Monday, November 13, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Gerald Ford becomes the longest-lived United States president (at 93 years and 121 days old – beating Ronald Reagan), audio of Gerald Ford from his 1974-1977 presidency, last week’s elections, piece of crap electronic voting machine, election results, beverage review (from The Netherlands, made in Senseo coffee maker – “Douwe Egberts Senseo Select Mountain Breeze Brazil Blend”, “Pickwick T-pads Minty Green (tea)”, “Pickwick T-pads Lemon and Lime (tea)”), The Overnightcase Project, ((43:52)) NYC audio (“First test of the new Edirol R-09 field recorder”), mini forest and mirror in Fedex office on Redneck Road, snack and toy review (“The Laughing Cow – Mini Babybel – Mild Cheddar Variety Semisoft Cheese” with “Free Flying Disc Folded Inside!”), nuclear toy, secret Starbucks coffee size, Canadian pennies, Koli Koli update, Misreadings (“CactusWorks”, “Tropical Password”), 20 random songs from Frank’s iPod, first impressions of the Microsoft Zune, stupid Samsung promotion in Times Square, Nova Scotia Robots, ((1:39:12)) Frank’s father, Frank Ralph Nora returns to the show with “March of the Gavones” (featuring parking bumper repairs, cannolis, bowling balls, spray paint, cake, soccer, Bob Grant, and more), ((2:14:51)) unpleasant incident at Chipotle, putting your hand over the glass, Pulp Fiction, pomme frites, podcast meetup, Jason Van Orden, something sticky, beverage review (“English Harbour Antigua Rum – Aged 5 Years”), scent of a comics place, prison-rules spades, Cigars and Fire Trucks, Round Table Discussion (“Carmen Becomes An American Citizen” with Carmen, Frank, Denice, and Carrie), Pizzaburger Fridays, resident alien status, fingerprinting, biometrics, questions about America, the original 13 colonies, Homeland Security, tissue nipper, citizenship video with George W. Bush, voting, passports, green cards, Frank’s grandfather, getting drunk and sick smoking a cigar and drinking too much rum out in the cold and rain, Adidas, The Simpsons, Star Wars Darth Vader insert in Entertainment Weekly, Boards of Canada, Video Review update, light bulb review (“GE Soft White 60 – 5 Year Bulb – Long Life 8000 Hours – Energy Saver”), halogen dangers, and that water-flavoring stuff. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (240 minutes)


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