Monday, November 6, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Detergent-flavored coffee, vague questions, moldy cheese and stale pretzels, previewing the upcoming elections, new voting machines, Libertarian candidates, Len Flynn, Republicrats, incense review (“Shoyeido / Lisn – Mystic Nostalgia”), beverage review (“Rolling Rock Extra Pale Premium Beer”), Asidonhopo, HBO Store, Apple Store, FAO Schwarz, life-size Giant Woolly Mammoth stuffed animal toy, Lego News, empty Tower Records at Trump Tower, Niketown, gait analysis, Sony Reader, Sony Walkman, Davidoff of Geneva, cigar review (“Drew Estate – Natural – Jucy Lucy”), ((1:01:41)) NYC audio (freezing cold at the bus stop, winter coat, leaf blowers, walking down 42nd St., post-production computer problems with last week’s show, police displays, happy birthday Mr. Bunny, scaffolding, Mercury Retrograde, daylight savings time, no hot water, Star Wars event at Grand Central Terminal, Stormtroopers, Porkins, bagel experiences, corridor, ((1:42:04)) Dan and Liz’s Wedding in Hackettstown, NJ (after the rehearsal, the train plan, The Landra Building, walking around town, talking pinball and politics, chemtrails, antique stores, April 1971 issue of Mademoiselle magazine, Pickle Bill’s Deli, tall tales, entertaining George Washington, inflatable lawn decorations, Frank and Denice’s reading (“New Horizons”)), ((2:06:37)) the need to retire the Edirol R-1, the long-gone dark ride “Horizons” from EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World, editing the Wikipedia, The Meandering Mouse podcast #26 about Horizons, The Pixies, unruly teenagers, Apple Rabbit, snack review (“Toad-Ally Snax – Hanky Panky – Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn with Peanuts”), antique review (“Jingo” puzzle by Roalex Co., Forest Hills, NY), forehead oil, shoe review (“Adidas Campus ST – Olive/Black”), mangled bagels, dice balancing in Quebec, a mysterious puddle of water on the kitchen floor, haunted hotels, and dorky ghost hunters. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (171 minutes)


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