The Overnightscape #694 (Tuesday, April 1, 2008 / 1:53:00 / 51.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of The Overnightscape with the first ever LIVE SHOW (in front of an audience), at the NYC Podcasting Meetup (on the exact 5 year mark – March 27, 2008)… Meetup founder Doug Kersten starts off the festivities, the Meetup members introduce themselves (Bob, Brazzie, Manny the Mailman, Bud the Mailman, Agatha, Sandy, Catherine, John (Frank’s brother), Ray, Clive, Ronald, Alex, and Louis), and then Doug introduces Frank… tonight’s topics include: Honking car alarm, MadPlayer, audio editing, hiss, the official start of the show, the mystery box, the semi-illegal candies, surprise handout, show stats, all episodes available online, Jean Shepherd, the monologue show format, what Frank looked like in early 2003, graph, The Overnightscape 4th Anniversary Checklist, talking to Bud the Mailman, schadenfreude, spilling water all over everything, Manny the Mailman explains “The Overnightcase”, the rescue of The Overnightcase, Twitter, telegraph operators, the dawn of telegraphy, the definition of podcasting, RSS feeds, Stevie Blue arrives and introduces himself, Tom Scharpling Show, David Lee Roth, Howard Stern, Stevie Blue sings, group candy review (“Icebreakers Pacs – Orange” – discontinued because parents complained it looked like drugs), Flintstones Vitamins, big files, listener greetings (“Carrie from Little Elm, Texas”, “Becky From South Carolina” (with synchronicity)), area codes, opening the box from Roel from The Netherlands (with “chemtrail” greeting card, and set of 3 bottles of Macallan single malt Scotch), group beverage review (“Macallan Elegancia – 12 Years Old”), some toasts, Dr. Pepper update, hot Dr. Pepper, doing the show in front of an audience, the unseen listener, getting into the groove, show notes, topics of the day, a space bus, Seinfeld, new urinal shields in the Port Authority Bus Terminal, weird old urinals, “squat downs”, urinal game, old time radio wrecked by television, Dragnet, online video eclipsing online audio, Frank’s video project “”, talking to Clive about his TV show “Alive With Clive”,, various video sites, Beublin A. Richardson, addictive audio, the power of talk, campfire storyteller, the “rise and fall” of podcasting, podcast advertising, dynamic ad insertion, Dailysonic, video ads, premium podcasting, micropodcasting, Meetup member sites, microphones, phones, audio equipment, Frank’s favorite episode (#561 – walking around a mall for 5 hours), drunken adventures, the checklists are scented with incense, the new $5 bill with the giant purple 5, euros, Photoshop currency copy protection, Jean Shepherd Archive, and the music at the end. Thanks to everyone for coming! And special thanks to Ariel for the use of her space for the Meetup! Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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