The Overnightscape #690 (Tuesday, March 18, 2008 / 2:07:00 / 58.3 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Frank’s brother John in studio again, living in NYC, expansion codes, completely random memories (“The Six Million Dollar Man”), bad sci-fi, “Battle Beyond The Stars”, Bionic Bigfoot, Fembots, Oscar Goldman action figure, bionic card shuffling, Ron Paul’s presidential campaign winding down, the question of a third party run, Federal Reserve, “The Money Masters”, air freshener review (“Glade Wisp French Vanilla Flameless Candle”), gummy thing makes frosted glass transparent, complicated instructions, fragrance puffs, “candle” in the dark, John leaves to get the bus back to NYC, Marginal Road, bus timing, Frank’s wife Denice, “Pringles Extreme – Screamin’ Dill Pickle”, Felix from Indonesia on Twitter, Starbucks Honey Latte, walking in New Jersey, huge box of review items, “Gout Candy Spray”, PROBLEM (approx. 30 minutes of show not recorded due to recording error), trying to recover from the error, insectoid workers, analyzing the notes, Ionic Breeze, Idiocracy, piss stream, Firebrand (TV network of all commercials) shuts down, “Sega Race TV”, great arcade video games of the 1990s, remembering “”, Internet history, the dot com crash, hubris and arrogance, NYC field recordings (“Subway Police Bag Search”, “Times Square Bombing”), CAO “Earth Nectar” cigars, dressed all in brown, demolition crew, US dollar collapse, news vans, military service, war and human nature, signs of the police state, beverage review (“Tava – Mediterranean Fiesta – Black Cherry Citrus”), cryptic packaging messsges, neurotoxins, noisy website, Flash abuse, dangers of aspartame, Zen Burger / Zen Palate, Walgreens at 1 Times Square, The Hooters, in a “trance” on the bus, Phun (physics simulator), “Physics is Phun”, old Mac gravity / orbiting simulator, beverage review (“Function – Urban Detox – Citrus-Prickly Pear”), some l-cysteine is made from human hair, ingredients list “NaCl” instead of salt?, trademark phrases, “hair tonic”, candy review (“Russell Stover – Urban – Modern World Chocolates”), bad Forrest Gump imitation, history of Russell Stover, Sea Salt Soft Caramel, Chief Big Wheel, lime Jell-O, ganache, Christian Nelson, Eskimo Pie, researching topics, “The Readers Guide to Periodical Literature”, researching obscure football teams, Myachi hand sack, and horrible thermal paper. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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