1:43:20 -  Lever House aquarium art “Land Mind”, giant woman statue, braided pipes, bagel mistake, “Oceana” plaza in my personal mythos, Christmas lights, George Bush, 08/08/08, 11/11/11, numerology, Portable Night, physical representations of media, Velcro, Pearl Jam, The Carrie Michel Show, Culttastic, The Overnightscape Central, Uniqlo, the word “city”, a visit to MoMA, Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana pinball art, George Segal, Betty Nora, levels of content, Museum Garden III, cheese coin update, elevator confusion, healthy-looking tourists, 8:30 AM Sunday morning in The Overnightscape Studio, studio setup, Samson G-Track microphone, FedFlix video “Energy – The American Experience”, channel strips and audio processing, Samson Meteor, proximity effect, Fuzzy Daupner song “Some In The Woods”, mainstream entertainment, the joy of sharing your talent, the sad vision of fame, Rolling Stone, Eddit Murphy, mind control victims, Venture Brothers Season 4 Trailer making fun of podcasting, The Morton Downey Jr. Show, Pat Buchanan, the joy of cheap production values, alien tunnels, Benjamin Franlkin, listener email, Special When Lit – A Pinball Documentary (2009), Visual PinMame, Disco Fever (1978), Roller Disco (1980), Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball (2008), Pick-up Summer (1980) (original title: “Pinball Summer”), front of a car in an arcade with a DJ projected onto the windshield, Andy Rooney dead at age 92, Once Upon A Time (new TV show), the store “Middle Earth” that used to be in Montclair, NJ, lack of information on stores of the past, and energy. F1761

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