The Overnightscape #671 (Friday, December 28, 2007 / 4:28:00 / 122 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: An alarm with cat whiskers, good spaceships and good women, weird energies, area code of Guam, interesting stuff this weekend, Christmas, wild accents over letters, Mariana Islands, constructed languages, Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Novia, pronunciation, human mouth sounds, end of the world, history of written language, speech accent archive, QuickTime, The International Phonetic Alphabet – Audio Illustrations, history of Guam, bacn, Facebook “FunWall” that is not fun, Michael from Guam email, water, random details and codes on packaging, lip balm review (“Dasani Pure Replenishment Lip Balm – Pure Water, Mouth Watering Raspberry, Mouth Watering Lemon”, “Desert Essence Lip Rescue With Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil”, “Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Lip Balm”), Mr. Sasha the Cat, The Global Orgasm, arrogance, old hippies, naked hippies, candy review (“Ice Breakers Pacs – Cool Mint, Orange”), chewing tobacco, No. 209 Gin, smashing glasses against the granite countertop, shattering glass, the idea of shattered glass merging back together, gentle rubbing, games, Lifesavers, Doublemint Kona Creme Gum, companies not updating their websites, “forward slash”, standard humorous commercials, conspiracy forum, the planetary conjunction and possible end of the world on December 23, 2007, extra soup, earthquakes, Flat Earth Society, questioning authority, TV show “In God’s Name” featuring leaders of various world religions, listener Christmas card (“Randal from Houston, TX”), the giant Far Side books, the planetary conjunction,Airborne, health supplement review (“Source Naturals Wellness Fizz”), Bottlecaps candy, horehound, Drudge Report, Borat, human interest stories, a failed tablet, toys in cereal boxes in the 70s like a Captain Crunch submarine, Twitter, Seesmic, test videos of Frank in NYC, mannequin nipples, video formats, 3gpp, YouTube, cool building, giant chess, confusing times, Shufflin’ Jamboree update, playing cards review (“Bicycle Pro Poker Peek”, “Bicycle Lo-Vision”), Black Tigers, Rotis Serif, The World Series of Poker, albinos, bashing another glass, one sparkle on my forehead, food review (“Amy’s Broccoli Pot Pie with Cheddar Cheese Sauce”), Global Orgasm blog, Malls of America on hiatus?, nut kiosk, blog comments,, psychic experiences, Frank’s wife Denice, shout out to Manny the Mailman, earrings, the cats, feeling the energy of the Global Orgasm, Winter solstice, season with two names (Fall/Autumn), Star Wars joke idea, feeling the energy, static electricity, good radio, positive psychic energy, movie “Zeitgeist”, Top Ten News Stories of 2007, new game, electric hum, astrology, Frank’s thoughts of the nature of reality, Big Blue Marble, various cycles of reality, TV review (“Journeyman”, “Firefly”),, consequences of time travel, imagining what it would be like to travel in time, bag full of quarters, time cops, proxy servers, Hulu gets it right, conspiracies, website review (“”), Folgers – bad, Chock full o’Nuts – good, ((2:13:51)) ModStar Igor does Frank’s “Mod” suggestion, The Overnightscape Underground, The Evil Farm,, Laphroaig, Addis Ababa, going back in time to escape the end of the world, red panda, gods on underwear, Britney Mason, Skype, going on Eddie from Ireland’s new podcast “Conspiricast”, wild animation of pinball and counting from 70s childrens TV, hippies making childrens TV in the 70s, Generation X, drug-induced cartoons, balance between rationality and hedonism, Orson Welles in “Future Shock”, Moog synthesizer music, freaking out, Pan-Am, rewind, went on Eddie’s show, insane chaotic discussion, Skype setup, the studio is a mess, onsug, angel hair pasta, Firefly, 2002 the lost year, aftermath of 9/11, 209, Obliviana Super Occult Amusement, Hallmark 2006 old-time radio ornament, world of audio, imagining a little Overnightscape “radio”, inspirational object, green ink, iPod games review (“Bomberman”, “Sonic The Hedgehog”, “Peggle”), Tribal Tap, Sonic Team, Green Hill Zone, forum posts on the Dec. 23 event, “The Coffee Pioneers”, deep sleep, dream review (“TV Screens”), siestas, “Take a Nap” by Fuzzy Daupner, song stuck in my head from the moment I woke (“Baby Lemonade” by Syd Barrett), “you’re nice to me like ice”, explaining everything by “other dimensions”, rotten ramen noodles, good yet cold pasta restaurant, hard-to-understand spoken phrase in instrumental song “Hawkeye” by The Alan Parsons Project, giving Eric Woolfson the credit he deserves, The Mongolian Seating Area, The Muppet Show, Peter Ustinov, Scooter, Kermit the Frog singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, The Swedish Chef, Gonzo, the “soy pudding” miscommunication at the health food store, juicing, new candy, 7-11 Blueberry Creme Coffee, lost lyrics, Burger King Potato Snacks, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Jimmy Buffett, Iselin, The Shell Game, “this game is corny”, memories of parking Jeep in snow-packed parking spots, person vomiting on the bus, bus lane security, Permanent Makeup Zone, misheard phrase (“Amphetamine Peppercorn”), Malls of America website creator missing in action, audio field trip to Macy’s at Willowbrook Mall (Wayne, NJ) in the middle of the night (12:35 AM – 3:03 AM), crowds, hippie stuff, being at a mall at the end of the world, Dawn of the Dead, “The Last Mall” by Steely Dan, jacket, women’s department, The Fur Vault, coffeemakers, Diddy Kong Racing, Flavia Fusion Drink Station, gadgets, ice cream makers, hot dog roller, popcorn popper and nut roaster, quesadilla maker, The El Paso Chile Company, watches and razor repair counter, weird corridor, Talking Heads song, Martha Stewart berry colander, housewares, pasta attachment, pasta maker, Christmas section, Martha Stewart Red Hurricanes, Annalee Sheriff of Nottingham Mouse , Swiss Army luggage section, cool luggage logo, Derek Italic, Charter Oak, Holiday Spruce, fake band name, sparkles, TSA Lock, looking out at the dark closed mall through the shutters, mall walking groups, Origins Ginger Bar, Starbucks closed, shaving products, Edge Gel, walking outside, Twitter, Jim from Madpod calls, video camera, Brooklyn Indie Market, status of the world, FuncoLand, a whole family that was arrested, mall security, Diesel Fuel For Life, women’s wallets, Starbucks still closed because their computer is down, sickly looking girl as cosmetics spokesmodel, iPod vending machine, destructive youth, The Cheesecake Factory, misty parking lot, sitting on a cold metal bench, Wayne Towne Center (formerly West Belt Mall), trapped, sitting at the Starbucks which is still closed, new car battery, coupons, Macy’s water, free ring cleaning, Toys For Tots, the half-dead look, reality is still running as normal, “it was a circus in here today”, waking up at 3:00 PM, the kitties are playing with pinecones from the potpourri, more forum posts about the day, Christmas Eve, sad news, completing work on The Overnightscape Underground Day One, transitions, last show of 2007, things out of balance, the longest show (#572), and choosing the music – on this, the second-longest episode of The Overnightscape ever. 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