Podcast: The Overnightscape #574

Monday, January 8, 2007

Tonight’s subjects include: Hitting a difficult snooze button, Indiana, equipment issues, getting sick again, NyQuil sleep, Cold-Eeze, dietary supplement review (“Airborne Effervescent Health Formula – Original Zesty Orange”), New Year’s resolutions, execution of Saddam Hussein, South Park, David Hasselhoff, conspiracy websites, Overnightscape on Wikipedia, fame, Anything But Monday, how many NJ in MO?, Google Patent Search (D506230 – “Whirl-O”), cutlery review (“WNA Reflections” (plastic utensils that look like metal)), snack review (Dale and Thomas Popcorn – “Sweet and Spicy BBQ”, “Southwest Cheddar-Chipotle”), beer review (“Michelob Celebrate Chocolate”, “Michelob Celebrate Vanilla Oak”, “Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale”), Teaneck, Bergen County, song review (“Connected” by Stereo MCs), online poker addiction, gpokr.com, farewell to Coliseum Books, National Lampoon, infostimulation, tunnels, NYC train stations, 2013, ((1:21:18)) NYC audio (“Times Square in the morning on January 2”), a whirlwind in the street, human liquids, Starbucking, hot incense, supermarket mistakes, consumer rights, flashlight review (“Energizer Weather Ready Spot/Area Light”), pink rabbit, from the forum (“Boostah”, “God for Hire”), religion and science and the secret of the universe, Douglas Adams, dream review (“Flying Around the Wilderness”, “David Letterman Show”, “Luke Skywalker’s House”), talking insects, Michael Richards, Republicrats, Barak Obama and Paul “Tax On Gas” Tsongas, cup update (“Snyder’s Snack Mug”), mangosteen synchronicity, snack review (“Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Tropical Mangosteen”), beverage review (“Bolthouse Do Brasil – Bom Dia – Acai Berry with Mangosteen”), the freeze drying process, Orac, Blake’s 7, TV show review (“Torchwood”, “The Sarah Jane Adventures”), ((2:45:48)) The Overnightcase Reviews (Dadaist (Matthew from Scotland) reviews “Meiji Chelsea Yogurt Scotch”, “Rademaker Hopjes Coffee Candies”, “Gaper Apotheker Zwart Wit Zout” ( Dutch salty licorice powder)), Oban, “Surreal Life” on VH1, remake of the 1986 movie “The Hitcher” (starring Rutger Hauer), Willy Wonka, new baby, secret review from the past with Roel from the Netherlands (“”Meiji Chelsea Yogurt Scotch”), from the forum (“Dadaist”, “Manny the Mailman”, “Roel from the Netherlands”, “Boostah”, “Mr. Bunny”), the pleasure of the taste of ammonia, ammonia Coke, Frank reviews the “Rademaker Hopjes Coffee Candies”, Valentine’s Day crap, more on science/religion/politics, garbage cans on fire, beer for breakfast, and talking to the popcorn people. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (208 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #573

Monday, January 1, 2007

Tonight’s subjects include: Chiaroscuro, sweatshirt, welcome to 2007, a pleasant holiday experience, winter solstice and the calendar, people all deluded into thinking they understand what’s going on in the world, timekeeping, two names for each season, celebrity deaths (“James Brown”, “Gerald Ford”), “James Brown is Dead” by L.A. Style, the best song ever, New Year’s Eve at The Limelight in the early 90s, ravers, Church Street in Montclair, NJ, lip balm review (“100% Pure Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Junk”), memories of Missouri, obsure states, candy review (“York Mints”, “LifeSavers Fruit Tarts (“Grape Berry – Green Apple – Strawberry Watermelon”, “Watermelon – Cherry Lemonade – Mandarin Orange”)”), York Peppermint Patty TV commercials (and parodies done by Frank at age 12 in Montana), incense review (“Paine’s Balsam Fir Insense”), great smells (like popcorn and pine), log cabins, company dog, celebrites born the same day as Frank (“Tiffany Chin” (Olympic figure skater), “Rob Liefeld” (comic book creator – Image Comics, etc.)), Dennic Miller’s TV talk show, attention span, happy drugs, game review (“LCR” (dice game)), big pile of cash, TV reviews (“Doctor Who – Xmas Special 2006”, “Torchwood”), Wales, gpokr.com, Ash Crimson (from the “King of Fighters” video game series), Guile, Remy, Skywatch Sentinel, police horses, LIRR East Side Access, Coliseum Books (42nd St.) closing, HBO Shop, Joanie Stubbs’ hat, the subject of holograms and holography, Edmund Scientific catalog, MIT holography museum, animated hologram of a girl blowing you a kiss, hologram store at the long-lost Herald Center mall, lots of lost stuff, Technoshades, Carlton College, toy review (“Whirl-O (Hurricane Series)”), centripetal force, “Whirl o’ the West (1921)”, Hal Roach, New Year’s resolutions, Charlie Brown, coldingham, lifeland, and hotworld. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (116 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #572

