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My web host automatically moved a large folder of content, and I am in the process of working with them to restore it. Till then, some stuff will not be accessible.

The Onsug book now available for purchase

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The book is finally done! 700 pages, with complete listings of over 10,000 episodes, with over 6,000 pieces of show art. An essential companion for a lifetime of listening to The Onsug! Color covers and black-and-white interior. Priced as low as possible so you can buy more and put them on many bookshelves, for future listeners to discover!

The book can be purchased here:

Download the PDF (including the Digital Extension) here:

Listen to all the shows here:

Permanent page for all book info:

The Overnightscape 1795 – Perception Ogalleon (4/1/21)

3:31:56 – Frank in New Jersey, plus the Other Side. Topics include: Marathon Bar, puppet western, Bay City Rollers, The Krofft Superstar Hour, Formula 409, Smoky Ginger Ale, Scutworks Copper Pi, Encyclopædia Britannica, Dewey Decimal System, Meat Loaf, Popcorn Blizzard, Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang, Bob Dole, Laser Baffle Rag, Perception Ogalleon, The Young Ones, the children of celebrities, theories of creativity, playtime, and much more… plus the Other Side (at 2:51:34)… The Hunt for Yellow October (from Train Crap & Blood #08 – Cartoons (9/1/91)) [Onsug, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], Gossip by Starlight Girls [Bandcamp, CC BY-NC 3.0], Reagan for President – “Margin of Safety” (Political Ad, 1980) [FuzzyMemories.TV], Roy Batty The Final Hours by Dragan Gojic [, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0], Gold Wings (Gottlieb, 1986) [PinMAME], Paddy Wagon by Redfeather [, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0], Toronto, 1970s [YouTube], Ganesha by Adamaximus [Jamendo, CC BY-SA 3.0], Niles Monorail – TechTV (2004) [YouTube], Painted Lady (At The Vantity F by Al Hotchkiss [, CC BY-NC-SA 2.5], WFLD Channel 32 – Super Cartoon Sunrise – Popeye Hour (Partial Break #2, 1979?) [FuzzyMemories.TV], Teenage Freakout by Mules [FreeMusicArchive, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], Mappy (Namco, 1983) [MAME], Exotic (Royalty Free Music) by PeriTune [Soundcloud, CC BY 3.0], Circle Square intro 1980s [YouTube], Floatin’ Down To Cotton Town by Polar Lion [Onsug, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0].

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora – more info at

Onsug Radio – The Complete Archive

Onsug Radio is the new archiving system for The Overnightscape Underground, and after a month of uploading, it’s finally complete!

The archive is now easy to navigate and listen to, like never before. Previously, each month of shows was released in chronological order, resulting in everything being kind of mixed-up. Now, each show is in ts own channel, so you can listen in sequence.

Each new month will be released as an “incoming” channel, and all these episodes will eventually be merged into the show channels.

All the old archives are still online, but will not be updated.

As I’ve said on my show, this this the way the archive should have been all along. Check it out – I think you’ll find that it’s a whole new way to listen to Onsug!

Frank Nora Show Numbering

The Overnightscape went though a period of chaos from approx. 2008-2010, where I recorded the show under a number of different names. On May 29, 2010, I decided to start fresh with The Frank Nora Show #1500. This was the 1500th show I had done, counting all the different shows – The Overnightscape, The Rampler, The Overnightscape Underground, etc.

Then, on May 9, 2011, I revived The Overnightscape, with The Overnightscape #782 – which was equivalent to The Frank Nora Show #1683. I continued to include the “Frank Nora Show Number” (in the format “F1623”), to continue counting all the shows I had done.

Today, March 24, 2012, I am reviewing the number, to make sure it is correct. The most recent show I did was “The Overnightscape 862: The Carleton Branch (3/22/12)” – with a Frank Nora Show Number of 1790. I double-checked this, and it was correct, counting episodes of The Overnightscape.

However, in my review, I found that in the time after FN Show 1500, I had done 22 additional shows that I would consider Frank Nora Shows. So, the adjusted FN Show Number for The Overnightscape 862 is… 1812.

