1:53:34 -  Going to meet The Human Orchestra (a band from Canada) at The High Line, daylight saving time, the radio vacation, depressing seating areas, secret societies, sunway, The Beau Hunks, beggars, The Little Rascals, Stan Lee, Meat Packing District, fancy stores, bagel story, Some in the Woods, Virginia Slims theory, Mr. Show, Lush, The Inhuman Orchestra, bitter memories, dreamlike combined antique store/Italian restaurant, gnocchi, sleep, Snow White, red velvet cake, Weebles, quitting Cub Scouts, Jack Benny, The Human Orchestra arrives, The High Line, Occupy Wall Street, the new EP “Noah”, abandoned espresso bar, the economy, Candyman, CBC, The Human Orchestra song “In The Middle”… more description coming… F1762

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