Monday, December 25, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: It’s Christmas Day and the last show of 2006, warm feelings, river crossings, a billboard error, listener holiday greetings (“Randal from Houston, Texas”), beverage review (“Ito En – Sencha Shot – Japanese Green Tea”), ascorbic acid, retroactively celebrating the 16 day milestone missed last episode, The Random Overnightscape 30 Seconds (the biggest ever, with 16 random clips!), Donald Trump’s soap dispenser, cheese digestion, beverage review (“Silk Soymilk Nog” (with English Harbour rum)), Mr. Sasha the cat meows, CAO Karma Sutra Splash, gay marriage, 209, Spiky Doughball, true randomness, Rob DiCaterino from The Paunch Stevenson Show podcast, Fuzzy Daupner, silver dragees, ((1:30:05)) NYC audio (“Seeing Two Movies at Angelika”), splattered with popcorn butter, busted umbrella, pet raccoon “Rocky” on a leash, car wash, movie reviews (“The Fountain”, “The Good German”), the long-lost Bleecker Street Cinema, Temple in the Village, farewell to bookstore “Untitled”, Emigre Magazine, Mercer Street Books, tracking a dollar bill on WheresGeorge.com, The 100th Anniversary of Radio, Reginald Fessenden’s 1906 Christmas Eve broadcast, Handel’s Largo (the very first song ever played on radio), the future of radio, China Cola, The Year 2000, six year old shrimp alone in the Ecosphere, playing “The King of Fighters XI” at Fun N’ Games at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ, online games “kdice” and “gpokr”, playing poker live on the show, Captain America, Fighter’s Generation, toiletry review (“Magic Tissue”), Harry Potter, Star Wars, movie review (“Howl’s Moving Castle”), dream review (“End of the World / Jobox Entertainment”), cleaning the microphone, reincarnation, ((2:49:38)) Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure (“Nighttime Visit to Disneyland (11/12/05)”, “Conclusion”), Downtown Disney, Enchated Tiki Room, Tarzan’s Treehouse, finding a desktop wallpaper spot in New Orleans Square, dead ends, Club 33, Winnie the Pooh, directions to fantasyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Tours, watching fireworks at the Pizza Port, Baroque Hoedown, Monorail, Haunted Mansion – Nightmare Before Xmas, It’s A Small World – Xmas, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, throwing change in Snow White’s wishing well, flying home from California on JetBlue, AirTrain car 209, Rockefeller Center, lost in the subway, Admiral Ackbar, and the best room ever. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (270 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #571

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Disgruntled librarian of music videos, Hawaiian Rain, iced coffee, area codes, Washington, D.C., the year 2000, the Y2K Bug, the late 2Ks, decade naming, international conferences, Pluto, holiday parties, Christmas, Secret Santa, lantern, Jean Shepherd, culinary institute, Boards of Canada, gadget review (“Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers for iPod”), chef hat, Libra symbol, cigar review (“Cafe Creme”), cigarettes, emphysema, soda can controversy, beverage review (“Howling Monkey Energy Cola”), quinine, malaria, bitter lemon, ((52:36)) Frank’s Internship at MTV News (1988-89) – Part 2 (see Episode #427 for Part 1), NYU, film careers, Kurt Loder, Howard Jones, Daily News Digests, photocopying, Ted Bundy, John Norris, Bros, 7-11, Bishop Desmond Tutu, The United Nations, Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video, crazy phone calls, Axl Rose, Paul McCartney, Adam Curry, Kevin Seal, reception area, Atari Arabian, .38 Special, Downtown Julie Brown, John Canemaker, Dr. Ruth, history of animation, beverage review (“Capetown Tropical Red Tea” by The Republic of Tea (previously reviewed on Episode #90), Stump – “A Fierce Pancake”, Alice in Chains, Remote Control, video promo guy, Bob Guccione Jr., Spy Magazine’s “How To Be Famous” TV special, Victoria Jackson, Ricardo Montalban, “We Call It Aceed”, Anything But Monday Show, Super Objects, MTV To Go, Gilbert Gottfried, prisoners, graf, high school crush Marcia at the video editing place, ((2:05:58)) NYC Audio (“Vague hypnotism on the bus – Port Authority Bus Terminal – 42nd St.”, “Holiday Party at Kush (on Chrystie St.) – drunk on Jameson and Laphroaig – the long trip home”, “The basement Surfers Dining Room at Maui Tacos at 330 5th Ave.”), dream review (“Faulty Mirrors”, “Holographic Staten Island Game”, “Living in Brooklyn”, “Crappy Boat”, “People in Apartment”, “Safe Store”), Mr. Sasha the cat, new girl in the stoic seat, Scarlett Johansson, Heather Graham, walking into traffic, SunChips, Smartfood, Dasani Water, Haiku Wet, VW Van, soap operas, bathrooms, Jim Hanley’s Universe, M and M’s World in Times Square, Olympic Tower, Bamn Food, CBGB, Continental, belly dancers, Dragon Head manga, Pommes Frites, Post Office loading docks, possibly dead guy, Lines (freeware Palm game), lockers, Dodge Mercedes Sprinter, big government, and Who is Jerome Ladhuie? Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (213 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #570

