The Overnightscape #669 (Wednesday, December 12, 2007 / 3:36:00 / 99.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Alligator meat and white tea, area code 669 rejected in San Jose, beverage review (“Stop & Shop Zazz Seltzer – Original”), Mexican area code 669 in Mazatlan, a fort and a stairway, body butter, body frosting, dry skin, hand lotion, bureau, thumb joints, feet are like “morphed” hands, designing the limbs of humans, animated gifs, DNA, TV review (“Mad Men” on AMC), Journeyman, DVR, Tivo, Scientific Atlanta, Altria (new name for Philip Morris), stress/accents in words, monotone robot voice, talking is singing, embedded lists, people taking all the fun out of Wikipedia, caps lock, Mr. Sasha the Cat, DVR glitches, Match Game, William Shatner, knocking over canned air, Curb Your Enthusiasm, toiletry review (“The Body Shop – Nut Body Butter”), advertising, fascinated by New York City in 1960, The Jean Shepherd Radio Show,,, TV show “Friends”, Sci-Fi Channel, the tarot card “The Sun”, lot of occult stuff going on, conspiracy annoyances, TV review (“Tin Man”, Episode 1), Richard Dreyfuss, Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming, the acting in Star Wars, Liam Neeson, cleavage creatures,, Sci-Fi Channel’s Seeing Ear Theater (audio drama site that stopped being updated in mid-2001) , RealPlayer is the worst thing ever on computers, “brief advertisements” in online videos, The Clash song “One Emotion” inspired by Roger Moore’s bad acting in the James Bond movies, Neil Gaiman’s “Snow Glass Apples”, trashing things and then having to take it back, architecture book review (“New York 1960”), Optima font, church steps by Washington Square, The World Trade Center, gigantic books, Amazon Kindle, The Overnightscape Underground ( update, weird clicking noises, virtual broadcast, funky word, detailed text descriptions, maddeningly slow progress, frustrating day, Shufflin’ Jamboree card game update – “SJ540” variation, insurance points, programming, beverage review (“Pomegranate 7-Up (Limited Time Only)”), “natural flavors” are the same as “artifical flavors” – just derived from different sources, good graphics, snack review (“Limited Edition Snyder’s of Hanover Chocolate Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches”), miso mug ritual, chemtrails on the candy, long shows, mouth burn, tangle of wires, 7-Up website, other new sodas, history of The Overnightcase, Roel from The Netherlands, The Stackwhacker, cup-stacking craze, The Overnightcase reviews (audio reviews by Stacy from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – “Peanut Butter Chimes Ginger Chews”, “Criterion Salt Water Taffy”, “Hoboken Eddie’s Habanero Mustard”), ocean music, The Overnightcase secret review with Frank and Roel (“Peanut Butter Chimes Ginger Chews”, 9/16/06), the studio is a mess, audio levels, more Overnightcase audio reviews (Stacy is joined by her friends Michael and Melissa to review “De Olifant – Matelieff” and “De Olifant – Matelieff Brasil” cigars), snow on laptop, the hand-dome method, Cuban cigars, the missile crisis, travels in Canada, ambient noises, video game news, the fighting game genre, Street Fighter II theme song makes me happy, SNK is the best, “Real Bout Fatal Fury” cool option screen, Neo-Geo video game system, MAME, Jerry from Southern California sends Frank a PlayStation 2, defeatist attitude, easy setup, another bureau, lunch money, grand scheme, trying to find things in store, incident at the video game store, the “who do you think you messin’ with” concept, violence is bad, a lot of tension in the world makes the world more interesting, video game review (“King of Fighters XI” for PlayStation 2),game complexity, deep fighting systems, sense of depth in pinball, import games, Charmin Restrooms, tributes to Mr. Whipple, Robby the Robot, Procter & Gamble evil logo, toiletry review (“Puffs Plus Lotion with the Scent of Vicks” (non-mediated scented white facial tissues)), suavizante, scenes from the 1986 movie “Blue Velvet” by David Lynch, “Candy Colored Clown”, Dean Stockwell, crappy “talking heads” TV shows, overused ideas, Charlie Brown, True Stories, time for show notes, the SCTV plan thwarted, 3:29 AM, The Overnightscape reaches 22 hours of audio, November was a 13-hour month, last episode’s album art, the violent video games issue, Night Trap, Mortal Kombat, the world is full of gray areas and continuums, Postal, Carmageddon, “Monty Python-esque” violence, ultra-violent games on the Cartoon Channel “Adult Swim” website, Maple Story, using square roots at work checking out videogame packages on the way home from work, Anna Pasta, “Strive For Five”, hypnopompic phrase (“The parents of TypePad users born with sleeping alphabet.”), Frank’s wife Denice, tracking a dollar bill, nude beach, AIM in Gmail, hating Facebook, movie quiz, video game review (“Brain Challenge” on iPod), movie “The Matrix”, the idea that at some level we are living in a kind of “Matrix” in our own imaginations, the nature of lies and deceptions, a kiss, and spilling seltzer water all over Lucille Ball. 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