The Overnightscape #675 (Wednesday, January 16, 2008 / 2:00:00 / 55.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Things under the couch, the “pants method”, wild weekend, issues with chairs, organizing for the new year, the furnaturial area, new chair (“Culley Chocolate Luxura Chair”), chairs destructing, chair buying at Staples, Donald Trump chairs, the third Overnightscape chair, Frank rips his blue jeans off, passing things on from pants to pants, the kipple problem, coupons, ink for inkjet printer, backwards chair, NFL football playoff game (Giants vs. Cowboys), “The Helmet Project” website – all football helmets ever, variations on a theme, World League football teams (1991 – 1992), Canadian Football League, Arena League, New Jersey Red Dogs, mathematics of casino gambling, computer casino game with “real” sports book (“Reel Deal Casino Gold Rush”), NetHack, Frank screws up the recording… but fixes it! (with the backup recording), injuries, cut finger, mouth burn, dropped phone, building an Ikea Billy bookshelf, selling used CDs at a store, cash, decelerating to exit off the highway,, DRM, videos of Frank (“Frank in Bryant Park”, “Chemdogs in New Jersey”), opening your eyes to the chemtrail pheniomenon, “replay” of Frank realizing the show is screwed up, backup recorder, TV show (“Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Summer Glau, vegetable lasagna, No. 209 Gin, hanging around stores, retail experiences (comic book store at Rt. 1 Flea Market, Video Game Connections, NYU library copy center), snack review (“Cheerios Snack Mix – Original”), Doo-Dads, Chex Mix, asterisks, vague snack mixes, crazy weather, impending snowstorm, “The History of Howard Stern”, iPod game Peggle, doing show notes on the commute, the upcoming 2 million second mark, Facebook, cheating on a cartoon character quiz, funny comment spam, “grandmothers of Lumberton”, listener email (“Carrie from Texas” – article on how podcasting is not dead), the future, idea for a video project, buying a video camera, more videos (“Chemdogs on Route 3”, “Major Chembow on Route 46”, “Chemtrails Above A Shopping Plaza”, “Crazy Chemtrail Sky”), Stok at a local 7-11, Disney theme park fandom, looking for a video rip of the laserdiscs from the 1980’s WorldKey Information kiosks at EPCOT Center, random phrase, Samson G-Track USB microphone, Sonar LE, news of the mysterious (“Mr. Jesse the Cat is psychic”, “ghost cat”, “another old old woman crashes into the building”), my chair sucked, the ant situation, bees as a “royal” symbol, megalomaniacal thoughts, the hold list, parallel parking, field audio, Frank’s brother John, and a rumored abandoned subway station in the basement of the Flatiron Building. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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