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The Overnightscape #727 (8/1/08)


The Overnightscape #727 (Friday, August 1, 2008 / 59:00 / 54.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: A weird feeling in the air, just got home from work, Firefox restore session, XaoS, fractal zoom animation, area code 727 in Florida, Boeing 727, bug flew across screen, warp, street closures, strange highway on-ramp, alien tunnels, Apollo astronaut says there are UFOs, conspiracy theories, fake alien invasion, the original “Nordic” space aliens, “Watchmen”, DC Comics “52”, big lies from “the powers that be” (“single gun theory”, “Apollo Moon Landings”, “9/11”, “man-made global warming”, “evolution as the origin of life”), the global warming religious cult, lost souls, the fossil record, individualism, lost my train of thought, bus trying to turn around in parking lot, humid subway stopped at an angle, “Sneak Preview: The Missing Flea Market / Goodbye Evil Arcade (7/27/08)”, got drunk on “Joose”, beer review (“Lagunitas The Kronik / Censored Rich Copper Ale”), Cocaine Energy Drink, problems with shoes,, shoe review (“Keen Austin – Potting Soil”), good customer service, urban exploration, “Ogu-Shio” Japan women’s Olympic badminton duo, attraction review (“Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium New York”), Dave & Buster’s, 42nd Street Food Court, easyEverything / easyInternetcafe, podcasting, Podcast Alley, show notes, disorganized, getting behind on things, tricks, 5150, “Astuter Computer Revue” from EPCOT Center, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!” pinball, torture devices, the black hole, shrunken heads, cultural relativism, savages,and an imitation of a liberal. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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Sneak Preview: The Missing Flea Market / Goodbye Evil Arcade (7/27/08)

I went on a little adventure today to the Palisades Center Mall and I recorded 4 hours and 17 minutes of audio, which I call “The Missing Flea Market / Goodbye Evil Arcade”. I will eventually get this recording into The Overnightscape Underground, but I figured I would make it available in this “sneak preview” form so that people can hear it right away. It is available here on the site, but it will not show up in the show feed.

I didn’t realize until after the recording that this was the 209th day of the year, which I used to celebrate as “Obliviana Day”. So it was cool to go on a fun little trip on this day that used to have some meaning for me.

By the way, that “Joose” drink I had toward the end of the recording was way too strong… I’m still recovering many hours later… I would not recommend it.

Note: This is a 59 MB lo-fi mono file (though it still sounds good). It will be the usual hi-fi stereo when I release it in The Overnightscape Underground.

The Overnightscape #726 (7/25/08)


The Overnightscape #726 (Friday, July 25, 2008 / 59:00 / 54.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The nocturnal garlic pasta, high-pitched whistling noise, Irish whiskey on the rocks, orzo pasta with butter and hot sauce, tofu and beans, cigars and pipes, “in all things, moderation”, hot sauce review (“Jardine’s Sontava! Habanero XX Hot Sauce”), Frank’s Xtra Hot, After Death hot sauce, pepper high, nose burn, capsaicin, Shadow Masters playing cards from, shuffling, The Psychic Test, recent show art, polar coordinates, magazine junkie, getting the Internet/World Wide Web for the first time via AOL around 1994, ezine, old websites, dialup, in 1995, infostimulation, OsoaWeek, “Canadian Musician” magazine, CBC Radio, I love Canada, a broadcast from Newfoundland, “screech-ins”, Polish jokes / “Newfie” jokes, commonality, The Beothucks, cat hair, Toronto trip, ignorance of geography, social studies, sidekicks, currency,, parity/parody/parroty, meowing, Mr. Jesse the Cat, Mountain Rhythm Drum Experience at Tanglefoot Lodge in Ontario, secret desires, Tanglewood Guitar Company UK, late night drum circles around the bonfire, a storyteller at a campfire, the sound of drums, yoga, and Dhalsim from Street Fighter II. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #725 (7/24/08)


The Overnightscape #725 (Thursday, July 24, 2008 / 56:00 / 51.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Frank’s father, Frank Ralph Nora, is back on the show with four features – “Mary Yakubic Update”, “The Strange Tale of George Ford”, “Grumpy Old Man”, and “Don’t Tell Me Revenge Isn’t Sweet”… Perth Amboy, NJ, empty deteriorating houses, real estate, furniture moved around, a crawlspace in a funeral home, GPS, forklift, babysitter murdered, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach died, convenience stores, intrusive fundraising, “the world is crawling with scoundrels”, dishonorable businessmen, construction project, anchor bolts, construction lien law, corrupt “collection agency”, grand jury testimony, restitution, and wrecked cars. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #724 (7/23/08)


