1:44:14 – Visited the 9/11 Memorial, conspiracy theories, home computer, occult symbolism of the Freedom Tower, WPIX, numerology, gods, deer, Occupy Wall Street, my theory of what is going on in the world, visions, reincarnation, self-aggrandizement, flying saucers, robots, genetic engineering, warring gods, civilization, souls, decadence, misinterpretation, rules of living, anarchy, the process of visiting the 9/11 memorial, security screening, questioning the worth of some modernist art, Willem de Kooning, ArtRenewal.org, the concept of abstraction, The Emperor’s New Clothes, public space, train wrecks, the memorial fountains, negative energy, nature of the memorial, the defunct Cineplex Odeon movie theater chain, The Unauthorized Star Wars Story (1999), Bib Fortuna, Biggs Darklighter, Boba Fett, mini movie theater concept, Times Square at dusk, various defunct brands, Nuprin, Jean Nate, wifi problems, Brim, The Bangles, GMC Jimmy, free South Park coffee, coffee backpacks, iPhone 4S announcement, Siri, talking to your computer, Cyc, Bergen Town Center (formerly Bergen Mall), Whole Foods, liquor, saag paneer, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the big idea, Pop-Up Video, question of the day, from buzz to bust, and wax Dracula. F1751

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