Monday, November 20, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Sparkle and Freak on the cup, 209 squared, rum on the rocks, Weekly Unlimited observations, a farewell to Dailysonic, Toledo, Ohio, The Overnightscape on (1-415-376-7286), vintage rotary phone, magazines, Darth Vader chip, Stoic Man update, TNJ bus ad in 1976-77 NJ Guide, vitamin review (“Nature’s Plus – Source of Life – Multi-Vitamin and Mineral – Fast-Acting Capsules”), DNA, doppio espresso, the annoyance of “www”, Starbucks Xmas website (, receiving the “Snyder’s of Hanover Snack Mug”, Editol R-09, ((1:01:46)) NYC audio (“Frank in Soho buying his wife an anniversary present”), antique print blocks, Jacques Carcanagues, Evolution, temp walkway, tipping, Kid Robot, Apple Store, Oakley Store, Temple In The Village, Houston Street, cash, Tomoe Sushi, old apartment at 170 Thompson St., chess stores, iPod Shuffle 2G, The Baggot Inn, Ying and Yang Restaurant, Jean Shepherd, hazy view, searching for coffee, ((1:27:52)) toy review (Re-Ment Puchi Petite Collections – “Fun Meals” and “Mini Sweets” (miniature toy food)), The Wide World of Web, 11-19, Barnes and Noble, Wii Sports, Tekserve, Apple ADB “Y” Adapter Cable (1995), organic pasta, bus delays, dream review (“Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.”, “Games Suite”, “Miss Piggy / Corn Chips / Time Travel / Pregnant Dwarf”), ((2:24:04)) candy review (“Mint Flurry Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints”), opening a package from Roel from the Netherlands, Dutch Overnightscape stamps, Roel’s test reviews for The Overnightcase Project (Squamscot Soda – “Black Cherry” (written), “Lemon Lime” (audio), “Orange” (video)), movie review (“Casino Royale” (21st James Bond film, 2006), “Grand Tour: Disaster in Time” (TV movie, 1992)), TV review (“Show Me The Money”), snack review (Lu Glico Pocky (Product of France) – “Milk Chocolate” and “Hazelnut Milk Chocolate”), Anime Crash, light bulb update, 1986 NYC visit, “Home of the Brave: A Film by Laurie Anderson”, Japanese bookstore, college orientation, Physics Phil, college friend killed in bank robbery, Fist of the North Star, presents from the first Starbucks in Seattle, traffic jam, Costco, a brand new strip mall: “River Front Center”, Beanie Babies, a urinal with a picture of a beautiful mountain (“Mount Shuksan”), and another gnocchi mouth burn. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (219 minutes)


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