The new audio comment system is active! Just look over at the sidebar for the window with “Audio Comments Welcome” at the top. Starting with episode 700, you can leave audio comments, which will be collected after a period of time (I’m thinking a month) and be attached to the show in the “permanent archive”. The service is provided by PodGlo – you can sign up for the service for free, but it’s not required in order to make a comment

Don’t be shy! I’d love to hear from everyone! You’ll be able to hear all the other comments as well, and you’ll be able to respond to them.

I’m really looking forward to see how this system works!

UPDATE: You do not need to join PodGlo to use the system – you can leave a comment anonymously. If you want, you can join the PodGlo closed beta by using the invite code “abc123”. You can record your message in 2 ways – via phone, or direct on the browser. The phone method works no matter what browser/system you’re on (it’s a NY phone number, so it may be a toll call for some). For the web-based recorder, on Mac you’ll need to use Safari, and on PC you need Firefox or IE 6+. You will have to install a plug-in to use the web-based recorder.

Just click on the name of the show you want to comment on (right now, just “The Overnightscape #700”), and it will tell you how to leave the comment. Or, you can click on one of the comments that are already there to leave a comment in that thread.

Let me know how this system works for you.