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Doing the show in the middle of the night, the end of storage again, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, mildew, grime, Wiktionary, 500 friends on MySpace, a message from Fred Water, FredSpot, SpotShot, beverage review (Coolwater (by Shannon Minerals Ltd., Ireland) – “Trim (Cranberry)”, “Cleanse (Orange Peach)”, “Boost (Blackberry)”), office flavors, Oga Japanese restaurant closes, MenuPages.com, Starbucks Chantico is long gone, Frank’s del.icio.us links, “Lost in Space” ray guns, Firey Beer Brittle, surreal art, Yogi bear, Verizon math, The Last Unicorn, NJ Red Dogs, weather websites, The Weather Channel nostalgia, Swatch Internet Time gone in Times Square, Charmin Mr. Whipple commercials, Brazil, love bombing, Dick Wilson (who played Mr. Whipple) is still alive at age 90, vintage General Cinemas film intros, Mr. Popcorn Bag, a mass of grape jello, acini di pepe pasta, candy review (“Kit Kat filled with Caramel”), beverage review (“Stop and Shop Zazz Seltzer – Peaches and Cream”), movie review (“Inland Empire”, a film by David Lynch, seen at IFC Center (NYC) on 12/8/06 featuring Q and A with star Justin Theroux), other David Lynch movies, urination idea, popcorn and coffee, Laura Dern, a family of rabbit people, red curtains, Jeremy Irons, Harry Dean Stanton, Poland, hookers, lonesome train whistle, NYC audio (Limo Accident on 47th and Lex., wristwatches, old Pulsar digital watch, dorky coat, cold weather, 65th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, glove situation, Charmin Restrooms, The Swarovski Star on the Rockeller Center Christmas Tree, Radio City Music Hall neon sign, FYE, giant clown, Rockettes, Palm Store, ancient warriors), Palm Treo 680, Mr. Sasha the cat purring, Viking Pictures of Mars: Set No. 1 (1977), Utopia Plain, sleeping computer, beverage reviews (“Pocket Pours 4 Rum – Blue Hawaiian” (with English Harbour Antigua Rum)), blender failure, engine smell, Steeltek Cocktail Shaker, snack review (“Sweet and Salty Bugles Caramel”), the nature of caramel, ridged cones, HBO store, M and M’s World, public domain music at Musopen.com, classical music, opus, upcoming: Frank’s Internship at MTV News part 2, reserve shows, dream review (“Working at MTV”), prepress, CookiesByDiane.com, Beautiful Breakfast (12/6/06 – jalapeno pretzel and “Marzipan Holiday” donut), Dave from Work and the garlic bread meat stain controversy, the one bread basket, and the crystal geode wall. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (188 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #569

Monday, December 4, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Neurotoxins, supermarket chains, beverage review (“Stop and Shop Zazz Seltzer – Cranberry Lime”), candy review (Cadbury Heroes – “Time Out”, “Picnic”, “Crunchie Bite”, “Twirl”, “Dream”, “Dairy Milk”, “Dairy Milk with Caramel”, “Fudge”, “Daily Milk Whole Nut”), NYC audio (“Meeting Jerry A. Greene at Grand Central Station”, “The Charmin Restrooms”, “Window Cleaning”, “Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree”, “Walking with a Cigar”), National Lampoon Radio Hour, transporting boxes from storage, lunch at Greenacre Park, guacamole lawsuit, synchronicity report (“Red Bull”), movie review (“The Last Unicorn” (1982)), partial movie review (“The Polar Express”), new travels restrictions, loss of freedom, buying bus tickets, Nintendo Wii, Internet outage, Million Dollar Homepage, book review (“The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – Deluxe Edition (3 Volumes)”), 2007 glasses, lucid dreaming, crazy weather, Arena Football, New Jersey Red Dogs, animation cels, old comic strip “Somebody’s Stenog”, The Stoic Woman, Major League Soccer, and vegetable lasagna. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (214 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #568

Monday, November 27, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Frank has a really bad cold and his voice is shot, NYC audio (“Lexington Ave. E/V Subway Station”), beverage review (Cocaine – Energy Supplement (“The Legal Alternative”)), cold medicine, an angry color, pyridoxine hydrochloride, listener mail (“Jeff from San Diego” – Walt Disney World postcard), release of the complete audio of “Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005” in Station Unlimited (including nearly 4 hours of audio from Disneyland), Fred Water update, Carrie Engdahl, Episode 600, Thanksgiving, tofu turkey, dream review (“Little Symbols”, “Internet Theory”, “A Movie About Chinese Tea, Sudoku, and Tiny Gasoline-Powered Remote Control Buses”), NyQuil, illegal drugs, missing the meteor showers, Montclair, Spice It Up, chipotle flakes, hot sauce review (“Uncle Brutha’s Gourmet Hot Sauce – Fire Sauce No. 10”), new U.S. coin preview (“Presidential One Dollar Coin Program”), magical Christmas memories, “Lost in Space” gun, belief in Santa Claus, candy review (“Pop Rocks – Candy Cane Flavor”), tape review (“3M Scotch Decorative Tape (Leopard)”), Christmas ornament review (Hallmark Keepsake “Goodcuppa Coffee” and “A Christmas Broadcast”), George Burns, and Carol Channing. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (99 minutes)


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Station Unlimited: Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005

I finally released all the recordings from my 2005 trip to Caliornia!

