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Podcast: The Overnightscape #568

Monday, November 27, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Frank has a really bad cold and his voice is shot, NYC audio (“Lexington Ave. E/V Subway Station”), beverage review (Cocaine – Energy Supplement (“The Legal Alternative”)), cold medicine, an angry color, pyridoxine hydrochloride, listener mail (“Jeff from San Diego” – Walt Disney World postcard), release of the complete audio of “Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005” in Station Unlimited (including nearly 4 hours of audio from Disneyland), Fred Water update, Carrie Engdahl, Episode 600, Thanksgiving, tofu turkey, dream review (“Little Symbols”, “Internet Theory”, “A Movie About Chinese Tea, Sudoku, and Tiny Gasoline-Powered Remote Control Buses”), NyQuil, illegal drugs, missing the meteor showers, Montclair, Spice It Up, chipotle flakes, hot sauce review (“Uncle Brutha’s Gourmet Hot Sauce – Fire Sauce No. 10”), new U.S. coin preview (“Presidential One Dollar Coin Program”), magical Christmas memories, “Lost in Space” gun, belief in Santa Claus, candy review (“Pop Rocks – Candy Cane Flavor”), tape review (“3M Scotch Decorative Tape (Leopard)”), Christmas ornament review (Hallmark Keepsake “Goodcuppa Coffee” and “A Christmas Broadcast”), George Burns, and Carol Channing. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (99 minutes)


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Station Unlimited: Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005

I finally released all the recordings from my 2005 trip to Caliornia!

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 01 – Flying from NY to CA (11/10/05)
File Download: su-FCA-01-Flying_To_CA-062.mp3
22:57 – 21 MB – Station Unlimited release 062 – 11/26/06

JFK Airport – Jim, Brother Love, Greg, Jason – before boarding plane… Have to go to bathroom… (:41), Walking onto plane… (1:44), (wasn’t recording…) On the plane… talk about coffee, etc. (1:54), Tarmac… talking about flight, business cards, etc (2:21), On the plane… coffee… etc. (3:21), In the air, Staten Island… headin’ over Jersey… (:55), Over Philly (:32), Sudoku … coffee crush… 6.47 miles in the air (2:22), Crossing Mississippi – Missouri – Google Maps, video podcast (1:54), OK, NM, CO – knock over coffee… (:28), NM… Rocky Mountains… large lumps of the land… (2:29), test (:10), JetBlue snack – (1:06), Arizona – ice crystals – (1:06), California – landed – (:31), Ontario Airport (:46), Baggage carousel (:30)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 02 – Disney’s California Adventure (11/10/05)
File Download: su-FCA-02-Disney_CA_Adv-063.mp3
22:38 – 20.7 MB – Station Unlimited release 063 – 11/26/06
OnStar – Becky – (4:17), train – dca mention (:56), approach disneyland (:41), parking garage (:31), tram – wait (:22), tram – rain – ride (1:57), downtown disney – signage (:14), dca entrance (:47), soarin over california – condor flats (:39), inside soarin over california (:40), quick Disney noise (:04), after soarin over california (:39), grizzly river run (2:39), California Screamin’ Roller Coaster (7:16), Paradise Pier – launch of Roller Coaster (:50)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 03 – Podcast Expo Day One (11/11/05)
File Download: su-FCA-03-Expo_Day_1-064.mp3
22:25 – 20.5 MB – Station Unlimited release 064 – 11/26/06
Podcast Expo – arrive (:56), Glenn – Woodstock of Podcasting (1:38), David Lessky (1:30), Jason from Budget Blinds (2:54), Coffee (:26), Confused – Conference Center – enter keynote(1:36), Before keynote – looking at sessions – ambient sound – seats (2:19), Before keynote – B-roll – Kaja, etc. (2:09), Before keynote – murmering crowd – Leo Laporte (1:20), Before keynote – 8:58 AM – bag – etc (2:10), Before keynote – conferences – hot women – etc (1:48), Keynote begins – Jason Calacanis (2:47), After keynotes – exhibit hall – (:46)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 04 – Podcast Awards (11/11/05)
File Download: su-FCA-04-PodcastAwards-065.mp3
27:01 – 24.7 MB – Station Unlimited release 065 – 11/26/06
Exhibit hall – Jim Interview Soccergirl (:48), Exhibit hall – talking to Leo Laporte (3:08), Podcast Awards – EatFeed (1:30), Podcast Awards – Person of the Year – IT Concversations (1:15), Podcast Awards – Best of Show Award Winners – People’s Choice Awards (3:54), Podcast Awards – short (:06), Podcast Awards – nominated but lost (:10), Podcast Awards – Marina’s – Orange Lounge Radio winner (1:53), Podcast Awards – Podchick and Soccergirl and Pizza Babe (13:03), Dr. Floyd – pre-Yahoo party (1:11)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 05 – Podcast Expo Day Two (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-05-Expo_Day_2-066.mp3
10:49 – 9.9 MB – Station Unlimited release 066 – 11/26/06
Day 2 Intro – ATM (1:02), Jones Soda Reviews – Sound Pollution (7:52), Sound Pollution – Mountain (:56), Exhibit Hall – Becky – Brad – Chris (:58)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 06 – Ontario Mills Mall (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-06-OntMillsMall-067.mp3
24:56 – 22.8 MB – Station Unlimited release 067 – 11/26/06
Heading over to Ontario Mills Mall (:21), Approaching Mall, Edwards Cinema, etc. (:45), Approaching Mall – seeing various stores (:38), Approaching Mall – parking (:53), Outside mall – Starbucks guy – coffee tank (3:41), Entering the mall (2:55), California National Guard – Black Market Minerals – Geode (3:09), In the mall – Neighborhood 3 – “World of Mall” – Walking thru… mall food… (2:40), Bagels – Mr. Pibb – Bruegher’s Bagels (:27), Encumbered in Big Food Food Court (:39), Food Court – Gameworks Arcade – lots of games – (4:06), Playing air hockey with Becky (2:42), Leaving mall – Improv – Mountain (1:55)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 07 – Podcast Expo Exhibit Hall (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-07-Exhibit_Hall-068.mp3
24:29 – 22.4 MB – Station Unlimited release 068 – 11/26/06
Jerry from SoCal (1:41), Yaz – Ben from (4:51), Soccergirl (2:23), Bibb and Yaz (3:20), Creative Cow (1:54), Tracy from Feedburner (:58), Greg from RadioTail (1:07), Jim – Greg – RealIntelligence – Nate and Di – Kevin – Body Painting (6:10), Jim and Velvet (1:59)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 08 – Disneyland Part 1 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-08-Disneyland_1-069.mp3
55:31 – 50.8 MB – Station Unlimited release 069 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 1…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 09 – Disneyland Part 2 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-09-Disneyland_2-070.mp3
54:06 – 49.5 MB – Station Unlimited release 070 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 2…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 10 – Disneyland Part 3 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-10-Disneyland_3-071.mp3
1:01:43 – 56.5 MB – Station Unlimited release 071 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 3…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 11 – Disneyland Part 4 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-11-Disneyland_4-072.mp3
1:01:48 – 56.6 MB – Station Unlimited release 072 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 4…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 12 – Flying Home and Conclusion (11/13/05)
File Download: su-FCA-12-Conclusion-073.mp3
16:15 – 14.9 MB – Station Unlimited release 073 – 11/26/06
Flying home and conclusion…

