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The Overnightscape #629 (10/1/07)


The Overnightscape #629 (Monday, October 1, 2007 / 1:11:00 / 32.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Late night recording session (3:08 AM – 4:29 AM), getting nocturnal, movie review (“Whatever Happened To Baby Jane” starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis), “Mommie Dearest”, Blue Oyster Cult, Kim Carnes, obscure information from an article in a 1982 issue of Games Magazine (“Travelling The Road To Rouing” – rubber band-powered balsa wood model plane combat), The Rou Review, RC Combat Association Forum, Macy-Dash Roucraft Company, analog TV, vertical hold, Macrovision VHS copy prevention, “The Ice Storm” (1997), black box, TV news closed captioning error (“carousel” spelled “kara cell”), “Dear Courtney”, ephemeral things, the preservation of a classic Coney Island carousel, 600 for 600 email (#121 – Jerry from SoCal), “Green Onions” by Booker T and the MGs, Stax, the songs Howard Stern used to play during live read commercials (such as “Whot’s Happening” by The Mar-keys), a vague video billboard on 42nd St., The Howard Stern Show, Opie & Anthony, the secret project, toy review (“Boing Light Ball” (large) by Active People), colored light, white ribbed rubber, the internal mechanism, Podcast Expo, NYC taxi cab colorful flower art (“Garden in Transit”), absinthe drinking information, steam explosion update, and Mr. Jesse the Cat running around in the middle of the night. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #628 (9/29/07)


The Overnightscape #628 (Saturday, September 29, 2007 / 1:16:00 / 34.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The taint of DRM, issues with a Pop-Tart variant, another California mystery area code, Bunta Block, caveman living, taking out the trash, knocking over the box of puppets, lost Puppet Community feature, Polly Cobain, the unclaimed yellow pages, shaving off the sideburns, soap review (“Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Lavender Natural Moisturizing Body Bar”), tallow, Dr. Bronner, snack review (“Nature’s Path – Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries – Blueberry”), following instructions, touching hot things briefly, finger burned by a superhot flake of pastry, toaster over mishap, sear mark, two fork method, college girl uses witchcraft on a Pop-Tart, vegetarian corn dogs, weird supermarket, remembering the Rowe-Manse Emporium, the Beanie Baby craze, shopping channel guy, VHS tapes, staining the laptop, remembering Cocaine Energy Drink, Brawndo, beverage review (“Pure Cool” – Mojo Cool, Tropical Tiki, Triple Chill), “Popcorn Indiana”, random drunken journey and injury, movie theater in the basement, the Zune section, Virgin Megastore to be renamed “Zavvi”, Israeli biscuits, petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes, yottabytes, metric prefixes, crappy backup tapes, pebibytes, 7-11, 1 Times Square, sunflower seed confusion, Nicogel, “greelight” (Sniglet) – the unexplained green lights inside esalators, busted escalators, antibacterial lights, green fire engines, Verizon Fios, capping, Bell Atlantic, tearing up the streets, DSL nightmare, horrendous customer service, Fios pricing, chatting with customer service, and a quick pear update. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #627 (9/25/07)


The Overnightscape #627 (Tuesday, September 25, 2007 / 1:47:00 / 49 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Violent device, difficult area code, listener email (Joshua from Sacramento – Tuolumne pronunciation), proposed Web 2.0 pronunciation website, forgetting things, Howard Stern, “The Mind-Body Connection” by Dr. Sarno, the human brain, back pain, OCD, Barry Farber, the lack of ability in the moment to perceive that a feeling will not persist, the oldest man in the world, human body as robot, the afterworld, Frank’s 40th birthday, tiring of pop culture, detoxing, chemtrail dust, poisons, The Master Cleanser, caffeine withdrawal headache, addicitions, chemical amusements, coolness of coffee, condensation, beverage review (“Java Monster Coffee Energy – Loca Moca”), making fun of Starbucks, Mr. Sasha the Cat, shredding printouts of the sci-fi novel “Severe Repair”, proofreading at malls, sounds of the shredder, The Overnightcase Video Reviews (Manny the Mailman – “De Olifant – Matelieff” cigars and “Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky”. His son Mike (the Monkey) – “Celestial Seasoning Zingers To Go – Tangerine Orange Wave Herb Tea”), Overnightcase website, dream company Jobox Entertainment, busted Wiki, secret review from the past with Roel from the Netherlands (“Celestial Seasoning Zingers To Go – Tangerine Orange Wave Herb Tea”), Dasani, Poland Spring, World of Disney, Minnie Mouse Princess Leia figurine, FAO Schwartz, mouth injury, mini WWII Jeep for kids, giant fantasy stuffed animals, the falling dollar, Harry Potter, Smurfs, Myachi Hand Sack, Alex Jones, Pogs, Apple Store, new iPods, iPod games (“Vortex”, “iQuiz”, “Klondike”, “musika”), Coverflow, annoyed by how a guy uses his iPhone, Museum of Modern Art, Van Gogh, Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec, Soviet Modernist Architecture, Korg M3 synthesizer, shocking price quote for transferring 16mm movies to DVD, flavor names, kinky white hairs on the sideburns, balding, and the Pocket Knock Gel Ball Pen. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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New Overnightcase Reviews



Manny the Mailman and his son Mike review items from the recently-rescued Overnightcase.