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 01 – Flying from NY to CA (11/10/05)
File Download: su-FCA-01-Flying_To_CA-062.mp3
22:57 – 21 MB – Station Unlimited release 062 – 11/26/06

JFK Airport – Jim, Brother Love, Greg, Jason – before boarding plane… Have to go to bathroom… (:41), Walking onto plane… (1:44), (wasn’t recording…) On the plane… talk about coffee, etc. (1:54), Tarmac… talking about flight, business cards, etc (2:21), On the plane… coffee… etc. (3:21), In the air, Staten Island… headin’ over Jersey… (:55), Over Philly (:32), Sudoku … coffee crush… 6.47 miles in the air (2:22), Crossing Mississippi – Missouri – Google Maps, video podcast (1:54), OK, NM, CO – knock over coffee… (:28), NM… Rocky Mountains… large lumps of the land… (2:29), test (:10), JetBlue snack – (1:06), Arizona – ice crystals – (1:06), California – landed – (:31), Ontario Airport (:46), Baggage carousel (:30)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 02 – Disney’s California Adventure (11/10/05)
File Download: su-FCA-02-Disney_CA_Adv-063.mp3
22:38 – 20.7 MB – Station Unlimited release 063 – 11/26/06
OnStar – Becky – (4:17), train – dca mention (:56), approach disneyland (:41), parking garage (:31), tram – wait (:22), tram – rain – ride (1:57), downtown disney – signage (:14), dca entrance (:47), soarin over california – condor flats (:39), inside soarin over california (:40), quick Disney noise (:04), after soarin over california (:39), grizzly river run (2:39), California Screamin’ Roller Coaster (7:16), Paradise Pier – launch of Roller Coaster (:50)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 03 – Podcast Expo Day One (11/11/05)
File Download: su-FCA-03-Expo_Day_1-064.mp3
22:25 – 20.5 MB – Station Unlimited release 064 – 11/26/06
Podcast Expo – arrive (:56), Glenn – Woodstock of Podcasting (1:38), David Lessky (1:30), Jason from Budget Blinds (2:54), Coffee (:26), Confused – Conference Center – enter keynote(1:36), Before keynote – looking at sessions – ambient sound – seats (2:19), Before keynote – B-roll – Kaja, etc. (2:09), Before keynote – murmering crowd – Leo Laporte (1:20), Before keynote – 8:58 AM – bag – etc (2:10), Before keynote – conferences – hot women – etc (1:48), Keynote begins – Jason Calacanis (2:47), After keynotes – exhibit hall – (:46)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 04 – Podcast Awards (11/11/05)
File Download: su-FCA-04-PodcastAwards-065.mp3
27:01 – 24.7 MB – Station Unlimited release 065 – 11/26/06
Exhibit hall – Jim Interview Soccergirl (:48), Exhibit hall – talking to Leo Laporte (3:08), Podcast Awards – EatFeed (1:30), Podcast Awards – Person of the Year – IT Concversations (1:15), Podcast Awards – Best of Show Award Winners – People’s Choice Awards (3:54), Podcast Awards – short (:06), Podcast Awards – nominated but lost (:10), Podcast Awards – Marina’s – Orange Lounge Radio winner (1:53), Podcast Awards – Podchick and Soccergirl and Pizza Babe (13:03), Dr. Floyd – pre-Yahoo party (1:11)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 05 – Podcast Expo Day Two (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-05-Expo_Day_2-066.mp3
10:49 – 9.9 MB – Station Unlimited release 066 – 11/26/06
Day 2 Intro – ATM (1:02), Jones Soda Reviews – Sound Pollution (7:52), Sound Pollution – Mountain (:56), Exhibit Hall – Becky – Brad – Chris (:58)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 06 – Ontario Mills Mall (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-06-OntMillsMall-067.mp3
24:56 – 22.8 MB – Station Unlimited release 067 – 11/26/06
Heading over to Ontario Mills Mall (:21), Approaching Mall, Edwards Cinema, etc. (:45), Approaching Mall – seeing various stores (:38), Approaching Mall – parking (:53), Outside mall – Starbucks guy – coffee tank (3:41), Entering the mall (2:55), California National Guard – Black Market Minerals – Geode (3:09), In the mall – Neighborhood 3 – “World of Mall” – Walking thru… mall food… (2:40), Bagels – Mr. Pibb – Bruegher’s Bagels (:27), Encumbered in Big Food Food Court (:39), Food Court – Gameworks Arcade – lots of games – (4:06), Playing air hockey with Becky (2:42), Leaving mall – Improv – Mountain (1:55)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 07 – Podcast Expo Exhibit Hall (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-07-Exhibit_Hall-068.mp3
24:29 – 22.4 MB – Station Unlimited release 068 – 11/26/06
Jerry from SoCal (1:41), Yaz – Ben from CodedSignal.com (4:51), Soccergirl (2:23), Bibb and Yaz (3:20), Creative Cow (1:54), Tracy from Feedburner (:58), Greg from RadioTail (1:07), Jim – Greg – RealIntelligence – Nate and Di – Kevin – Body Painting (6:10), Jim and Velvet (1:59)

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 08 – Disneyland Part 1 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-08-Disneyland_1-069.mp3
55:31 – 50.8 MB – Station Unlimited release 069 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 1…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 09 – Disneyland Part 2 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-09-Disneyland_2-070.mp3
54:06 – 49.5 MB – Station Unlimited release 070 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 2…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 10 – Disneyland Part 3 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-10-Disneyland_3-071.mp3
1:01:43 – 56.5 MB – Station Unlimited release 071 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 3…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 11 – Disneyland Part 4 (11/12/05)
File Download: su-FCA-11-Disneyland_4-072.mp3
1:01:48 – 56.6 MB – Station Unlimited release 072 – 11/26/06
Disneyland Part 4…

Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure 2005:
Part 12 – Flying Home and Conclusion (11/13/05)
File Download: su-FCA-12-Conclusion-073.mp3
16:15 – 14.9 MB – Station Unlimited release 073 – 11/26/06
Flying home and conclusion…

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Podcast: The Overnightscape #567

Monday, November 20, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Sparkle and Freak on the cup, 209 squared, rum on the rocks, Weekly Unlimited observations, a farewell to Dailysonic, Toledo, Ohio, The Overnightscape on podlinez.com (1-415-376-7286), vintage rotary phone, magazines, Darth Vader chip, Stoic Man update, TNJ bus ad in 1976-77 NJ Guide, vitamin review (“Nature’s Plus – Source of Life – Multi-Vitamin and Mineral – Fast-Acting Capsules”), DNA, doppio espresso, the annoyance of “www”, Starbucks Xmas website (itsredagain.com), receiving the “Snyder’s of Hanover Snack Mug”, Editol R-09, ((1:01:46)) NYC audio (“Frank in Soho buying his wife an anniversary present”), antique print blocks, Jacques Carcanagues, Evolution, temp walkway, tipping, Kid Robot, Apple Store, Oakley Store, Temple In The Village, Houston Street, cash, Tomoe Sushi, old apartment at 170 Thompson St., chess stores, iPod Shuffle 2G, The Baggot Inn, Ying and Yang Restaurant, Jean Shepherd, hazy view, searching for coffee, ((1:27:52)) toy review (Re-Ment Puchi Petite Collections – “Fun Meals” and “Mini Sweets” (miniature toy food)), The Wide World of Web, 11-19, Barnes and Noble, Wii Sports, Tekserve, Apple ADB “Y” Adapter Cable (1995), organic pasta, bus delays, dream review (“Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.”, “Games Suite”, “Miss Piggy / Corn Chips / Time Travel / Pregnant Dwarf”), ((2:24:04)) candy review (“Mint Flurry Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints”), opening a package from Roel from the Netherlands, Dutch Overnightscape stamps, Roel’s test reviews for The Overnightcase Project (Squamscot Soda – “Black Cherry” (written), “Lemon Lime” (audio), “Orange” (video)), movie review (“Casino Royale” (21st James Bond film, 2006), “Grand Tour: Disaster in Time” (TV movie, 1992)), TV review (“Show Me The Money”), snack review (Lu Glico Pocky (Product of France) – “Milk Chocolate” and “Hazelnut Milk Chocolate”), Anime Crash, light bulb update, 1986 NYC visit, “Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson”, Japanese bookstore, college orientation, Physics Phil, college friend killed in bank robbery, Fist of the North Star, presents from the first Starbucks in Seattle, traffic jam, Costco, a brand new strip mall: “River Front Center”, Beanie Babies, a urinal with a picture of a beautiful mountain (“Mount Shuksan”), and another gnocchi mouth burn. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (219 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #566

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Gerald Ford becomes the longest-lived United States president (at 93 years and 121 days old – beating Ronald Reagan), audio of Gerald Ford from his 1974-1977 presidency, last week’s elections, piece of crap electronic voting machine, election results, beverage review (from The Netherlands, made in Senseo coffee maker – “Douwe Egberts Senseo Select Mountain Breeze Brazil Blend”, “Pickwick T-pads Minty Green (tea)”, “Pickwick T-pads Lemon and Lime (tea)”), The Overnightcase Project, ((43:52)) NYC audio (“First test of the new Edirol R-09 field recorder”), mini forest and mirror in Fedex office on Redneck Road, snack and toy review (“The Laughing Cow – Mini Babybel – Mild Cheddar Variety Semisoft Cheese” with “Free Flying Disc Folded Inside!”), nuclear toy, secret Starbucks coffee size, Canadian pennies, Koli Koli update, Misreadings (“CactusWorks”, “Tropical Password”), 20 random songs from Frank’s iPod, first impressions of the Microsoft Zune, stupid Samsung promotion in Times Square, Nova Scotia Robots, ((1:39:12)) Frank’s father, Frank Ralph Nora returns to the show with “March of the Gavones” (featuring parking bumper repairs, cannolis, bowling balls, spray paint, cake, soccer, Bob Grant, and more), ((2:14:51)) unpleasant incident at Chipotle, putting your hand over the glass, Pulp Fiction, pomme frites, podcast meetup, Jason Van Orden, something sticky, beverage review (“English Harbour Antigua Rum – Aged 5 Years”), scent of a comics place, prison-rules spades, Cigars and Fire Trucks, Round Table Discussion (“Carmen Becomes An American Citizen” with Carmen, Frank, Denice, and Carrie), Pizzaburger Fridays, resident alien status, fingerprinting, biometrics, questions about America, the original 13 colonies, Homeland Security, tissue nipper, citizenship video with George W. Bush, voting, passports, green cards, Frank’s grandfather, getting drunk and sick smoking a cigar and drinking too much rum out in the cold and rain, Adidas, The Simpsons, Star Wars Darth Vader insert in Entertainment Weekly, Boards of Canada, Video Review update, light bulb review (“GE Soft White 60 – 5 Year Bulb – Long Life 8000 Hours – Energy Saver”), halogen dangers, and that water-flavoring stuff. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (240 minutes)


