1:19:04 – Been a real klutz lately, supermarket bags, salsa smash, instant Indian food, ice tray mishap, intertia, coffee jostle problem, the morphogenetic field theory may pose a problem with time travel, amnesia, Project Runway, Watchmen, finished reading the amazing “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, geek culture, Wil Wheaton, poseur, audiobooks, Tempest synchronicity, back pain, The Great American Bathroom Book, messages from the future, St. Elsewhere, unreleased TV shows, bus stop madness, vague protest, a craving for Pop Rocks, dirty napkin, Trash Pack, Perplexus Epic,  Opie & Anthony, Pat from Moonachie, the joy of waiting, and The Prodigy song “Take Me To The Hospital” may refer to the “Paul is Dead” conspiracy.  F1746

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