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Podcast: The Overnightscape #573

Monday, January 1, 2007

Tonight’s subjects include: Chiaroscuro, sweatshirt, welcome to 2007, a pleasant holiday experience, winter solstice and the calendar, people all deluded into thinking they understand what’s going on in the world, timekeeping, two names for each season, celebrity deaths (“James Brown”, “Gerald Ford”), “James Brown is Dead” by L.A. Style, the best song ever, New Year’s Eve at The Limelight in the early 90s, ravers, Church Street in Montclair, NJ, lip balm review (“100% Pure Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Junk”), memories of Missouri, obsure states, candy review (“York Mints”, “LifeSavers Fruit Tarts (“Grape Berry – Green Apple – Strawberry Watermelon”, “Watermelon – Cherry Lemonade – Mandarin Orange”)”), York Peppermint Patty TV commercials (and parodies done by Frank at age 12 in Montana), incense review (“Paine’s Balsam Fir Insense”), great smells (like popcorn and pine), log cabins, company dog, celebrites born the same day as Frank (“Tiffany Chin” (Olympic figure skater), “Rob Liefeld” (comic book creator – Image Comics, etc.)), Dennic Miller’s TV talk show, attention span, happy drugs, game review (“LCR” (dice game)), big pile of cash, TV reviews (“Doctor Who – Xmas Special 2006”, “Torchwood”), Wales,, Ash Crimson (from the “King of Fighters” video game series), Guile, Remy, Skywatch Sentinel, police horses, LIRR East Side Access, Coliseum Books (42nd St.) closing, HBO Shop, Joanie Stubbs’ hat, the subject of holograms and holography, Edmund Scientific catalog, MIT holography museum, animated hologram of a girl blowing you a kiss, hologram store at the long-lost Herald Center mall, lots of lost stuff, Technoshades, Carlton College, toy review (“Whirl-O (Hurricane Series)”), centripetal force, “Whirl o’ the West (1921)”, Hal Roach, New Year’s resolutions, Charlie Brown, coldingham, lifeland, and hotworld. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (116 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #572

Monday, December 25, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: It’s Christmas Day and the last show of 2006, warm feelings, river crossings, a billboard error, listener holiday greetings (“Randal from Houston, Texas”), beverage review (“Ito En – Sencha Shot – Japanese Green Tea”), ascorbic acid, retroactively celebrating the 16 day milestone missed last episode, The Random Overnightscape 30 Seconds (the biggest ever, with 16 random clips!), Donald Trump’s soap dispenser, cheese digestion, beverage review (“Silk Soymilk Nog” (with English Harbour rum)), Mr. Sasha the cat meows, CAO Karma Sutra Splash, gay marriage, 209, Spiky Doughball, true randomness, Rob DiCaterino from The Paunch Stevenson Show podcast, Fuzzy Daupner, silver dragees, ((1:30:05)) NYC audio (“Seeing Two Movies at Angelika”), splattered with popcorn butter, busted umbrella, pet raccoon “Rocky” on a leash, car wash, movie reviews (“The Fountain”, “The Good German”), the long-lost Bleecker Street Cinema, Temple in the Village, farewell to bookstore “Untitled”, Emigre Magazine, Mercer Street Books, tracking a dollar bill on, The 100th Anniversary of Radio, Reginald Fessenden’s 1906 Christmas Eve broadcast, Handel’s Largo (the very first song ever played on radio), the future of radio, China Cola, The Year 2000, six year old shrimp alone in the Ecosphere, playing “The King of Fighters XI” at Fun N’ Games at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ, online games “kdice” and “gpokr”, playing poker live on the show, Captain America, Fighter’s Generation, toiletry review (“Magic Tissue”), Harry Potter, Star Wars, movie review (“Howl’s Moving Castle”), dream review (“End of the World / Jobox Entertainment”), cleaning the microphone, reincarnation, ((2:49:38)) Frank’s California Podcast Expo Adventure (“Nighttime Visit to Disneyland (11/12/05)”, “Conclusion”), Downtown Disney, Enchated Tiki Room, Tarzan’s Treehouse, finding a desktop wallpaper spot in New Orleans Square, dead ends, Club 33, Winnie the Pooh, directions to fantasyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Tours, watching fireworks at the Pizza Port, Baroque Hoedown, Monorail, Haunted Mansion – Nightmare Before Xmas, It’s A Small World – Xmas, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, throwing change in Snow White’s wishing well, flying home from California on JetBlue, AirTrain car 209, Rockefeller Center, lost in the subway, Admiral Ackbar, and the best room ever. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (270 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #571

