1:18:30 – Bus ticket queue triumphs and failures, Pepsi logos, a historic night of baseball, Boston Red Sox failure, tribal nature of fandom, socialization, DeLorean, Walk Like An Egyptian, my 44th birthday today, The X Factor, New Jersey, Barbarella (1968), Duran Duran, horrible fluids in Times Square, Good Morning America, Zardoz (1974), Matmos, Apocalypse Now (1979), Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986), dorm room fiction, Navi-X, Fringe, gave up on Pan Am, Terra Nova, the incoherent season finale of Doctor Who, Torchwood, forgot umbrella, 9/11 Memorial, Broadway play review – Relatively Speaking, Ishtar, Woody Allen, inexplicable laughter, blurred vision, Marlo Thomas, Steve Guttenberg, Julie Kavner, Bronson Pinchot, theater security, freezing lunchtime, rain, laughing boy, all the mall Borders are gone, Garden State Plaza observations, clothing stores, coffee stores, emergency caffeine, Nordstrom espresso, Toys “R” Us Express, Marbles – The Brain Store, Howard Stern, annoying escalator announcements, Hyundai Equus, and the complete Onsug archive on Archive.org. F1750

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