The Overnightscape #691 (Friday, March 21, 2008 / 2:20:00 / 64.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Just got home from work, last episode’s mishap, show notes, my Twitter posts, old Obliviana website, the Summer of 1998, virtual mall, a scene came to mind, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, visual memory, decadence, Glenrothes single malt Scotch, vitamins, progress in 209, strange theories, pseudo company, depths of weirdness, Tori Amos, Macintosh G3 and G4, Xappenshard Craze, bad poetry, Abaxial Usufruct, Superior, The Overnightscape Stash, wisdom, sanity, bad picture, “The Money Masters”, Cuban cigars, “dialectical process”, Fidel Castro and HD-DVD, Dubai, poppy seeds, everything bagels, Aviary, awful governments, unforgivable cruelty to cats in China, horrific savagery, TIME SHIFT, sirens, wasting time, recording dreams, lost in thought in the shower, geese, time is slipping away, pasta gambit, highway bus stop, bursting with energy, TIME SHIFT, “Free Tibet” Inramble video, Olympics in Nazi Germany, candle update, l-cysteine update, the art of voting, watching the lunar eclipse, predicting eclipses, theories of space, deceivers, Flat Earth Society, giant dome, the sun and moon appearing to be the same size in the sky as evidence of creation, theory of evolution, “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott, imagining the fourth dimension, a bad pro-evolution argument, reactions to religion, atheistic materialism is childish, cultish behavior, new $5 bills, controversial topics, The Sharper Image going bankrupt, illusions, blind spots, what you see is not exactly what is really there, “Helvetica” movie, correcting IMs, cats seeing invisible things, a call from the place where I used to live, American Idol, DVR mishaps, heated debates on Twitter, woke up to a snowstorm, Laurie Anderson’s “Puppet Motel” Voyager CD-ROM, CD-ROM magazines, Stok, Myst, heat coming on, air traffic, dream review (“Drug Addicts at the Casino”, “Looking for the Water Thing”, “Night Cityscape / Stadium / Cat”), The Mission to Retrieve the Beverages from Texas, traffic karma, Dublin Dr. Pepper, Coke made with sugar instead of corn syrup, the old bus stop, cicadas, lack of nostalgia, holiday flags, the old Overnightscape Studio, street sweeper, awkward parking area, waiting for the maintenance guy, more air traffic, Smart Card Depot, making contact, getting the box, investigation, respecting private space, a little extra time, irresponsibility, going to 7-11, Fusion Energy Coffee, $2.09, weak bagels, the collapsing dollar, huge dog, and black lids. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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