The 22 additional shows are listed below:

Misc: 5

55.20 [2215] Late Night Music Show (8/8/10) 3:24:20
56.06 [2278] Macho Condor #1 (9/4/10) 1:19:54
56.23 [2295] Sneaky TT Broadcasting System 1 (9/12/10) 4:46:18
72.08 [3065] Sneaky TT Broadcasting System 2 (9/5/11) 8:25:42
72.01 [3058] Nightweek: The New Season (9/1/11) 1:03:13

Nightstation Patches: 17

77.01 [3314] Pinecone (11/19/11) (Frank) 8:42:41
77.02 [3315] Doorjamb (11/22/11) (Frank) 8:48:24
77.03 [3316] Afterglow (11/24/11) (Frank) 8:15:51
77.04 [3317] Blacktop (11/26/11) (Frank) 8:47:29
77.05 [3318] Sidewinder (11/27/11) (Frank) 8:59:22
77.06 [3319] Gasohol (12/3/11) (Frank) 8:47:12
77.07 [3320] Sarsaparilla (12/4/11) (Frank) 9:11:43
77.10 [3323] Tempura (12/10/11) (Frank) 8:18:35
77.12 [3325] Policewoman (12/12/11) (Frank) 6:38:23
77.15 [3328] Kitchenette (12/18/11) (Frank) 10:19:36
77.17 [3330] Would (12/23/11) (Frank) 10:03:08
77.18 [3331] Loungewear (12/26/11) (Frank) 7:33:41
77.21 [3334] Coaxial (12/31/11) (Frank) 10:19:48
77.22 [3335] Seaboard (1/3/12) (Frank) 8:48:42
79.03 [3387] Hotshot (1/12/12) (Frank) 10:36:57
80.10 [3400] Nightstation with Frank 1: Swank (2/9/12) 2:14:45
Nightstation with Frank: Southbound (3/11/12)

So, there are currently 862 epsiodes of The Overnightscape… which means that there are 950 Frank Nora Shows besides The Overnightscape:

396 episodes of The Rampler
322 shows on The Overnightscape Underground (before Frank Nora Show 1500)
183 episodes of The Frank Nora Show, starting with The Frank Nora Show 1500 (including 3 episodes of “The Rampler Weekly”)
27 additional because The Overnightscapes 782-786 were released in a segmented form (that I soon realized was not a good idea)
22 episodes listed above

That sorts things out for now!

Pocket Overnightscape

Check it out!

Streaming Station Updated

I have updated the streaming station. It is now called simply “The Overnightscape”. It has some of my recent shows, many recent Overnightscape Centrals, and some random shows from the entire archive.

Shoutcast Page

Popup Player

Player on Page

Stream Homepage

Return of The Overnightscape


After two years, The Overnightscape is back. In that time, I kept doing essentially the same show – but under a variety of different names: The Rampler, The Rampler on WFMU, The Frank Nora Show, etc.

The Overnightscape began in March 2003 – long before the dawn of “podcasting”. When podcasting took off in October 2004, I jumped aboard, and it was an intoxicating ride.

I started doing the show daily in January 2005. That year, podcasting was hot, and I thought I had finally made it. Listenership was increasing, and the Podcast Expo in California later that year was very exciting.

However, the whole podcasting phenomenon cooled off in 2006 – especially for independent podcasters like myself. The Podcast Expo a year later in 2006 was quite depressing for me, and I stopped the daily format of The Overnightscape, returning to a weekly format.

In early 2007, I set forth on a new project – ABM Show, with my old college buddy Mad Mike. Unfortunately, this project collapsed after a few months. I kept doing The Overnightscape, but with less of a sense of direction.

In December 2007, I started The Overnightscape Underground, to explore new vistas of Internet night radio. This was the first of many splits which eventually led to the end of the show called The Overnightscape.

In August 2008, I was experimenting with recording on the street of NYC, on my commute into work. While this could have simply been a new format for The Overnightscape, I decided to give it a new name – The Rampler.

The Rampler took off almost immediately, and the show became intertwined with an online phenomenon called Andy Kaufman Lives. Through this connection, I was contacted by a prestigious “freeform” radio stationed called WFMU. Starting in early 2009, I began doing some shows on WFMU, and by the Summer, I was on the schedule, with The Rampler on WFMU.

It was another exciting time, and I thought that this time my “radio career” was going to take off. By early September 2009, I decided I should put and end to The Overnightscape and The Rampler, in order to focus on The Rampler on WFMU. Unfortunately, after 16 weeks, WFMU cancelled my show.

I was still doing my “ug” show on The Overnightscape Underground – but in October 2009 I took a “radio vacation” and really thought about quitting the whole thing. After all the effort, after all the highs and lows, I felt I was nowhere again.

But, I came back in November 2009 and continued doing the “ug” show on The Overnightscape Underground. In retrospect, I should have just brought The Overnightscape back then – but I was still reeling from all the chaos.

Then, something amazing happened – many of the people who had been listening to my shows decided to start doing shows of their own, and I put these shows on The Overnightscape Underground.

As 2010 dawned, a new phenomenon was growing. I had inspired a number of people to try out this monologue “night radio” format – and I was running a cool little Internet radio experiment. I thought that with all these new people involved, with all the people they knew, and with all the collective effort that could be put into it, that The Overnightscape Underground was destined to grow into something very cool.

