2:12:21 -  Gazpacho, Pret A Manger, indigestion, tailoring, Prell, camping, jackhammering at the bus stop, purple flowers, magazines from 1984 (Games, Computer Fun), strange jogger, bees, bus, “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, cultural shift in 1984, scaffolding, Boss Nass, Randi Hacker, Black & Mild cigars, Infocom text adventures, Gameradio, Need For Speed World, Crazy Taxi, virtual worlds, a new Staples, Rou Review, Osteen queue, Jermaine Jackson, my walk down Broadway, Logology 2, NYU Film School, bitter memories, alternate timeline in Minnesota, an old job, free hummus, video blimp, drug store vision, Underlapse, cigar buying hassle, Freedom Tower, corny patriotism, South Street Seaport, pricey ice cream, Star Wars on Blu-Ray, Yoda improvement, escalator madness, Doctor Who episode “The Girl Who Waited”, The Dungeon Masters (2008), The Rock-afire Explosion (2008), Aaron Fechter, Showscan, and flip the switch back on. F1745

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