The Overnightscape #724 (Wednesday, July 23, 2008 / 59:00 / 54.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: You’re all in the future, Mr. Jesse the Cat, cats don’t get music or mirrors, area code 724 in western Pennsylvania, Altoona, Patton, Videotopia, visiting all the caverns in Pennsylvania, food review (“Victoria Ready-To-Eat Lupini Beans”), pickles, relishing the fleshy seeds, unknown pleasures, democracy in the EU, Italian dual citizenship, cousin Paul, Train Crap & Blood, the economy, listener audio (“Eddie from Conspiracast”), summer holidays, Cliff Richard, The Young Ones, lost recordings, retained backup recordings, failed recordings, seasons, an audio world, Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”, Italy trip, Nova Scotia trip, NYC, The Great Canadian Tride Ride, Kamloops, exploring Texas, Virginia, old View-Masters, relatives in Italy, vegetarianism, Spam, lonely WDW trip, Inramble, Sharpie Pen update, Moleskine, lupini husks, The Strand bookstore, old GQ images CD-R from 1997, pictures of Matthew McConaughey, “God” the movie, Brad Pitt, Marlon Brando, confused, TIFF, and I fail to get information. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #723 (7/22/08)

The Overnightscape #723 (Tuesday, July 22, 2008 / 59:00 / 54.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Just woke up on Sunday morning, technical problems, air conditioner buttons, USB power for MadPlayer, soldering, USB cables, the world of SCSI, beige Macs, DIN-8, ADB, SCSI voodoo, paper clips, ZIP and JAZ, nothing quite works right, emulating the Atari 2600 “frying” / “glitching” effect on the Stella emulator, Atari 2600 Pitfall! (1982), perfect score on Pitfall!, Twin Galaxies, “The King of Kong”, Dungeons & Dragons, frying Frogger for weird music, “Pitfall! Unlimited”, Pitfall! II, downloading, all the books you could possibly read, analog dials, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on 8-Track, “Hushabye Mountain”, Dick Van Dyke, supplies are limited at the ice cream shoppe, The Overnightscape Underground, T-Racks 24, psychoacoustics, compression, starting the internal project The Overnightscape Vault, Blender Magazine, Jack Black, Vuzix, virtual reality, Jaron Lanier, Virtuality, Dactyl Nightmare, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, grotesque M&Ms ads, Mary Lou Retton, ADHD drugs, the evils of the current educational system, the human spirit, morphine for babies, pruner, Thomas Kincade Village Christmas Miniatures, mint, alcoholic dolls, beef, acne, and the GMC Acadia. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #722 (7/17/08)


The Overnightscape #722 (Thursday, July 17, 2008 / 59:00 / 54.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The Overnightscape Rug, delving into the past, the studio cleaned up, a tower of wonder, Huffman Koos, NANPA, Mr. Jesse the Cat, The Overnightscape Underground, The Motor Excursion Ruffians #4: Figment, the old cassette tapes, Recordios, tape deck, Fuzzy Daupner show, “Ridiculous Fortune”, Edison phonograph, The Motor Excursion Ruffians #2, wobbly stack, a trip to the supermarket, smelling Teen Spirit, Kurt Cobain, Bikini Kill, new spices, the “ewww” reaction, soup, “half caffeine” coffee, great feeling from caffeine, cocaine, we are the robots, first encounter with Frogger, playing Frogger (arcade and Atari 2600 version), Premium M&M’s, cheap ass alarm clock dying, ancient VCR, economic meltdown, The Money Masters, supermarket full of food, crappy meaningless little puppets, Barak Obama and “change”, nuclear popcorn, product review (“Angostura Aromatic Bitters”), cheating the supermarket system, Mach 3 Turbo, listener audio comments (“Nic from South Dakota”, “Doug from PodGlo”), the “Paul is dead” theory, Occam’s Razor, “Wall-E”, and “Occam’s Close Shave”. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #721 (7/11/08)


The Overnightscape #721 (Friday, July 11, 2008 / 56:00 / 51.4 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: SRY I PAWSD UR SHOW, releasing shows every other day, unassigned general purpose code, bathroom reading, losing touch with pop culture, checking out Entertainment Weekly #1001, Peta “Paul McCartney” vegetarian ad, the “Paul is dead” theory, The Beatles, Billy Cambell, becoming a Beatlemaniac, listener comments (“Neal from Ireland”, “Dirty Dingo – Paul is dead theory”), the movie “Let It Be”, The Love Guru, Hancock, movie review (“Wall-E”), music from “Hello Dolly” in Wall-E, driving out to Montana in 1980 listening to “Hello Dolly” on 8-Track, Mr. Jesse the Cat “pawses” the show, LOLCats, splitter, Louis Armstrong, quirkiness, directorial tone, the story of “Hello Dolly”, famous Corneliuses, Miki Berenyi, Space: 1999, Yukon Cornelius, mashups, The Wackness, Wanted, Get Smart, Fuze inkjet message, HBO “Tru-Blood” ad, Beck album “Modern Guilt”, Amy Winehouse, and a very annoying comment in book review. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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721 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #720 (7/8/08)


