1:45:32 – Scrap metal truck at the bus stop, folding tables, my name, vowel sounds, Nightstation ideas, disturbing sign, Stereolab album “Margerine Eclipse” (2004), Sansa Clip+, the new iPad, version numbers, dual mono, honeymoon, Slotomania, Facebook games, Venus and Jupiter in conjunction, light pollution, Mars, emergency there/their/they’re training, apostrophes, Star Wars news, corrupt Nibs, Billy Crystal, American Idol mistake, Outrun, warm afternoon, ideation process, timelines, Awake, Jeff the Technologist, Portlandia, Satuday Night Live, Jack White, The Dead Weather, Lindsay Lohan, health food lunch, Mamajuana, whey hassle, chips, smell a cherry candle, Twizzlers, lentil disappointment, the bark industry, corrupt Nibs, transactions, Rachael Ray Show, natto, scallop juice, barnacles, John Carter (2012), Dejah Thoris, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Caffitaly Single Serve Coffee Maker, Bookman Swash, paper and wind, Starbucks Verismo system, cement mixing, circus atmosphere, Norman Rockwell, books before the Internet, A Century of Stop-Motion Animation, NetHack, random number generators, Times Square, the old tape I played on the latest Overnightscape Central, horrible clown, finger touch, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, On The Air, Clash of the Titans, Wall Street, Universal Soldier, and the virtual bus terminal. F1787

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