls, chemtrails, engagement part, F and B, Maui Tacos, Spike logos, and Night Emergency. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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592 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

Flickr Photo Set for this Episode

A Bunch of Pics I’ve Taken Recently

Flickr Set of a Bunch of Pics I’ve Taken Recently with my Treo 680

The Overnightscape #591 (4/27/07)


The Overnightscape #591 (Friday, April 27, 2007 / 1:26:00 / 39.4 MB / theovernightscape.com) – Tonight’s subjects include: Introducing the “Completely Unlimited” format, 209 Gin and tonics, revamping the website with WordPress, The Overnightscape Archive, Bookman Swash, favicon change, dream review (“Singing in the Garage”), Frank’s grandmother, antibiotics, Lorna Doones in a vending machine, Repo Man deleted scenes, a telephone interview with Franks’ sister Julie, Roger Taylor of Duran Duran getting remarried, The Cloisters, rich guys, Peru, Psychic Terry, lame celebrity sighting (“Spike Lee”), Bavid, American Idol Gives Back, Celine Dion, Elvis Presley, alarm clocks and the mysterious “sleep” button, a telephone interview with Bill Tangman, creator of the documentary film “Starbucking” (about a man named Winter who is on a mission to visit every Starbucks in the world) – a movie that Frank himself is in!, coffee, philosophy, independent media, and Mary Barr has a car. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (frank@theovernightscape.com)

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591 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

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