The Overnightscape #632 (Friday, October 12, 2007 / 1:46:00 / 48.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: “The 40th Birthday Show – Part 1”, sirens, raining like mad, wet commute, bigger umbrellas, dryer, minor celebrities born on the same day (comic book artist Rob Liefeld and Olympic figure skater Tiffany Chin), sounds of the bus stop, feelings inside, facades, traumatic job, corporate politics, creative projects over the years, Obliviana Super Occult Amusement, connecting with people, bus stop people, lusting after power and money, Port Authority, 20 years ago, 4 sets of 10 years, The Golden Age of Video Games, Corridor of Losers, puberty, girls, an entertainment empire in my mind, 7 Train, a puzzling time, experimental publications, a slacker in 1991, ezine, subway conductor, Grand Central Terminal, Fuzzy Daupner,, Internet radio station, Macchiato Espresso Bar, sippy lids, expensive coffee, The Mini Car Show, 9/11, the lost year 2002, beginnings of The Overnightscape, the birth and “death” of podcasting, heading down to Maui Tacos for lunch, taxi flower art, 25th Anniversary of the opening of EPCOT Center, Walt Disney’s last great vision, EPCOT Gallery, soap, dark rides, memories of World of Motion, puberty and facial hair, memories of a childhood friend and his mother, “Mr. Mustachio”, solo trips to Walt Disney World, happy endings, buying dice at The Compleat Strategist, I Ching, Surfers Dining Room, Haiku Wet, theming, azul, sad video, The Magic Cow, guy with cat on his head, pixellated camouflage, two bathrooms, cigar, A View From Space, food ingredients, l-cysteine, rest room signs, time travel, the occult, supernatural beings, religion, obsessed with interdimensional travel, psychic wars, grates above the train tracks, gag reflex, focused on a big idea, personal power, tape recorder show planning, infallibility of the I Ching, Mercury retrograde, and wisps of black plastic. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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