Monday, December 4, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Neurotoxins, supermarket chains, beverage review (“Stop and Shop Zazz Seltzer – Cranberry Lime”), candy review (Cadbury Heroes – “Time Out”, “Picnic”, “Crunchie Bite”, “Twirl”, “Dream”, “Dairy Milk”, “Dairy Milk with Caramel”, “Fudge”, “Daily Milk Whole Nut”), NYC audio (“Meeting Jerry A. Greene at Grand Central Station”, “The Charmin Restrooms”, “Window Cleaning”, “Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree”, “Walking with a Cigar”), National Lampoon Radio Hour, transporting boxes from storage, lunch at Greenacre Park, guacamole lawsuit, synchronicity report (“Red Bull”), movie review (“The Last Unicorn” (1982)), partial movie review (“The Polar Express”), new travels restrictions, loss of freedom, buying bus tickets, Nintendo Wii, Internet outage, Million Dollar Homepage, book review (“The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – Deluxe Edition (3 Volumes)”), 2007 glasses, lucid dreaming, crazy weather, Arena Football, New Jersey Red Dogs, animation cels, old comic strip “Somebody’s Stenog”, The Stoic Woman, Major League Soccer, and vegetable lasagna. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (214 minutes)


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