I changed the name of my show to The Frank Nora show, and the whole thing grew by leaps and bounds in April 2010. It was another very exciting time.

But, as 2010 wore on, once again it became clear that things were cooling. By the Fall of 2010, I was struggling to find new ways to structure things so that we could warm things up again. I had tons of different ideas, but none of them seemed right.

In recent months, I started feeling burnt out again, and The Overnightscape Underground began to really cool down. A few weeks ago, I decided to switch to a weekly format, and changed The Frank Nora Show to The Rampler Weekly.

I did three episodes of The Rampler Weekly – but then it came to me – I should just return to the original – I should bring back The Overnightscape.

Looking back on things, I had six years of The Overnightscape, and then two years of confusing (yet also wonderful) chaos. So in returning back to the main show, I am bringing to it a wealth of experience from those two crazy years.

The new format for The Overnightscape is a little different from the old show. I’ll be doing a new show each week or so – and I’m thinking each show will average about four hours. But instead of releasing each episode in one chunk, I’m going to release it in individual segments.

The first new show, number 782, has eight separate segments, and totals about 4.5 hours. Each show will be mainly my usual monologue format, but then later in the show things will shift to more of an audio exploration – with lots of music, old recordings, weirdness, and whatever else I feel like doing.

The show will be released as segments here on The full shows will also be available for download here.

The Overnightscape Underground – at – will continue, but I will not be posting The Overnightscape there, since it doesn’t make sense to double-post the show.

However, I will continue doing segments on Overnightscape Central on – and I expect that The Overnightscape Underground will continue to grow and evolve with the many talented people doing shows on there.

So what does the future hold? I really don’t know – but I still love doing The Overnightscape, and I hope that with this reorientation things can continue to move forward in a bit of a more stable way.

The Internet and culture as a whole is going through ever more changes all the time. I hope that The Overnightscape and The Overnightscape Underground can grow and take their place in the vast and evolving landscapes that are developing.

Frank Nora
May 14, 2011

The Rampler on WFMU – Tomorrow Night

I will be on the air on WFMU for the third time, tomorrow night/Sat. morning (4/25/09) from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM, New Jersey time. I will be filling in for “Zzzzzzero Hour with Bill Mac”.

You can listen over the radio airwaves in the NYC area on 91.1 FM. It is also broadcast on WXHD (90.1 FM) in Mount Hope, upstate New York. And of course, it will be streamed live at

The interactive playlist will be active, where you can leave comments. Just go to when the show is on for a link to the playlist.

Though it was a bit tricky last time, I do plan on taking phone calls again, at some point during the show.

Hope to see you all there!!!

(Here is the page for The Rampler on WFMU. Once the show is complete, it will be archived here.)

I’ll be on the air on WFMU tomorrow night

I will be on the air on WFMU for the second time, tomorrow night/Sat. morning (4/4/09) from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM, New Jersey time. I will be filling in for “Zzzzzzero Hour with Bill Mac”.

You can listen over the radio airwaves in the NYC area on 91.1 FM. It is also broadcast on WXHD (90.1 FM) in Mount Hope, upstate New York. And of course, it will be streamed live at

The interactive playlist will be active, where you can leave comments. Just go to when the show is on for a link to the playlist.

I do plan on taking phone calls at some point during the 4 hour show, as well.

Hope to see you all there!!!

Here is the page for The Rampler on WFMU. Once the show is complete, it will be archived here.

The 6th Anniversary of The Overnightscape.

Six years ago today, I had already done two “Beta” versions of The Overnightscape (on March 13, 2003 and March 20, 2003). On March 27, 2003, I did the very first official episode of the show… The Overnightscape #1 (hear it here).

So, this Friday, March 27, 2009, will be the 6th Anniversary of The Overnightscape. But this year things are a little different…

Doing The Overnightscape is very time-consuming. Often, I will spend an entire weekend working on the show. This became ingrained in my lifestyle and it has detracted from the rest of my life in many ways. This is coupled with the fact that even with all the effort, the show has only achieved a moderate success, in terms of audience and recognition.

In light of this, last August I began an experiment to see if there would be a way to do The Overnightscape in a way that would not have such an impact on my life. Thus began The Rampler.

The idea was to record in NYC during my walk back and forth from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to my job on 3rd Ave. The idea was to record and then release, with no post-production at all. The MP3 file recorded on the Edirol R-09 was the file that was released. All that would be needed would be to add tags to the MP3 file.

So I started this experiment, and it took off in a way I never imagined. Whereas the show is essentially the same as The Overnightscape, The Rampler became an exciting new variation on the theme for me.

