Monday, December 11, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Doing the show in the middle of the night, the end of storage again, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, mildew, grime, Wiktionary, 500 friends on MySpace, a message from Fred Water, FredSpot, SpotShot, beverage review (Coolwater (by Shannon Minerals Ltd., Ireland) – “Trim (Cranberry)”, “Cleanse (Orange Peach)”, “Boost (Blackberry)”), office flavors, Oga Japanese restaurant closes,, Starbucks Chantico is long gone, Frank’s links, “Lost in Space” ray guns, Firey Beer Brittle, surreal art, Yogi bear, Verizon math, The Last Unicorn, NJ Red Dogs, weather websites, The Weather Channel nostalgia, Swatch Internet Time gone in Times Square, Charmin Mr. Whipple commercials, Brazil, love bombing, Dick Wilson (who played Mr. Whipple) is still alive at age 90, vintage General Cinemas film intros, Mr. Popcorn Bag, a mass of grape jello, acini di pepe pasta, candy review (“Kit Kat filled with Caramel”), beverage review (“Stop and Shop Zazz Seltzer – Peaches and Cream”), movie review (“Inland Empire”, a film by David Lynch, seen at IFC Center (NYC) on 12/8/06 featuring Q and A with star Justin Theroux), other David Lynch movies, urination idea, popcorn and coffee, Laura Dern, a family of rabbit people, red curtains, Jeremy Irons, Harry Dean Stanton, Poland, hookers, lonesome train whistle, NYC audio (Limo Accident on 47th and Lex., wristwatches, old Pulsar digital watch, dorky coat, cold weather, 65th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, glove situation, Charmin Restrooms, The Swarovski Star on the Rockeller Center Christmas Tree, Radio City Music Hall neon sign, FYE, giant clown, Rockettes, Palm Store, ancient warriors), Palm Treo 680, Mr. Sasha the cat purring, Viking Pictures of Mars: Set No. 1 (1977), Utopia Plain, sleeping computer, beverage reviews (“Pocket Pours 4 Rum – Blue Hawaiian” (with English Harbour Antigua Rum)), blender failure, engine smell, Steeltek Cocktail Shaker, snack review (“Sweet and Salty Bugles Caramel”), the nature of caramel, ridged cones, HBO store, M and M’s World, public domain music at, classical music, opus, upcoming: Frank’s Internship at MTV News part 2, reserve shows, dream review (“Working at MTV”), prepress,, Beautiful Breakfast (12/6/06 – jalapeno pretzel and “Marzipan Holiday” donut), Dave from Work and the garlic bread meat stain controversy, the one bread basket, and the crystal geode wall. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (188 minutes)


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