The Overnightscape #692 (Saturday, March 22, 2008 / 1:19:00 / 36.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Charter Oak, Derek Italic, Microgramma, Cooper, a letter from FiOS TV, Internet service, American Idol, upcoming 5th anniversary show, boxes, NYC audio, investigating the scene of a crane collapse, building buildings, emergency vehicles, sector commander, dead end, side of building sheared off, a picture on the wall, the crane that fell, St. Patrick’s Day, OTB, police siren wailing in traffic backup, cigar review (CAO Extreme – Petite Cigars”), comedy club handouts, The Naked Cowboy (and his creepy “handler”), red tube fence, the movie “Enchanted”, photo shoot with model, Times Square stereotypes, old video camera, Monty Python, the “what were you doing right now” experiment, lingerie, the ice cream trend and other trends, the new Overnightscape logo and business cards, the headquarters of Bear Stearns (the company that recently imploded), schadenfreude, crappy umbrella, saffron, Dodge Charger, online coupons,, crappy business cards, raining like mad, live show, upcoming return of Frank Ralph Nora, show notes, moving forward with the show, “podcasting” in decline, comment from Rob Safuto, Bryant Park, archiving stuff, remembering a scene (from the movie “Box of Moonlight”), fountain, Starbucks in decline, lines at The Sharper Image on opening day at the Bridgewater Commons Mall many years ago, Books Kinokuniya, bitter at big shots, evil, bought a book, getting espresso at the cafe, watching Dr. Who (Tom Baker era), Romana I, converting video for iPod, sound out of synch, overlooking the park, a happy moment – wrecked, the annoying sweeping, gray area, prejudice at Japanese restauarants, ugly side of Japanese culture, controversial topics, “Pulp Fiction” time shift last episode, bathroom, wet hands, getting on bus, annoying sounds, wearing a baseball cap, my long hair “stoner” pic from 2002, book review (“Fire King Mug Book”), Strawberry Shortcake, Snoopy, Hildi, and the obsession with mugs. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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