1:56:06 – Headphones, the common cold, 2012 ball, subway cards, discard, radio fuel, Nightstation, Pan Am, The Playboy Club, zipping, brand new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, anachronisms, the state of the scape address, archiving, predictions, positivity, hope, Photoshop memories, the defunct Azure, Vanilla Cherry Swirl NyQuil, purple drank, Omni Magazine, breezeways, Kodak in trouble, overheard, best visit to MoMA ever, vague fashion art, art from 1980 to now, art candy, rice and hot peppers art, yelled at by guard, beautiful evening, PAPAPinball videos on Vimeo, Tim Hortons, Mint Snuff, Take Five, Myntz, time travel food delivery service, giant Starbucks, the name Oral, Times Square, the mystery of human existence, hopeful views of the future, galactic federation, the gods, new perspectives of history, doom and gloom, and good stuff. F1774

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