The Overnightscape #640 (Monday, October 21, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: In the studio audience of “The Hugh Thompson Show” on the AT&T Tech Channel (, Mr. Sasha the Cat purring, the powerful cognac, Barbados, Steve Poltz & The Apostles, audience handler guy,, The Rugburns, Jewel, living rooms shows, “Security Band Challenge”, Glenn Miller songs (“Pennsylvania 6-5000”, “In The Mood”, “String of Pearls”, “The American Patrol”), calling the Hotel Pennsylvania, the New York telephone service crisis, Grand Ballroom, The Maury Povich Show, paternity suits, belligerent audience members, Hugh Thomson’s guests at the taping (“Dan Egerstad”, “Bre Pettis”, “Alan Weissman”, “Peter Neumann”, “Whitfield Diffie”), Make Magazine,, Einstein, flutes, and explaining public key cryptography. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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