The Overnightscape #626 (9/20/07)

The Overnightscape #626 (Thursday, September 20, 2007 / 1:40:00 / 45.8 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Long drama of storage units, Pasadena, tracking a $20 bill on, Livingston Mall, caffeine withdrawal headache, Daily Detox II, NYC audio (“Tyra Banks Show in the Port Authority Bus Terminal”), lame celebrity sighting (“Tyra Banks”), Corridor of Losers, sad sounding music, Evian, NYC audio (“Looking for the Bird Guy in Times Square”), waking up after noon, the origins of the mess, finding maps and mannequins on the side of the road, the arcade with the roller disco in the basement, dust of ages, pictures of things sold on eBay long ago, turning nocturnal, fixing the computer fried by a brief power outage, living like a caveman, Twittering and Flickring Carrie Engdahl at Mexicali Blues, bad Google Maps directions, papers from my life, overheating the shredder, scanning, the Scan’n’Shred, Beaux Gens hair salon card, “The Name of This Band is Talking Heads”, dream review (“Fake Alien Invasion”), numbers on the moon, Mr. Sasha the Cat purring, weird pinball, rooftop playground, fighting for your rights, flipping over a little vehicle, flea market with Elvira-like celebrity, bad bathroom, “The Watchmen”, the idea of selling the old minicomics, scratch on arm, drinking some absinthe, distracting the public with the likes of Britney Spears and O. J. Simpson, ad review (“CBS/Cadillac – mini flash drive of new TV shows embedded in Entertainment Weekly magazine”), “Mad Men”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Lucius Vorenus, time travel, going to shopping malls 1974, Charlie Sheen is cool, “Loose Change”, David Spade, retro noises, and a rubber polar bear melting. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #625 (9/18/07)


The Overnightscape #625 (Tuesday, September 18, 2007 / 1:08:00 / 31.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The Overnightscape Tour (in NYC with Roel from the Netherlands and Manny the Mailman – Part 2 – Interesting Places in Midtown Manhattan), hot sauce review (“Blair’s Original Death Sauce”), three spoonfuls of death, F&B, food court, 3rd Ave., Greenacre Park, waterfall video, Roel and Manny’s travels, Channel 4 Irish Pub, Maroon 5, Nintendo Wii tennis tournament, Dah Hammarskjold Plaza, the semi-hidden “Katherine Hepburn Garden”, metal deer, quotes in the stones, the fabled bench, tiny scary chair, secret duty free shop, elves, fountains, Martin Short, singer with keyboard, audience participation, United Nations, Tudor City Greens, 42nd St. view, tranquil location, depressing deli “Mongolian Seating Area”, rooftop area, stumbling upon the scene of the steam explosion on 41st St., people in the hole, blown-up stores, Grand Central Station, statues of ancient gods, Vanderbilt Hall, stars on the ceiling, soldiers, weird stairway at Oren’s Daily Roast, Ciao Bella gelato, Dave from Work calls, Times Square sound sculpture, video billboards, King Kong, popcorn, on the Times Square webcam with people on Twitter watching, lame celebrity sighting (“Chuck Scarborough”), Ferris wheel, teleportation, flash mob, human psychology, putting random songs on the iPod, floating duster, entertainment contexts, supermarket, and a blond puppet’s hair. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #624 (9/15/07)


The Overnightscape #624 (Saturday, September 15, 2007 / 54:00 / 24.7 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Ashtrays, artificial meat, Botany Bay, magazine review (“TV Guide”), beverage review (“Carpe Diem Botanic Water – Vitalizing”), Carpe Noctum, “Seize the Day” software with “Living Worlds”, candy review (“Hawaiian Host – Maui Caramacs”), The Overnightscape Tour (in NYC with Roel from the Netherlands and Manny the Mailman – Part 1 – In The Cigar Store Smoking Lounge), cigar review (“Acid Wafe”), smoking laws, marijuana coffeehouses in The Netherlands, prostitution, European geography, taxes and laws and cars, forbidden door, tofu turkey, ventilation, hat fashion, sex on TV, risk, pipe tobacco, cellular damage, soap review (Bath & Body Works Hand Soap – “Sea Island Cotton”), ignorance, cotton gin, the ancient gods and the Atlanteans, “Walking With Dinosaurs – The Live Experience”, toy dinosaurs as a kid, and the shredding of the novel. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (,

