The Overnightscape #674 (Friday, January 11, 2008 / 1:45:00 / 48.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: An interview with singer-songwriter Carrie Engdahl (Frank’s sister-in-law), setting up the equipment, Manny the Mailman, Brian Jude, Twitter, early digital era, moving to Austin, Texas,, Carrie sings her song “Open Road”, Little Orphan Annie, musical experiences, piano lessons, the rules of music, from deep inside, college, the band Fuzzy Dauper, Rob DiCaterino (, Phil Mould, phone noise, playing in small venues, Hoboken, NJ, parking, Irish whiskey review (“Jameson”), Gibson guitar, Carrie plays her song “These Days”, the Steve Poltz fan community, The Rugburns, Jewel, living room shows, South By Southwest, The Underpass, Tierney’s Tavern, the dehumidifier, Mike June and The Dirty Doves, Carrie’s Going Away Show (Jan. 18, 9 pm, Tierney’s in Montclair),, Irish whiskey review (“Michael Collins Single Malt”), Carrie sings her song “You Should Know”, Carrie visits the Great Notch Inn, Hammond organ, leaving New Jersey, Conan O’Brien, NYC, “Grindhouse”, Austin City Limits, Irish whiskey review (“Tullamore Dew – 12 Years”), wkiskey drinking, Frank’s non-drinking days, Carrie sings her song “Old Glory Blues”, politics, New Hampshire Primary, Ron Paul, The Constitution, Michael Badnarik, Ron Paul rally in Philadelphia, the future, Carrie’s EP “Another Sunday Morning”, MySpace, Carrie plays her songs “Almost Anything” and “True Love”, origins of the Engdahl name, Swedish military names, and The Us Hounds. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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