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Show Update

It’s been over a week since the last episode was released… been kinda crazy with the whole Andy Kaufman Interview, this site crashing, my trip to Atlantic City last weekend, etc. I plan on getting back on track with The Overnightscape this weekend, with new episodes released early next week – back in the 45-minute format.

But of course I have not been taking a break – I have been doing The Rampler!! In fact, since I recorded Episode 740 of The Overnightscape, I have done 16 episodes of The Rampler, totalling over 11 hours in length!

Meeting Tony Clifton

I met Tony Clifton on The Rampler #47 (9/11/08).


Andy Kaufman Made A Cartoon About Me


To hear The Rampler (a spinoff of The Overnightscape) go to

The Rampler – A New Experimental Overnightscape Project

The Rampler

This is an idea that has been brewing for awhile, that suddenly all came together for me yesterday. I figured, what the heck, may as well get it going immediately – if it doesn’t work out, no big deal. It’s an experiment. Here is the description from ONSUG:

Join host Frank Edward Nora his daily commute, walking through the streets of NYC, as he discusses a dizzying myriad of topics. This show is an experimental “spinoff” of Frank’s main show, The Overnightscape (which continues on as normal). The show is recorded directly as a 128kbps MP3 file on an Edirol R-09 portable recorder. This makes it much easier to release the recordings, since no post-production is required. Also, at least to start with, the shows will be released without show notes to further speed up the release process.

“The Rampler” is released here on The Overnightscape Underground, but it exists outside the standard “Day” format – again, to make it easier to very quickly record and release.

Fuzzy Daupner Live Show From 2001

Check out Fuzzy Dauper at The Saint (8/18/01) over on The Overnightscape Underground. It’s a great live show that I’ve been listening to a lot lately – it really captures the band’s amazing energy. Fuzzy Daupner broke up a few months after this show, unfortunately – but with this recording (and more like it to come) the music is alive once again!!

Also included are the complete lyrics to each song.

Sneak Preview: The Missing Flea Market / Goodbye Evil Arcade (7/27/08)

I went on a little adventure today to the Palisades Center Mall and I recorded 4 hours and 17 minutes of audio, which I call “The Missing Flea Market / Goodbye Evil Arcade”. I will eventually get this recording into The Overnightscape Underground, but I figured I would make it available in this “sneak preview” form so that people can hear it right away. It is available here on the site, but it will not show up in the show feed.

I didn’t realize until after the recording that this was the 209th day of the year, which I used to celebrate as “Obliviana Day”. So it was cool to go on a fun little trip on this day that used to have some meaning for me.

By the way, that “Joose” drink I had toward the end of the recording was way too strong… I’m still recovering many hours later… I would not recommend it.

Note: This is a 59 MB lo-fi mono file (though it still sounds good). It will be the usual hi-fi stereo when I release it in The Overnightscape Underground.

ONSUG Day 4 and New Bitrate

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 4 has begun!

Also, The Overnightscape will be released in the same higher quality audio bitrate as The Overnightscape Underground starting with the next epsiode, #720.

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 3 is complete!

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 3 is complete! Check it out!

Sleepy Sanka Space Jam

Over 5.5 hours of new recordings just added on The Overnightscape Underground!

ug: Sleepy (17:52)

Audio Street Fair Blues 2 – Preamble(20:16)

Audio Street Fair Blues 2 (1:25:29)

ug: Sanka (46:01)

Space Jam (2:42:24)

Night Flight & The Hidden Parks

More brand new recordings on The Overnightscape Underground

ug: Night Flight (37:13)

The Hidden Parks (3:01:18)

Coming soon – new episodes of The Overnightscape! I am planning on recording tonight and/or tomorrow.

Rail Adventure to Crystal Run

“Rail Adventure to Crystal Run” is now available on The Overnightscape Underground! …it’s my train journey to a mall in NY State… 4.5 hours of audio exploration…

Rail Adventure to Crystal Run – Part 1

Rail Adventure to Crystal Run – Part 2

Rail Adventure to Crystal Run – Part 3

In other news – I am hoping to record more “regular” Overnightscape episodes (702, etc.) over the long weekend…

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 3 has begun!

The Overnightscape Underground – Day 3 is here! The first two tracks, “Night Pinball” and “Yellow Light” have over 4 hours of brand new stuff! Check ’em out!

Audio Comments Welcome

The new audio comment system is active! Just look over at the sidebar for the window with “Audio Comments Welcome” at the top. Starting with episode 700, you can leave audio comments, which will be collected after a period of time (I’m thinking a month) and be attached to the show in the “permanent archive”. The service is provided by PodGlo – you can sign up for the service for free, but it’s not required in order to make a comment

Don’t be shy! I’d love to hear from everyone! You’ll be able to hear all the other comments as well, and you’ll be able to respond to them.

I’m really looking forward to see how this system works!

UPDATE: You do not need to join PodGlo to use the system – you can leave a comment anonymously. If you want, you can join the PodGlo closed beta by using the invite code “abc123”. You can record your message in 2 ways – via phone, or direct on the browser. The phone method works no matter what browser/system you’re on (it’s a NY phone number, so it may be a toll call for some). For the web-based recorder, on Mac you’ll need to use Safari, and on PC you need Firefox or IE 6+. You will have to install a plug-in to use the web-based recorder.

Just click on the name of the show you want to comment on (right now, just “The Overnightscape #700”), and it will tell you how to leave the comment. Or, you can click on one of the comments that are already there to leave a comment in that thread.

Let me know how this system works for you.

The Overnightscape Underground – Day Two is complete!

The Overnightscape Underground – Day Two is complete! Check it out!

11 new videos on

11 new videos on – Pope, Lobster Sign Busted, Public Phone 2000, NY Comic Con, Skyscraper in Progress, Chemtrails Are Not Normal, Interactive Sign, Favorite Seat, The Shoelace Problem, Strange Video Street Ad, and Foggy.

Check ’em out!

The Mini Pasta & New Orleans 2

It’s been a long time (10 days) since the most recent Overnightscape, but there’s a lot of cool new stuff over at The Overnightscape Underground! Check out The Mini Pasta and New Orleans 2!! They are like little episodes of The Overnightscape unto themselves…

And hopefully a new Overnightscape will be out before too long…

Bottle of Things

New track over on The Overnightscape Underground:

 02-17 ug: Bottle of Things (4/19/08)

(over 90 minutes long, a lot like an episode of the The Overnightscape…)

The Overnightscape Underground – Day Two

The Overnightscape Underground – Day Two is here! I have the first seven tracks done (totaling about 8 hours), and I’m putting them all up today! The first track, “Oldskool Hardcore”, is over two hours long, and like an episode of The Overnightscape unto itself! Also, you will get to hear the preshow to the live anniversary show, and a whole lot more.

Lots of New Inramble Videos

I just added a ton of new videos on – check ’em out!

5th Anniversary Live Show Video

Here is the video from the live 5th Anniversary episode (#694) of The Overnightscape! Many thanks to Manny the Mailman, who was kind enough to film the proceedings with my Flip Video Ultra. Since the camera only has a capacity of one hour, this is not the complete show – but it is a very cool document of the event!

Thank also to Ariel at Ariel Publicity for providing the location!

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