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Podcast: The Overnightscape #567

Monday, November 20, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Sparkle and Freak on the cup, 209 squared, rum on the rocks, Weekly Unlimited observations, a farewell to Dailysonic, Toledo, Ohio, The Overnightscape on (1-415-376-7286), vintage rotary phone, magazines, Darth Vader chip, Stoic Man update, TNJ bus ad in 1976-77 NJ Guide, vitamin review (“Nature’s Plus – Source of Life – Multi-Vitamin and Mineral – Fast-Acting Capsules”), DNA, doppio espresso, the annoyance of “www”, Starbucks Xmas website (, receiving the “Snyder’s of Hanover Snack Mug”, Editol R-09, ((1:01:46)) NYC audio (“Frank in Soho buying his wife an anniversary present”), antique print blocks, Jacques Carcanagues, Evolution, temp walkway, tipping, Kid Robot, Apple Store, Oakley Store, Temple In The Village, Houston Street, cash, Tomoe Sushi, old apartment at 170 Thompson St., chess stores, iPod Shuffle 2G, The Baggot Inn, Ying and Yang Restaurant, Jean Shepherd, hazy view, searching for coffee, ((1:27:52)) toy review (Re-Ment Puchi Petite Collections – “Fun Meals” and “Mini Sweets” (miniature toy food)), The Wide World of Web, 11-19, Barnes and Noble, Wii Sports, Tekserve, Apple ADB “Y” Adapter Cable (1995), organic pasta, bus delays, dream review (“Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.”, “Games Suite”, “Miss Piggy / Corn Chips / Time Travel / Pregnant Dwarf”), ((2:24:04)) candy review (“Mint Flurry Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints”), opening a package from Roel from the Netherlands, Dutch Overnightscape stamps, Roel’s test reviews for The Overnightcase Project (Squamscot Soda – “Black Cherry” (written), “Lemon Lime” (audio), “Orange” (video)), movie review (“Casino Royale” (21st James Bond film, 2006), “Grand Tour: Disaster in Time” (TV movie, 1992)), TV review (“Show Me The Money”), snack review (Lu Glico Pocky (Product of France) – “Milk Chocolate” and “Hazelnut Milk Chocolate”), Anime Crash, light bulb update, 1986 NYC visit, “Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson”, Japanese bookstore, college orientation, Physics Phil, college friend killed in bank robbery, Fist of the North Star, presents from the first Starbucks in Seattle, traffic jam, Costco, a brand new strip mall: “River Front Center”, Beanie Babies, a urinal with a picture of a beautiful mountain (“Mount Shuksan”), and another gnocchi mouth burn. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (219 minutes)


