The Overnightscape and The Overnightscape Underground got kicked out of the iTunes Music Store. Though the feeds were working fine, a WordPress plugin I was using was blocking iTunes from accessing the feeds. I have fixed the problem and re-submitted the feeds to iTunes, so hopefully they will be back and functional soon.

I have a really bad cold and my voice is shot. So I won’t be doing any shows this weekend. But rest assured that The Overnightscape will continue.

Since the last episode of The Overnightscape, there has been a lot of new material released in The Overnightscape Underground.

I will be going live on the radio airwaves this Friday, February 20, from 11 PM to 2 AM, on WFMU, which broadcasts to New Jersey and New York City at 91.1 on the FM dial. You can listen live on the Internet at The show will be called “The Rampler with Frank Edward Nora”. This is a fill-in slot – but I may be getting a weekly show this Summer. The show will be available as an archive from WFMU, and I plan on releasing it on The Overnightscape Underground as well. The show will feature segments of me walking around NYC, as well as me live in-studio.

So anyway, yes – this is probably going to be the longest delay between episodes of The Overnightscape ever – at least 3 weeks. But it shall return!!

Update 2/15/09: I did a show, so it’s only 2 weeks between shows!