3:36:44 – Pleasant evening in NYC, Five Guys fries, tape recorder, Fuse, video game buying, memories of the Manhattan Mall, watches at A&S, Indiglo, espresso short change, NJ Transit entrance to Penn Station I never saw before, Jersey Devil in diorama, Metromint memories, the new Nightstation idea, Zoop, Street Fighter X Tekken, chickpea restaurants, Space Port, Station Break, Rastan, Auld Lang Syne, subway, skip forward to Monday at the bus terminal, wild weekend, time travel dream, Nightstation with Frank: Southbound, random audio from April 2010 for Overnightscape Central, Manhattanhenge, ideas that seem obvious after they’re invented, the new Nightstation idea, sound is immersive, imagining the listener stepping through into my world, needing to invent, L-theanine, cooling off period for the idea, fellow adventurers, different philosophies of organizing a society, day and night, succotash with mustard greens, The Ultimate Revolution, analysis of politics, oligarchs, cigar, theory that humans are a genetic variant of the gods, living in domes, The Starlost, Star Wars, we are the hobbits, PlayStation 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, Poison, DLC, Ridge Racer 7, Pinballistik, NetHack, the next day, jacket is missing, memorize celsius, vaginal logo, the ninth annoversary of The Overnightscape, the first few minutes of The Overnightscape Beta #1, Iraq War, car dealer hassles, TechTV, haircut, car inspection, The Overnightscape Underground archive, the creative urge, xkcd, coping mechanisms, new products at 7-11 in the past, blueberry creme coffee vs. blueberry coffee, Borden Colby and Monterey Jack Cheese Snack To Go, L-theanine, lunch, birds are moving into the air conditioner, ho’oponopono, law of attraction, hunger strikes, Temple of the Dog, the 80’s cool guy archetype – Memorex commercials, clearing out negative memories, sculpture, cults, ideal of a humble groovy life, lower back pain, flaws of the subconscious mind, got a recorder (Alesis VideoTrack), FM album “Black Noise” (1977), music list for my younger self, Nash The Slash, Matt Howarth comics, Those Annoying Post Brothers, The Shins, bear art, ModNation Racers, Mr. Peanut in the Mystery Machine, Jessica Rabbit in a jumbo jet, cyberspaces, Little World of Racetracks, Lytro Camera, perfect arrangement of money, the artist Moebius died at age 73, The Time Masters (1982), “coaster pov” on YouTube Leanback, Blakes 7, Survivors, Peep Show, loopholes, railroad spikes, Nevada, the mystery of vowels, 13 Moon Calendar Leap Festival, days out of time, taking pictures, the new idea, day world thinking, patterns, Broadway shows, Die Hard, the 80’s cool guy archetype, the happy idiot archetype, Shake Shack custards, Anything But Monday, falafel balls, the intelligent misfit archetype, Real Genius, My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades, and Hot Tub Time Machine. F1788

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