The Overnightscape #720 (Tuesday, July 8, 2008 / 59:00 / 54.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: America turned 232 years old, three day weekend, The Overnightscape hi-fi “seasons” archive, higher audio quality starting with this episode, Season 22 – Summer 2008, listening to The Overnightscape #147 (3/18/05), robot rapper, monkey face, The Overnightscape Underground on, the people listening in the future, ONSUG description, candy review (“Toxic Waste – Hazardously Sour Candy”), imagining how your younger self would enjoy current things, crazy sound effects on website, Nuclear Sludge, Cinnabon, saliva, freak out videos, Magic Marker, pen review (“Sharpie Pen – Writing (Fine Black)”), lawyers, made in Japan, signatures, trying to be unique and different, Post Alpha-Bits, area code 720 in Colorado, Israel Brown, lost listeners, Huw from Wales, a dream come true, the 50 cent secret of the universe (2 Connecticut quarters – tree above, tree below), fractal nature of reality, Mandelbrot Set zooms, Nassim Haramein videos, and playing the 1986 Atari arcade video game “720”. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

Starting with with episode, The Overnightscape will be released in a better-sounding, higher bitrate MP3 format. The old format was 64kbps, and the new format is 128kbps. The files are bigger, but they sound much better. The entire archive of the show will be released in this new format in the coming months.

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720 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

ONSUG Day 4 and New Bitrate

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 4 has begun!

Also, The Overnightscape will be released in the same higher quality audio bitrate as The Overnightscape Underground starting with the next epsiode, #720.

The Overnightscape #719 (7/5/08)


The Overnightscape #719 (Saturday, July 5, 2008 / 59:00 / 27.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Gouges in reality, Junta, area code 719 in Colorado, TV public service ads to send for information from Pueblo, Colorado, old Mac, old TV Guides from 1983, random phrases, TV movie “Night Partners”, Yvette Mimieux, Batgirl, The Black Hole, Yvonne Craig, trouble finding information, confused, your higher self editing reality, “The Berlin Wall”, 9/11 on a rut, thought experiment, rut got blown up, listener audio (The Escapist (Terry from LA), Jerry from Southern California, and Jerry’s brother Chris review “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” at South Bay Pavilion in Carson, California), Goodyear Blimp, can you go to every mall?, peanuts in the shell, vegetarian concerns, Station Unlimited, french fries, Blue Star Shopping Center, Two Guys, Japanese magazine review (Cawaii – X’mas Bible 2007 (with DVD)), sweet devil white, VLC, troubleshooting, lip balm addiction, lip balm review (“Dr. Bronner’s and Sundog’s Magic – Peppermint Organic Lip Balm”), vegetarian soap, caffeinated soap, Dr. Bronner’s theories, hemp, pot smoking, the font “Galahad”, “hempermint”, natural tocopherols, Adobe Font & Function Magazine, Time Cube Guy, going across the room for DVD from Japan, fake eye colors, knocking things over, and skipping the vacuuming. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #718 (7/3/08)


The Overnightscape #718 (Thursday, July 3, 2008 / 59:00 / 27.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The people listening in the future, vague memories of the past, area code 718 in the Outer Boroughs of New York City, Real Bout Fatal Fury, checking the weather, turning on the air conditioner, The Overnightscape Underground (ONSUG), another ONSUG, audio problems, the font Gentium, The Motor Excursion Ruffians #4 at Figment on Governors Island (10 hours, 18 minutes), super hot video camera, audio comments (“Jan Erik from Norway”, “Doug from PodGlo”, “Chad from Texas – time travel”, “Dirty Dingo – kava kava”),, Atari 2600 games (“Space Invaders”, “Demon Attack”, “Cosmic Ark”), Canyon Glider, Stella, glitching/frying 2600 games, editing reality, listener audio (Jim and Lillian Fidler from Republic of Avalon Radio (from Newfoundland, Canada) – with Jim’s song “Ring Bang Revolution”), The Jobox Entertainment System, Mr. Jesse the Cat, lolcats, audio from the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, and a box out of control. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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