(109.9 MB)

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Podcast: The Overnightscape #565

Monday, November 6, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Detergent-flavored coffee, vague questions, moldy cheese and stale pretzels, previewing the upcoming elections, new voting machines, Libertarian candidates, Len Flynn, Republicrats, incense review (“Shoyeido / Lisn – Mystic Nostalgia”), beverage review (“Rolling Rock Extra Pale Premium Beer”), Asidonhopo, HBO Store, Apple Store, FAO Schwarz, life-size Giant Woolly Mammoth stuffed animal toy, Lego News, empty Tower Records at Trump Tower, Niketown, gait analysis, Sony Reader, Sony Walkman, Davidoff of Geneva, cigar review (“Drew Estate – Natural – Jucy Lucy”), ((1:01:41)) NYC audio (freezing cold at the bus stop, winter coat, leaf blowers, walking down 42nd St., post-production computer problems with last week’s show, police displays, happy birthday Mr. Bunny, scaffolding, Mercury Retrograde, daylight savings time, no hot water, Star Wars event at Grand Central Terminal, Stormtroopers, Porkins, bagel experiences, corridor, ((1:42:04)) Dan and Liz’s Wedding in Hackettstown, NJ (after the rehearsal, the train plan, The Landra Building, walking around town, talking pinball and politics, chemtrails, antique stores, April 1971 issue of Mademoiselle magazine, Pickle Bill’s Deli, tall tales, entertaining George Washington, inflatable lawn decorations, Frank and Denice’s reading (“New Horizons”)), ((2:06:37)) the need to retire the Edirol R-1, the long-gone dark ride “Horizons” from EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World, editing the Wikipedia, The Meandering Mouse podcast #26 about Horizons, The Pixies, unruly teenagers, Apple Rabbit, snack review (“Toad-Ally Snax – Hanky Panky – Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn with Peanuts”), antique review (“Jingo” puzzle by Roalex Co., Forest Hills, NY), forehead oil, shoe review (“Adidas Campus ST – Olive/Black”), mangled bagels, dice balancing in Quebec, a mysterious puddle of water on the kitchen floor, haunted hotels, and dorky ghost hunters. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (171 minutes)


(78.2 MB)

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Podcast: The Overnightscape #564

Monday, October 30, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Renovating a mansion, living a life without deja vu, inkstains on fingertips, The Overnightscape reaches the 15 day/360 hour mark, Halloween, trick or treating in the 70s, candy/toy review (“Kinder Uberraschung – Chocolate Egg”), vichyssois, Nintendo Wii, dream review (“Going To Jail Back In Time”), completely random memories (“I Saw All The Planets”), a visit to the Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Garden, Howard Stern, ((1:12:05)) Guardian Angel incense, tangled wires, avoiding a coffee spill, gusts of wind, Avatar the Last Airbender, lame celebrity sighting (“Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)”), 1992, goodbye Water Sensations and Twinlab B-12 Dots, new law allowing the president to declare martial law, photobooth pic, rollershoes, first recordings with the 55SH microphone, stamp review (“DC Comics Super Heroes”), ordering the “Snyder’s of Hanover Snack Mug” via mail order, the ass-kicking “Long Island North Shore Old Fashioned Sourdough Hard Pretzels”, Champs, ordering Adidas, ((2:15:50)), on the 6 month anniversary of moving, an Audio Field Trip to the old apartment complex where the previous Overnightscape Studio was, along with the old bus stop, parking lot, dumpster, and 7-11, Fred recycled, Daylight Savings Time, Annie Oakley, Narciso, Superkids 2: Mystery of the Tristand, leaf blowing, ((2:50:49)) recording trouble, Inside the Show, Studio 60, stuff from 7-11, candy review (“CocoaVia Chocolate Covered Almonds”), a visit to Tower Records on W 4th St. in NYC (going out of business), classical music CD (Haydn – “Zingarese”), Temple in the Village, and carefully balancing three dice. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (215 minutes)


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Computer Problems

This week’s episode of The Overnightscape, #564, is 3 hours and 35 minutes long – 20 minutes longer than last week’s episode. I didn’t set out to make the show so long, but it just kind of happened.

Anyway, while doing post-production on the show, the audio program crashed because the file was too big and wrecked one of my external hard drives in the process. I can usually fix a disk problem like this with DiskWarrior, but it is an older Mac and the disk is huge so DiskWarrior can’t seem to fix it. And now, my mouse doesn’t seem to be working!

