I went on a little adventure today to the Palisades Center Mall and I recorded 4 hours and 17 minutes of audio, which I call “The Missing Flea Market / Goodbye Evil Arcade”. I will eventually get this recording into The Overnightscape Underground, but I figured I would make it available in this “sneak preview” form so that people can hear it right away. It is available here on the site, but it will not show up in the show feed.

I didn’t realize until after the recording that this was the 209th day of the year, which I used to celebrate as “Obliviana Day”. So it was cool to go on a fun little trip on this day that used to have some meaning for me.

By the way, that “Joose” drink I had toward the end of the recording was way too strong… I’m still recovering many hours later… I would not recommend it.

Note: This is a 59 MB lo-fi mono file (though it still sounds good). It will be the usual hi-fi stereo when I release it in The Overnightscape Underground.