1:32:02 – The exploding beverage, fake mushrooms, GT’s Synergy Cherry Chia Kombucha, Chia Pets, quinoa, Orbitz, sleepers on the bus, people from the past, Podcast Alley, the robust and gritty realm of the 20th Century, cafeteria, American Dream, goat coin, Pinball Arcade, slow news day, “malt” theory of the downfall of the hippie phenomenon, timeline manipulation, Chamber, The Overnightscape Underground archive update, Pocket Overnightscape, Nightstation, Hotshot, Fizzies, 3 Musketeers Coconut, Nestle Carlos V, reality fear, I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman, Worzel Gummidge, Park At My House, Pall Mall, Pyramid, color TVs for sale, Chock full o’Nuts pinball idea, After Eight, iPad apps for cats, Cricket Muve Music, Absolutely Fabulous, This Is Not A Movie (2011), Eddie Furlong, Terminator, meta-fiction, and Inception. F1775

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