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Graphics from 1993

Back in the early 90s I was creating “experimental publications” that made little sense to anyone else but me. One of them was called “Fovy”, and I published 5 issues in late 1993. They folded out to a poster of “Codingseeds” that looked kinda cool. I found a few copies while cleaning up today. Here are some rasterized images of the posters I found on my Mac…

The Overnightscape #623 (9/12/07)


The Overnightscape #623 (Wednesday, September 12, 2007 / 1:17:00 / 35.3 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The First Overnightscape Mission (Frank, Roel from The Netherlands, and Manny the Mailman on a journey to retrieve The Overnightcase from Jason from New Jersey), real criminal youth, Arizona, 8th Anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island, beverage review (“Full Throttle Mother”), types of pears, Pine-Sol voting, guy gets upset trying to buy cigarettes, co-workers don’t get a reference to a Brady Bunch episode,,, missed Governors Island for the season, 20th Anniversary of NetHack, military time, driving around New Jersey at night, West Milford, Jungle Habitat, Weird New Jersey, Space Farms, crappy zoos, Benelux, Tri-State Area, Corridor of Losers, Lukoil, home improvement, The Devil Tree, The Evil Farm, mail delivery, easy and hard turnarounds, navigation, spilling water, arriving at Jason’s house, dog, beer, in the basement, opening The Overnightcase, vials of Scotch, the secret reviews, Jason reviews the candy “Gaper Apotheker Zwart Wit Zout”, Oban, Weird Staten Island, remembering Leoscorp Variety at the Kinnelon Mall, pure fun, the forum, 600 for 600 email #120 (“Owen from New York”), the new iPods, Coby, Palm Foleo cancelled, oatmeal confusion at Simply Food, secret project, and filling the sinuses with ammonia gas. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #622 (9/10/07)


The Overnightscape #622 (Monday, September 10, 2007 / 2:55:00 / 80.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Special “9/11 Truth” Episode… Frank joins the NYC Change Street Action on Friday, September 7, 2007, as it reaches Columbus Circle – and stays with it as it moves all around Midtown Manhattan. Nearly three hours of live audio, interviews, discussions, and ideas about the true nature of what happened on September 11, 2001. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #621 (9/8/07)


The Overnightscape #621 (Saturday, September 8, 2007 / 1:14:00 / 33.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Synthesizers on the rough commute, Overnightscape Mission and Tour (audio coming soon), NYC audio (“Midtown Journey With New Microphones”), construction site, a mass of wires, hands-free, 42nd Street, Mary Poppins, confused man, $10 bill with an interesting message written on it, Times Square, Dreamcast, Blowout Video, audio sculpture, 47th Street, the “Gilligan’s Island” angle, pinball machine, the other-dimensional thing, Diamond Row, Futurama, Phish, dazzling sparkliness, Zaro’s Bread Basket, Blue Flowers Cafe, crabmeat juicy little bun, compressed gas, Cafe Metro, Devon & Blakely, cheap bagel, pompous Audi store, Leona Helmsley, a street of evil, Toyota “everything bagel” billboard, people fighting, Juan Valdez, brainwashed people, klutz rights, microphone techniques, audio from a distant party, going outside, the light on the ceiling, the missing binoculars, knowing one’s neighbors, Conspiracy Workshop (Five Day 9/11 Truth Event in NYC,, 9/11/01 experiences, freedom, politicians, NYC audio (“Angry Phone Guy”), and thoughts of deletion. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #620 (9/5/07)


The Overnightscape #620 (Wednesday, September 5, 2007 / 1:15:00 / 34.4 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Testing the new mobile Overnightscape studio on the porch, Kansas, cigar review (“Van Der Donk Finishing Touch”), getting an ashtray, air traffic, bug on microphone, Samson G-Track, MadPlayer, firmware, beverage review (“Macallan Fine Oak – Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 10 Years Old”), absinthe effects, seeing a face in the dry cat food, bright spark, beautiful weather, carbon monoxide detector, proximity effect, wind chimes, Speyside, mono, cooking millet, Wolf Blitzer’s popcorn warning, scratching bug bites, the mission to rescue The Overnightcase with Roel and Manny, donut update, voiceover class upate, Zoolander, 20 day mark, midtown popcorn incident, thinking a lot about the world of Crazy Taxi, Popcorn Mania, Second Life, Sony Home, Frank takes the Autistic Aptitude Test, beverage review (“Diet Pepsi Max – Invigorating Cola”), CD-ROM magazines from the early 1990s, Blender Magazine Hot List, whatever happened to the 2003 Avril Lavigne wannabes?, messy handwriting, obscurity, neophilia, Usher perfume, Pine-Sol new scent voting, Games Magazine from March 1984, Aroma Disc system by Charles of the Ritz, ScentStories, birds, the back of the microphone, Web 2.0, Twitter, The New Games, The New Math, Facebook, thanks for the tips, and the soapy outdoors. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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