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RSS Feed Shortened

The podcast feed for my podcast “The Overnightscape” has gotten really huge, so I decided to cut it down in size. Basically, back when iTunes started doing podcasting,it would play the OLDEST podcast in your feed as a sample, so I chose #186 because it was a decent show. And I never deleted any shows from the feed. So, by yesterday’s episode, #537, there were 352 shows in the feed, and the feed was over 370K in size! I’ve decided to only keep the last 100 shows in the feed so it doesn’t get unmanageable. Right now the oldest show in the feed is #439, and the feed is around 112K.I know people use the feed to download older shows, and with this in mind I am working on an “archive feed” (or feeds) with all the older shows to make downloading easier. Until I get that done, the previous RSS file is still on the site, named “rss2.xml” – this is temporary so only use it of you need to get the older shows, as I won’t be updating it.

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No Video Tonight

I’ve been working for hours and hours and I still can’t get the video rendered properly. I’m gonna keep working as long as I can, but it’s not looking good for tonight.

Video Delayed

I’m running into a lot of problems with preparing “The Overnightscape Video Review #2” for release. So I’m going to have to give up for tonight. Hopefully I’ll get it up tomorrow night. This whole video thing is very new to me and I’m getting up to speed on a lot of the different processes and methods of working with video files.

Overnightscape Online

I made a page on the blog here listing all the different places online for The Overnightscape (such as MySpace, Flickr, etc.) A link to the page should also be on the sidebar.

Welcome to The Overnightscape Blog

The Overnightscape is my daily podcast, which began almost three-and-a-half years ago, on March 27, 2003. In all that time I have never had a blog – the website has been very basic and utilitarian. But more and more, as I add content online in different places, it’s getting very disorganized and very hard to figure out what’s been released where. So today I am finally starting a blog!

Now, whenever stuff is added – episodes of The Overnightscape, audio in Station Unlimited, new pics on Flickr, videos on YouTube, etc. – I will make an entry in this blog.

Today’s episode of The Overnightscape is #527 – I’ll make my first “show” post for tomorrow’s show, #528.

And of course, I can use the blog for news, announcements, comments, etc.

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