The Overnightscape #670 (Wednesday, December 19, 2007 / 2:14:00 / 61.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Little funny thoughts, mall delivery truck breakdown, the area code of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, The Mariana Trench, Papua New Guinea, The Overnightscape Underground, song lyrics, podcasting, NYC Video 2.0 Meetup at The Roosevelt Hotel during the Web Video Summit, free food and drink, exploring the audio medium, dissed and ignored by exhibitors, big shots, arrogance, TV overtaking radio in the late 1940s, online video overtaking podcasting now, Freudian slip, ballroom, extra chairs,,, text fading away, website review (“” – online TV shows), Murder One, phone ringing, the next day, audio of walking to the highway bus stop, bus lane delays, walking on hazardous ice-covered ground, going back home to get scarf and earwarmers, Toblerone, wind advisory, ice cracks, momentum, dream review (“Arcade Research in Japan”), experimenting on the guards, figures clad in black, tailpipe, the bus arrives, the feeling of starting to get a cold, Cold-Eeze, leopard tape, pepper grinder Post-It Notes, Airborne Formula, Shufflin’ Jamboree card game update, more on, “The Night Gallery” with Rod Serling, Mr. Sasha the Cat, the “edited for television” version of the movie “The Breakfast Club”, girl group update, figure out what’s going on, whistling PotatOH!, watching with “ModStar” Hwanhee, writing, slang, “gotta” and “cuz”, Aeron chairs, chair stains, apple turnover flake mess, cleaning up just the bigger pieces of the mess, an allegory for laziness, no expiration date, TV show update (“Tin Man”), new NYC Apple Store, Canadian dollar worth less than US dollar once again, PETA website, hunk of beef found in vegetarian burrito at Burritoville, tempeh, Chipotle, Qdoba, Ron Paul “Tea Party” raises over $6 million in one day, secret societies, switching to Republican, The FKN Newz on 9/11 truth, beverage review (“Ricola Natural Herb Blend Instant Herbal Tea Mix”), horehound candies, SCTV plan, hand “falling asleep”, numbness, pins and needles, charts of the human body, bad websites, “Reader’s Digest” logo redesign, fonts, iPhone with devil horns, conspiracy websites, the elite occultist secret society shadow government, occult symbolism, obelisk, ancient religions, Paul McCartney of The Beatles is dead since 1966, the movie “Let It Be”, Paul replacement Billy Campbell is a talented and interesting person in his own right, Billy Preston, giant lies, gone crazy, album “Archaeology” by The Rutles, the show is out of control, cool free PC game review (“Road Girls Revisited” pinball table for “Future Pinball”), Treo 680 software update, post office loading dock with bomb-sniffing dog, Starbucks ad campaign (“Carol by Kayak”, etc.), subway escalator scare, vegan chili in Grand Central, agave nectar squeeze bottle, maple syrup, corn syrup, going to the other side of the room, Kodachrome film from 1978, Marvel Super Heroes stamps, attract mode, and a lovely Christmas Time. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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