(100.2 MB)

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Podcast: The Overnightscape #566

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Gerald Ford becomes the longest-lived United States president (at 93 years and 121 days old – beating Ronald Reagan), audio of Gerald Ford from his 1974-1977 presidency, last week’s elections, piece of crap electronic voting machine, election results, beverage review (from The Netherlands, made in Senseo coffee maker – “Douwe Egberts Senseo Select Mountain Breeze Brazil Blend”, “Pickwick T-pads Minty Green (tea)”, “Pickwick T-pads Lemon and Lime (tea)”), The Overnightcase Project, ((43:52)) NYC audio (“First test of the new Edirol R-09 field recorder”), mini forest and mirror in Fedex office on Redneck Road, snack and toy review (“The Laughing Cow – Mini Babybel – Mild Cheddar Variety Semisoft Cheese” with “Free Flying Disc Folded Inside!”), nuclear toy, secret Starbucks coffee size, Canadian pennies, Koli Koli update, Misreadings (“CactusWorks”, “Tropical Password”), 20 random songs from Frank’s iPod, first impressions of the Microsoft Zune, stupid Samsung promotion in Times Square, Nova Scotia Robots, ((1:39:12)) Frank’s father, Frank Ralph Nora returns to the show with “March of the Gavones” (featuring parking bumper repairs, cannolis, bowling balls, spray paint, cake, soccer, Bob Grant, and more), ((2:14:51)) unpleasant incident at Chipotle, putting your hand over the glass, Pulp Fiction, pomme frites, podcast meetup, Jason Van Orden, something sticky, beverage review (“English Harbour Antigua Rum – Aged 5 Years”), scent of a comics place, prison-rules spades, Cigars and Fire Trucks, Round Table Discussion (“Carmen Becomes An American Citizen” with Carmen, Frank, Denice, and Carrie), Pizzaburger Fridays, resident alien status, fingerprinting, biometrics, questions about America, the original 13 colonies, Homeland Security, tissue nipper, citizenship video with George W. Bush, voting, passports, green cards, Frank’s grandfather, getting drunk and sick smoking a cigar and drinking too much rum out in the cold and rain, Adidas, The Simpsons, Star Wars Darth Vader insert in Entertainment Weekly, Boards of Canada, Video Review update, light bulb review (“GE Soft White 60 – 5 Year Bulb – Long Life 8000 Hours – Energy Saver”), halogen dangers, and that water-flavoring stuff. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (240 minutes)


(109.9 MB)

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Podcast: The Overnightscape #565

Monday, November 6, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Detergent-flavored coffee, vague questions, moldy cheese and stale pretzels, previewing the upcoming elections, new voting machines, Libertarian candidates, Len Flynn, Republicrats, incense review (“Shoyeido / Lisn – Mystic Nostalgia”), beverage review (“Rolling Rock Extra Pale Premium Beer”), Asidonhopo, HBO Store, Apple Store, FAO Schwarz, life-size Giant Woolly Mammoth stuffed animal toy, Lego News, empty Tower Records at Trump Tower, Niketown, gait analysis, Sony Reader, Sony Walkman, Davidoff of Geneva, cigar review (“Drew Estate – Natural – Jucy Lucy”), ((1:01:41)) NYC audio (freezing cold at the bus stop, winter coat, leaf blowers, walking down 42nd St., post-production computer problems with last week’s show, police displays, happy birthday Mr. Bunny, scaffolding, Mercury Retrograde, daylight savings time, no hot water, Star Wars event at Grand Central Terminal, Stormtroopers, Porkins, bagel experiences, corridor, ((1:42:04)) Dan and Liz’s Wedding in Hackettstown, NJ (after the rehearsal, the train plan, The Landra Building, walking around town, talking pinball and politics, chemtrails, antique stores, April 1971 issue of Mademoiselle magazine, Pickle Bill’s Deli, tall tales, entertaining George Washington, inflatable lawn decorations, Frank and Denice’s reading (“New Horizons”)), ((2:06:37)) the need to retire the Edirol R-1, the long-gone dark ride “Horizons” from EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World, editing the Wikipedia, The Meandering Mouse podcast #26 about Horizons, The Pixies, unruly teenagers, Apple Rabbit, snack review (“Toad-Ally Snax – Hanky Panky – Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn with Peanuts”), antique review (“Jingo” puzzle by Roalex Co., Forest Hills, NY), forehead oil, shoe review (“Adidas Campus ST – Olive/Black”), mangled bagels, dice balancing in Quebec, a mysterious puddle of water on the kitchen floor, haunted hotels, and dorky ghost hunters. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (171 minutes)


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