Monday, October 30, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Renovating a mansion, living a life without deja vu, inkstains on fingertips, The Overnightscape reaches the 15 day/360 hour mark, Halloween, trick or treating in the 70s, candy/toy review (“Kinder Uberraschung – Chocolate Egg”), vichyssois, Nintendo Wii, dream review (“Going To Jail Back In Time”), completely random memories (“I Saw All The Planets”), a visit to the Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Garden, Howard Stern, ((1:12:05)) Guardian Angel incense, tangled wires, avoiding a coffee spill, gusts of wind, Avatar the Last Airbender, lame celebrity sighting (“Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)”), 1992, goodbye Water Sensations and Twinlab B-12 Dots, new law allowing the president to declare martial law, photobooth pic, rollershoes, first recordings with the 55SH microphone, stamp review (“DC Comics Super Heroes”), ordering the “Snyder’s of Hanover Snack Mug” via mail order, the ass-kicking “Long Island North Shore Old Fashioned Sourdough Hard Pretzels”, Champs, ordering Adidas, ((2:15:50)), on the 6 month anniversary of moving, an Audio Field Trip to the old apartment complex where the previous Overnightscape Studio was, along with the old bus stop, parking lot, dumpster, and 7-11, Fred recycled, Daylight Savings Time, Annie Oakley, Narciso, Superkids 2: Mystery of the Tristand, leaf blowing, ((2:50:49)) recording trouble, Inside the Show, Studio 60, stuff from 7-11, candy review (“CocoaVia Chocolate Covered Almonds”), a visit to Tower Records on W 4th St. in NYC (going out of business), classical music CD (Haydn – “Zingarese”), Temple in the Village, and carefully balancing three dice. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (215 minutes)


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