In the seven months since The Rampler began, things have been changing. Slowly, I have been moving toward de-emphasising the studio aspect of my Internet radio show work. This was the original intent behind the development of The Rampler.

But… the original idea was that at some point, once the experiment was proven a success, “The Rampler” name would be retired, and it would be renamed “The Overnightscape”… thus The Overnightscape would continue on in this new form, with less of an impact on my life. However, The Rampler became something very distinct and new and unique…

So, The Rampler will remain The Rampler. This leaves the fate of  The Overnightscape somewhat uncertain. Certainly, I am not going to be doing The Overnightscape on a regular basis anymore. But I don’t know that it would need to be “shut down” either.

Right now, I am in the middle of this whole process. I know it might be kind of a “clean break” to end The Overnightscape on the 6th Anniversary. But that sounds so… severe. Especially in light of the fact that The Overnightscape lives on more vital than ever as The Rampler!!

So this is what I will be thinking about this week… exactly what to do with The Overnightscape.

Ultimately, The Rampler IS The Overnightscape. Just in a slightly different form.

I’m very excited about the further development of The Rampler… and I hope everyone comes along for the ride!!

WFMU Tonight

Tonight is my first show on WFMU, called “The Rampler with Frank Edward Nora”. It’s a fill-in show – but hopefully I will be back to do more!

The show is tonight (Fri., Feb. 20, 2009) from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM (New Jersey time). If you are in the Northern NJ/NYC you can tune in to 91.1 FM. Or, listen live online at

Also, there will be an interactive playlist that is kind of like a chatroom, and I will be checking comments during the show. Just click on “See Playlist and Comments” from the WFMU homepage to get in, once the show has started.

(In case you missed it, this show will be archived and available to hear, both on the WFMU site and also on The Overnightscape Underground.)


Hear show show and read all the comments on WFMU here:

Update – Feeds, WFMU, etc.

The Overnightscape and The Overnightscape Underground got kicked out of the iTunes Music Store. Though the feeds were working fine, a WordPress plugin I was using was blocking iTunes from accessing the feeds. I have fixed the problem and re-submitted the feeds to iTunes, so hopefully they will be back and functional soon.

I have a really bad cold and my voice is shot. So I won’t be doing any shows this weekend. But rest assured that The Overnightscape will continue.

Since the last episode of The Overnightscape, there has been a lot of new material released in The Overnightscape Underground.

I will be going live on the radio airwaves this Friday, February 20, from 11 PM to 2 AM, on WFMU, which broadcasts to New Jersey and New York City at 91.1 on the FM dial. You can listen live on the Internet at The show will be called “The Rampler with Frank Edward Nora”. This is a fill-in slot – but I may be getting a weekly show this Summer. The show will be available as an archive from WFMU, and I plan on releasing it on The Overnightscape Underground as well. The show will feature segments of me walking around NYC, as well as me live in-studio.

So anyway, yes – this is probably going to be the longest delay between episodes of The Overnightscape ever – at least 3 weeks. But it shall return!!

Update 2/15/09: I did a show, so it’s only 2 weeks between shows!

Top 10 reasons to get hooked on The Rampler


Amazing. Absolutely amazing. This is one of the coolest things anyone has ever done. A video all about The Rampler by Andrea from Croatia. It makes me happy!!

The Motor Excursion Ruffians #2

I know I haven’t been doing too many episodes of The Overnightscape lately (more are coming soon)… but there’s a LOT of new stuff on The Overnightscape Underground One feature that I’m really excited about is “The Motor Excursion Ruffians #2”. It’s a road trip with my friend Peter down to Virginia, where we meet up with our friend Bryan. It was recorded on April 4-5, 2003 – right at the start of The Overnightscape (between episodes 4 and 5).

The crazy thing is, this 9-part, 8.5 hour show has never been heard by anyone – until now! I don’t know why it took me so long, but after nearly 6 years, it is finally available for you to listen to!

Here is Part 1. And you can find all 9 parts here.  Plus, here a photo gallery of pictures from the adventure.

The Overnightscape Underground – Nov 08 is complete!

The Overnightscape Underground – Nov 08 is complete! The grand total is 60 tracks… 55 hours, 23 minutes, and 23 seconds…

I’ve been sick all weekend, so no new episodes of The Overnightscape right now. But there is a LOT of great new stuff in the Underground, so check it out!

The Rampler 67 Disaster


New video from AndyKaufmanTV

Overnightcase Project Rescue Mission 2


We are trying to rescue The Overnightcase from Lauren from Pittsburgh.

The Andy Kaufman Press Conference – Complete Audio

Check it out.

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 5 is complete!

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 5 is complete! Check it out!

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