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Disgruntled librarian of music videos, Hawaiian Rain, iced coffee, area codes, Washington, D.C., the year 2000, the Y2K Bug, the late 2Ks, decade naming, international conferences, Pluto, holiday parties, Christmas, Secret Santa, lantern, Jean Shepherd, culinary institute, Boards of Canada, gadget review (“Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers for iPod”), chef hat, Libra symbol, cigar review (“Cafe Creme”), cigarettes, emphysema, soda can controversy, beverage review (“Howling Monkey Energy Cola”), quinine, malaria, bitter lemon, ((52:36)) Frank’s Internship at MTV News (1988-89) – Part 2 (see Episode #427 for Part 1), NYU, film careers, Kurt Loder, Howard Jones, Daily News Digests, photocopying, Ted Bundy, John Norris, Bros, 7-11, Bishop Desmond Tutu, The United Nations, Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video, crazy phone calls, Axl Rose, Paul McCartney, Adam Curry, Kevin Seal, reception area, Atari Arabian, .38 Special, Downtown Julie Brown, John Canemaker, Dr. Ruth, history of animation, beverage review (“Capetown Tropical Red Tea” by The Republic of Tea (previously reviewed on Episode #90), Stump – “A Fierce Pancake”, Alice in Chains, Remote Control, video promo guy, Bob Guccione Jr., Spy Magazine’s “How To Be Famous” TV special, Victoria Jackson, Ricardo Montalban, “We Call It Aceed”, Anything But Monday Show, Super Objects, MTV To Go, Gilbert Gottfried, prisoners, graf, high school crush Marcia at the video editing place, ((2:05:58)) NYC Audio (“Vague hypnotism on the bus – Port Authority Bus Terminal – 42nd St.”, “Holiday Party at Kush (on Chrystie St.) – drunk on Jameson and Laphroaig – the long trip home”, “The basement Surfers Dining Room at Maui Tacos at 330 5th Ave.”), dream review (“Faulty Mirrors”, “Holographic Staten Island Game”, “Living in Brooklyn”, “Crappy Boat”, “People in Apartment”, “Safe Store”), Mr. Sasha the cat, new girl in the stoic seat, Scarlett Johansson, Heather Graham, walking into traffic, SunChips, Smartfood, Dasani Water, Haiku Wet, VW Van, soap operas, bathrooms, Jim Hanley’s Universe, M and M’s World in Times Square, Olympic Tower, Bamn Food, CBGB, Continental, belly dancers, Dragon Head manga, Pommes Frites, Post Office loading docks, possibly dead guy, Lines (freeware Palm game), lockers, Dodge Mercedes Sprinter, big government, and Who is Jerome Ladhuie? Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (213 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #570

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Doing the show in the middle of the night, the end of storage again, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, mildew, grime, Wiktionary, 500 friends on MySpace, a message from Fred Water, FredSpot, SpotShot, beverage review (Coolwater (by Shannon Minerals Ltd., Ireland) – “Trim (Cranberry)”, “Cleanse (Orange Peach)”, “Boost (Blackberry)”), office flavors, Oga Japanese restaurant closes,, Starbucks Chantico is long gone, Frank’s links, “Lost in Space” ray guns, Firey Beer Brittle, surreal art, Yogi bear, Verizon math, The Last Unicorn, NJ Red Dogs, weather websites, The Weather Channel nostalgia, Swatch Internet Time gone in Times Square, Charmin Mr. Whipple commercials, Brazil, love bombing, Dick Wilson (who played Mr. Whipple) is still alive at age 90, vintage General Cinemas film intros, Mr. Popcorn Bag, a mass of grape jello, acini di pepe pasta, candy review (“Kit Kat filled with Caramel”), beverage review (“Stop and Shop Zazz Seltzer – Peaches and Cream”), movie review (“Inland Empire”, a film by David Lynch, seen at IFC Center (NYC) on 12/8/06 featuring Q and A with star Justin Theroux), other David Lynch movies, urination idea, popcorn and coffee, Laura Dern, a family of rabbit people, red curtains, Jeremy Irons, Harry Dean Stanton, Poland, hookers, lonesome train whistle, NYC audio (Limo Accident on 47th and Lex., wristwatches, old Pulsar digital watch, dorky coat, cold weather, 65th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, glove situation, Charmin Restrooms, The Swarovski Star on the Rockeller Center Christmas Tree, Radio City Music Hall neon sign, FYE, giant clown, Rockettes, Palm Store, ancient warriors), Palm Treo 680, Mr. Sasha the cat purring, Viking Pictures of Mars: Set No. 1 (1977), Utopia Plain, sleeping computer, beverage reviews (“Pocket Pours 4 Rum – Blue Hawaiian” (with English Harbour Antigua Rum)), blender failure, engine smell, Steeltek Cocktail Shaker, snack review (“Sweet and Salty Bugles Caramel”), the nature of caramel, ridged cones, HBO store, M and M’s World, public domain music at, classical music, opus, upcoming: Frank’s Internship at MTV News part 2, reserve shows, dream review (“Working at MTV”), prepress,, Beautiful Breakfast (12/6/06 – jalapeno pretzel and “Marzipan Holiday” donut), Dave from Work and the garlic bread meat stain controversy, the one bread basket, and the crystal geode wall. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (188 minutes)


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Podcast: The Overnightscape #569

Monday, December 4, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Neurotoxins, supermarket chains, beverage review (“Stop and Shop Zazz Seltzer – Cranberry Lime”), candy review (Cadbury Heroes – “Time Out”, “Picnic”, “Crunchie Bite”, “Twirl”, “Dream”, “Dairy Milk”, “Dairy Milk with Caramel”, “Fudge”, “Daily Milk Whole Nut”), NYC audio (“Meeting Jerry A. Greene at Grand Central Station”, “The Charmin Restrooms”, “Window Cleaning”, “Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree”, “Walking with a Cigar”), National Lampoon Radio Hour, transporting boxes from storage, lunch at Greenacre Park, guacamole lawsuit, synchronicity report (“Red Bull”), movie review (“The Last Unicorn” (1982)), partial movie review (“The Polar Express”), new travels restrictions, loss of freedom, buying bus tickets, Nintendo Wii, Internet outage, Million Dollar Homepage, book review (“The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – Deluxe Edition (3 Volumes)”), 2007 glasses, lucid dreaming, crazy weather, Arena Football, New Jersey Red Dogs, animation cels, old comic strip “Somebody’s Stenog”, The Stoic Woman, Major League Soccer, and vegetable lasagna. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (214 minutes)


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