So all I have to say is, I went too far, made the show too long. And my equipment is too old to handle it. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get the show out one way or another, but this is a pretty bad situation…

UPDATE: I just checked and guess what? Mercury Retrograde just started yesterday! No wonder I’m having problems. Anyway, I almost threw out my old mouse yesterday, but thank goodness I still have it… I’m booting up off an old DiskWarrior disk and it doesn’t support my new mouse – and the old one works, though not very well…

UPDATE: Well, I finally got the Mac booted with DiskWarrior, with my old mouse plugged in and… after like 20 minutes of processing, DiskWarrior said it did not have enough memory to fix the disk… so I was disappointed… until I saw that it actually HAD fixed the disk enough for it to mount again! I had to split the show into 2 parts for post production, then merge the files together again at the end. Uploading now…

Station Unlimited: The Forgotten Beercast

Special Feature:
The Forgotten Beercast (May 10, 2005)
File Download: su-SPF-02-Forg_Beercast-061.mp3
40:54 – 37.4 MB – Station Unlimited release 061 – 10/24/06

Recorded on Tuesday, May 10, 2005, at a bar called “One and One” (at the corner of 1st Ave. amd 1st St. in Manhattan). Starring Greg Narain (Beercasting.com / Sparkcasting.com), Steve Warren (InteractiveNYC.com), Frank Edward Nora (TheOvernightscape.com), and waitress “Myar”.

Here’s the story – Greg created the website “Beercasting.com”, with the general idea of getting a bunch of people together at a bar, and then recording and podcasting their conversation on several different topics. At some point, Greg changed the name of the website to “Sparkcasting.com” and added a potential market research aspect to the project. This caused some controversy, as seen on this blog post. Then Greg posted on the NYC Podcasting Meetup forum, also causing a bit of controversy.

In any case, I went to the Beercasting that night, and we didn’t start recording till real late. Only Greg, Steve, and myself were left. Greg wanted me to use my recorder, so I recorded the Beercast. We talked on a number of different topics, including the Sparkcasting marketing idea, podcasting, Adam Curry, stats, and male aggression. Toward the end, waitress “Myar” joined the recording. I eventually went to the bathroom and the Beercast ended.

The next day I sent the audio file to Greg, who said he would post it on Sparkcasting.com. But, as it happened, Sparkcasting was never updated. If fact, to this day, the site does not appear to have been updated at all since May of 2005. I think I emailed Greg a few times, but eventually I forgot about the whole thing.

Then, at the Podcasting Expo in Ontario, California, in September 2006, who should I meet at the bar at the Marriott but Greg! It was good to see him again, and he said he was working on some new stuff. I mentioned the recording to him and he said I could go ahead and post it.

I’m still not sure what happened with the whole Sparkcasting thing, but in any case, here is the complete, unedited “Forgotten Beercast” from that long ago day…

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Podcast: The Overnightscape #563

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Pink and orange slats, cappuccino incense, Tonya Harding and Japanese wrestling, 90s nostalgia, getting a cold, TV shows (“Lost”, “My Name is Earl”, “The Office”, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”, “Saturday Night Live”, etc.), DVR, the joy of NyQuil, dream review (“Down the Rabbit Hole”, “Web 2.0”, “Listener Since 1977”), medicine review (“Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold – Orange Zest”), clumsiness, shattering peach bottle, Vivaldi, farewell to Beard Papa at garden State Plaza, NYC Audio (“Searching for a Waterfall”), upset by Junior Mints, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, snack review (“Ike and Sam’s Kettlecorn – Original Sweet and Salty”), expensive ripped blue jeans, food court at 875 Third Ave., Morning Experiment – Frank records right after he wakes up at 6:24 AM, sunrise, weather report, wind advisory, Cleveland, City Roast coffee, Expo swag (“Flash drive from EtchAMac.com”, “Playing cards from Sony”). the sound of cars driving by in the rain, NYC audio (“A Visit to Greenacre Park”), The Audio Field Trip (“Dan’s Bachelor Party in NYC”), walking to the train station, giant bird, 14th Street, Guitar Center, tea review (“Fresh brewed rooibos from Tavalon”), coffee cup lid review (“Solo Traveller Plus”), Mud, display windows of comic book store Forbidden Planet, Begoths, supernatural books, talking to a guy about UFOs, billiards at Pressure, meatspace, the nature of celebrity, talking to Fred (KumquatPower.com), a bar in Brooklyn, drunkenness, power outage, Segways, partial movie review (“Habit”), candy review (“Mini-Pastilles Vichy Source Menthe”, “Reese’s Crispy Crunchy”), beverage review (“Fred – Natural Spring Water”), annoyances of air travel, Dreamery, Beercasting, Smidgits video featuring Frank, Sound Pollution, Scrapcast, Clint Howard, ExtremePods, and a hearing ear dog. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (195 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #562

