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Graphics from 1993

Back in the early 90s I was creating “experimental publications” that made little sense to anyone else but me. One of them was called “Fovy”, and I published 5 issues in late 1993. They folded out to a poster of “Codingseeds” that looked kinda cool. I found a few copies while cleaning up today. Here are some rasterized images of the posters I found on my Mac…

Spontaneous Twitter Times Square Webcam Event

This past Friday I was Twittering away in NYC, and Andrew from England mentioned he was looking at some webcams in Times Square. So, when I got to Times Square I found the webcam he was looking at and Twittered to him I was there, and then a bunch of people on Twitter also tuned in to the webcam and took a lot of pics. Check out the discussion on the forum here and here.

Lots more pics and a transcript in the rest of this post… Read more

The Slideshow of the Japanese Vending Machines

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

At The Circle – Comic By Frank’s Brother John

Check out my brother’s comic, “At The Circle”, online at Walrus Comix.

The comic is based on true events from January of 1987 when I was making a video movie called “The Evil Farm” with a bunch of local juvenile delinquents in and around Somerville, New Jersey. The character holding the video camera is based on me.

I have never released the video version of “The Evil Farm” online, but I plan to at some point. I did create an audio version of “The Evil Farm” which is available online, but only in lo-fi form. I plan on a hi-fi release of the audio version in the near future. Until then check out the lo-fi MP3 of the 10-minute edited version above (not safe for work). You can hear the actual audio of some of the dialog in the comic!

Podcast Awards Result – Soy Un Perdedor

The 2007 Podcast Awards winners were just announced. The Overnightscape, nominated in the General category, did not win.

I want to thank everyone for all the time and effort spent voting, many of you every day. It was great to see all the effort on behalf of the show!

The show that won in the General category, “Show Girls”, is run by this guy Franklin McMahon, and the stars include Karen and Karla from Rumor Girls, KFC from Sky Diver Girls, and Soccergirl – all of whom I like and have met at various podcasting events – so I am happy for them, and congratulate them on winning.

Out of 4,097 shows nominated, The Overnightscape was one of the 220 finalists (actually 201 since 19 shows were nominated in 2 categories) – so that in itself is pretty cool.

The Overnightscape Nominated for Podcast Award

Thank you all for nominating the show! The Overnightscape is a nominee in the GENERAL category, along with 9 other shows.

Voting lasts for 15 days, starting Saturday, July 28, 2007 and ending Saturday, August 11, 2007. You can vote once per day – so make sure to vote every day!

The Overnightscape was previously nominated for a Podcast Award in the “Cultural/Political” category in 2005, but did not win. It was not a nominee in 2006. This year, 2007, we have a real chance to get the award!!!

Podcast Awards 2007 – Nominate The Overnightscape!

I would like to suggest nominating The Overnightscape in the GENERAL category:

Nominations close this Sunday so go there now!!!

The Overnightscape was successfully nominated in the “Cultural/Political” category in 2005, but did not win. It was not a nominee in 2006. Let’s get on there for 2007!


Station Unlimited – Website Redesigned with WordPress

Station Unlimited is my site for all my old audio works and also newer stuff that doesn’t fit into The Overnightscape format. I like to call it “The Overnightscape Underground”.

I redesigned the site with WordPress, converting all the old content into posts, backdated to their original release dates. So now, things are better organized and easier to listen to.

I just released a very cool “audio field trip” I did last Saturday with my friend Peter, called “The Motor Excursion Ruffians #3”. Also, I released “Audio Street Fair Blues” which I mentioned on The Overnightscape #602.

I plan on releasing a lot more cool stuff on Station Unlimited.

White Stripes Tonight

Last Thursday The White Stripes announced a surprise show in NYC today, at the newly renamed The Fillmore at Irving Plaza. Tickets went on sale 10AM Saturday at the box office – $30 each, cash only, 2 tickets max per person, photo ID required. Instead of a ticket you get a voucher which must be presented with the photo ID to get in.

My sister-in-law Carrie and I got on line at about 5:45 AM. As we later found out, we were 124th and 125th in line. We finally got our vouchers at around 11:15 AM. I did a lot of recording which will be heard on an upcoming episode of The Overnightscape.

Around 8:00 AM someone took a video of the line. You can see me and Carrie at the 0:50 mark sitting on the ground (1:13 if it’s counting down). She is wearing black and I am wearing green.


Rumor has it only 350 people on line got to buy tickets, with another 150 being sent home empty handed. I’m looking forward to the show!

UPDATE: Here is an annotated screenshot of us on line:

1975 Cocktail Desktop

Desktop background made from 1975 video game flyer for “Electromotion IV”

This one has it all… corduroy, cactuses, groovy wallpaper, cigarettes, Pong, snacks, beer, whiskey, and lots and lots of quarters.

Next Episode Coming This Weekend

Episode 600 will be coming sometime this weekend.

Next Episode Coming Wednesday

Episode #599 of The Overnightscape is coming this Wednesday, May 30, 2007.

Flickr Photo Set – 7 Months of Overnightscape Review Items (and more)

Here is a Flickr photo set of 7 months worth of Overnightscape review items.

I’ve always intended to release the pictures at the same time as the episodes, but I kept putting it off. So now I’m releasing a ton of pics all at once! These go way back to September 2006.

There are also a few interesting non-review pics scattered throughout.

I am very happy…

…because I am on IMBD!

(Thanks to Matt Mason.)

Flickr Photo Set – Treo Pics 2 (4/28/07 – 5/19/07)

Here’s a new set of pics I took recently with my Treo.

Episode 599 should be coming this Monday or Tuesday.

A Bunch of Pics I’ve Taken Recently

Flickr Set of a Bunch of Pics I’ve Taken Recently with my Treo 680

Favicon Change

The old Favicon was based on the color scheme of the old homepage. I made a new Favicon, but it’s temporary because I think I can come up with something better.

New Overnightscape Homepage

I just switched The Overnightscape homepage to WordPress. The old homepage is here:

I will continue to work on refining this new site, but right now a lot of links are on the old page only.

I am also switching over the podcast feed to this new system. Let me know if it is working for you.

Awesome Blog Post about The Overnightscape

Computer Problems

This week’s episode of The Overnightscape, #564, is 3 hours and 35 minutes long – 20 minutes longer than last week’s episode. I didn’t set out to make the show so long, but it just kind of happened.

Anyway, while doing post-production on the show, the audio program crashed because the file was too big and wrecked one of my external hard drives in the process. I can usually fix a disk problem like this with DiskWarrior, but it is an older Mac and the disk is huge so DiskWarrior can’t seem to fix it. And now, my mouse doesn’t seem to be working!

So all I have to say is, I went too far, made the show too long. And my equipment is too old to handle it. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get the show out one way or another, but this is a pretty bad situation…

UPDATE: I just checked and guess what? Mercury Retrograde just started yesterday! No wonder I’m having problems. Anyway, I almost threw out my old mouse yesterday, but thank goodness I still have it… I’m booting up off an old DiskWarrior disk and it doesn’t support my new mouse – and the old one works, though not very well…

UPDATE: Well, I finally got the Mac booted with DiskWarrior, with my old mouse plugged in and… after like 20 minutes of processing, DiskWarrior said it did not have enough memory to fix the disk… so I was disappointed… until I saw that it actually HAD fixed the disk enough for it to mount again! I had to split the show into 2 parts for post production, then merge the files together again at the end. Uploading now…

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