The Overnightscape #631 (Saturday, October 6, 2007 / 1:40:00 / 45.8 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: “At a Street Fair in Brooklyn, Part 2″, Atlantic Terminal, paper towels, blatant chemtrails, Atlantic Antic street fair, Flatbush Ave., Long Island, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Iran, UN protests, Laurie Anderson, books, monthly bus pass, finger healing, safety, show milestones (4.5 year anniversary, 500 hour mark, 30,000 minute mark), intermissions, different year measurements, “Pylones” store opens in Grand Central, The Obtuse Angle podcast archive going offline,, Virgin Megastore update, Nirvana, Utah, Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances is 15, The Gallery at Fulton Street mall is dead, needing portapotty and falafel, barriers, absinthe drinking, the hallucinogenic oils of the wormwood, trouble on the falafel line, ginger lemonade, a sea of people at the street fair, Obama, Hegelian dialect, Arp Axxe synthesizer, convertible, corn, bail bonds, wine sorbet, human ingenuity, dry cleaning label as toothpick, evil marionettes, big dog, plastic film on dishwasher control panel, pet peeve, nice beer logo, homeless guy sign system humor, Tangerine Flair, Spentgag (pretending to clear the throat while saying “Illuminati”), nasty fish smoke, Silly String, getting weary of the noise, drumming, balloons, checking out the ship, the BQE, Adopt-A-Highway, Brooklyn Marine Terminal, German Navy sailor explains the ship, the chemtrail phenomenon, sheeple and sleeple, humidity, funnel cakes, time for cigar (“Aurora”), hanging out in a little park by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, sunscreen, everyone tapping away at their little computers, writing in little notebooks, meaningless drivel, people eating ice cream, rustic foliage, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, scary random adventure in Staten Island, 209, “Sunbathing” by Lush, Spentgag (“Don’t call me Shirley”), homonyms, puns, jokes, vegetarian issues, Rainman, the pomposity of “assembly”, what happened at Burritoville?, Michael Moore barricaded in Maui Tacos, merging into traffic, random gaps, waiting for a taxi with flowers, old-fashioned cars, Amity Street, health logo, footbridge, honeymoon Sebring convertible, age tofu, fish shavings, and the sushi place is closed. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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