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Demolition dust, tropical musk, return of cold weather, Portable Night mailings, from the forum (“Manny the Mailman”, “Mr. Bunny”), difficulties watching DVDs, video review (“Little Britain – The Complete Third Series”), the story of a kid who’s been deaf and blind since birth, Helen Keller, beverage review (Hint (Drink Water, Not Sugar) – “Pear”, “Raspberry-Lime”, “Pomegranate-Tangerine”), Columbus Day Parade floats, Timothy Hutton’s chair in the Diamond District, jar opening, Cardworks gutted, charger update, The Village, The Raconteurs “Level” video, ((49:03)) pipe tobacco review (“Nat Sherman – Tabac Sherman – Blend No. 536”), hypnopompic music, breezeways, Chinatown, setting one’s hair on fire on video, visiting an art gallery opening (Xylor Jane at Canada), a reading from the book “The World We Live In” (“The Forest Dweller”), candy review (“Aero Bubbles”), ((1:18:43)) beverage review (“Old Grand-Dad – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”), a phone called with Frank’s sister Julie (featuring The Richard Pryor Coloring Book, Cold Snap, Scott Schwartz, Niagara Falls, and Duran Duran), Ultra Obscure Topic of the Day, various issues related to making pasta, infomercials, video game meetings, health supplement review (HerbaGreen Tea (Concentrated Dietary Herbal Supplement) – “Heavenly Honey Lemon”, “Impeccably Peach”, “Creme de Mint”), ((1:55:53)) The Audio Field Trip (“Podcast Expo 2006 in Ontario, California (9/30/06)” – Part 4), Ontario Mills Mall, Bruegger’s Bagels, Big Food Food Court, snack review (“Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot”), ugly backside of coffee place, eyesight, an introspective note, Hot Topic Rock, Sega Gameworks, Namco Quick and Crash, “Sweetness and Light” by Lush, Entry 3, movies, photo booth, museum review (“Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum (NYC)”), flea markets, Corcorde SST, USS Growler submarine, cruise missiles, birthday card sound effects, Pringles vending machine, bagel disappointment, Space Farms, crappy telescopes, and gag postcards of giant food. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (192 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #561

Monday, October 9, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: ((00:00)) Welcome to the new “Weekly Unlimited” format!, listener audio (“Tom Shad – birthday grteeting”), flyers in Grand Central Terminal, Lamborghini Gallardo, Led Zeppelin’s “Presence”, airport security, Applebee’s, Expo swag, PodGlo.com, ((34:06)) the audio of “The Overnightscape Video Review #5” (vegetable review (“Salicornia (Sea Bean)” (from Melissa’s Premium produce), dream review (“A Road in the Woods”), room review (“Childhood Bedroom and Crawlspace”)), birthday party candy review with Frank’s family (“Helena Chocolatier ChocoTejas – Pecan, Chestnut, and Peanut”), Loft Parlaits, hammock, Grateful Dead, ((1:01:23)) “Birthday 1977” (audio from Frank’s 10th birthday paty on 10/2/77), Missile Attack, Star Wars, Audio Field Trip (“Frank and Denice walk from the Bridgewater Commons Mall to a new shopping area called ‘The Village'”), gazebo, flying creatures on the ground, Chipotle, Crate and Barrel, object review (“Stainless Steel and Silicone Muddler”), chargers, eating at Chipotel, spilling Pibb Xtra, a shooting star, gadget review (“Green iPod Nano 2nd Generation – 4GB”), a visit to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), finding the melting clocks in 1:31, Christina’s World, art installations, Mr. Sasha the Cat purring, ((2:11:14)) The Audio Field Trip (“Podcast Expo 2006 in Ontario, California” – Part 3) – palm trees, nachos at Denny’s, philosophical conversations, clock repair, hotel shuttle, return to the Ontario Mills Mall, the state of podcasting, hanging at the carport, giant grapes, Games Workshop, triple espresso, Black Market Minerals, dropping a didgeridoo, Sega Gameworks, Crazy Taxi, witch costumes, Speed Stacks (cup stacking game), Dave and Buster’s, Rain Forest Cafe, 90s nostalgia, robot alligator, beer review (“Anheuser World Lager”), sleeping 11 hours, dream review (“Red Alligator Suitcase”), updates, From the Forum (“Comments on the new Weekly Unlimited format”), bouncing off the walls, and dragees (the little semi-legal silver balls used as cake decorations). Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (189 minutes)


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Video: The Overnightscape Video Review #5


Frank reviews a vegetable called “salicornia”, a dream in the woods, and his childhood bedroom and crawlspace. More info and commentary on The Overnightscape podcast #561 (10/9/06), at http://TheOvernightscape.com


Podcast: The Overnightscape #560

Friday, October 6, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Announcing the new “Weekly Unlimited” format for the show, Ontario Mills Mall, cartoon bear, electronic noise, experiments, statistics, Bluffcosm.com, Disney theme park podcasters, beverage review (“Irn-Bru” (previously reviewed on #89)), cigar review (“Gurkha 1887 Maduro Dark No. 8”), snack review (“Betty Lou’s Spirulina Nut Butter Balls – Ginseng High Energy”), listener birthday card (“Randal from Houston, Texas”), 3.5 years of The Overnightscape, Beaty from England, marzipan, Daily Podcast From Another Place, Iraq War, Virgin Megastore, seaweed, and almonds. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (30 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #559

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: A weird and depressing day, Diet 7-Up, netcasting, belaboring the obvious, camping tent on hotel room bed with blacklight and body painting, The Audio Field Trip (“Podcast Expo 2006 in Ontario, California” – Part 2), keynote addresses (“Leo Laporte”, “Battlestar Galactica guy”, “Andrew Baron”), Bombay Indian Restaurant, bad vibes in the exhibit hall, Area Code 209, In-N-Out Burger, dovetail joints, drawer analysis, bailing out of conference sessions, going to parties, Zoom Shop (iPod vending machine), Fresno, MLM pitch, Sound Pollution, dress codes, Mulholland Drive, Mad Money Machine, Jack Daniels in a brown paper bag, super Steely Dan fans, severe tire damage, and the prodigal daughter returns. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (30 minutes)


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