The Overnightscape #673 (Wednesday, January 9, 2008 / 1:42:00 / 46.6 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Super cold weather, lucky break at the bus stop, IP address conflict, 2008 is brand new to us, show calendars, cleaning up the studio, weird psychological thing, show milestones, approaching the 2 million second mark and the five year anniversary, not using words properly, dealing with the ant situation, poison, allegory, beer review (“Michelob Celebrate 2007 Cherry Lager”), bullet shape, movie review (“Idiocracy” (2006)), Mike Judge, eugenics, “Endgame”, Beavis & Butthead, Office Space, remembering what was and wasn’t on the show, going to the temporary Toys “R” Us in what used to be the Tower Records on Broadway and West 4th Street in NYC, my college NYC five floor walkup apartment on Thompson Street at Houston Street, Pulse Magazing, Desert Island Discs, cognitive dissonance, planning on a massive expired product review marathon special, mysterious hypnopompic phrase (“Zihenhoa”), Philip K. Dick, memory and dreaming, Mr. Sasha the Cat, “Feta and Pink Peppercorn”, Shufflin’ Jamboree, this nameless decade is now 80% complete, to do list from August 20, 2006, Geek Squad, the idea of calling Microsoft, nightmare experiences with calling customer service,, reviving a laptop computer with Linux Mint, crybabies, Ubuntu Live CDs, Ogg Vorbis, screws, power cord, blowing a fuse, BIOS, having to use your password all the time in an OS, instaliing software in Linux, NES Hollywood Squares, video driver trouble, sudo, Amarok, NetHack running in terminal, a Christms shopping bag that plays music (“Holly Jolly Christmas”), Burl Ives, glowing Bionic Woman eye magazine ad, weird scrapbooks, people listening in the future, camouflage scissors, New Year’s resolutions (let go of the past, have a plan), got rid of my VHS college copy of Repo Man, threw out the Scentstories, garbage bag trouble, foot mishap, pictures of stuff I sold I eBay in 2003, preserving copies of old websites, ScrapBook Firefox plugin, girl group update, some very sad news to report, and lots of good and bad things in this world. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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