The Overnightscape #693 (Saturday, March 29, 2008 / 1:39:00 / 45.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: A new Sunglass Hut in Times Square, trying on Oakley Monster Pup sunglasses, fake sunglasses on Canal Street, chemtrails and things in the air, dusk or twilight, the upcoming live show, portable studio test, satellite truck, Times Square haters, techniques for moving your business forward, stereo sound, clear bag, audio setup, Linux laptop, Audacity, hiss, Muji Flagship Store, New York Times Building, the old Bluffcosm portable studio, theatricality, Wyland whale mural, Sam Ash, ART Tube MP Studio V3, wooden wall dead end, the entrance behind the coffee place, automatic doors, coffee shop hassles, Men’s Journal, possible destruction of The Overnightscape Studio, bus terminal ad, American Idol, testing the setup in the studio, Thistle Dhu, drinking single malt Scotch right out of the bottle, Easter leftovers with hot sauce and cayenne pepper, testing the preamp, busted VU meter, vacuum tube voicing, Dr. Sarno method, the opening of boxes (“Roel’s box within the box – present for the 5th Anniversary”, “Chad’s box of soda from Texas”), spilled water on The Overnightscape mixer, revealing the new Overnightscape logo, packing peanuts, Episode 691 comments on the atheist issue, ABM Show archive, logo similarities, chatting with a former listener, Richard Dawkins is married to Lalla Ward (Romana II from Doctor Who), tube is warm, sodas from The Soda Gallery, “Dublin” Dr. Pepper (with cane sugar), the portable studio test recording (with Denice, Casey, and Jack), Happy Easter, “Chocolate Rain”, beverage review (“Limited Edition Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper”), soymilk, “hello kangaroos”, listeners in Australia, the sweet potato question, Long Island, Walt Disney World, World of Motion, walking around Disney World all depressed, new Raconteurs album, hot Dr. Pepper, old Dr. Pepper logo, understanding the meaning of Dr. Pepper, more soda from Texas (“Barq’s Root Beer”, “Abita Root Beer”, “Dutch Coke”, “Fitz’s Strawberry Pop”, “Nehi Peach”), Happy Days, proximity effect, dream review (“Carl Whitman and Economic Tomorrow”, “Doctor Who”, “Early 90’s Alternative Rock Synchronicity”, “American Idol Contestant”, “The Bus Route White House Bathroom Code”, “Folded-Up Flags”, “A Brawl at a Barnes & Noble”, “Guest Stars – Richard Dawkins & Anna Nicole Smith”, “Washington Valley Road”, “Taken in by Rednecks Living at the Edge of a Recent Forest Fire”, “Boxes in the Fireplace”), Beublin A. Richardson, Easter, geese, Cheeseburger Combos, controversial topics, and living The Overnightscape lifestyle. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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