2:26:30 – Frank in NYC talking about many things…On the 7 train in Queens, graffiti, sneeze fight, mass shootings, lying beggar, new computer, computer shopping hell, Treats Truck, reality strangeness, Overnightscape Central, absinthe visions, four-dimensional space, store pickup, configuring the computers, Need For Speed World, Diablo III, Gauntlet, cyberspace, VR/AR, feeling of immersion, Virtuality, explaining ATMs and paper money to the people in the future, another beggar, sandwiches, kelvin, little yellow pill, space madness, Zope, creating virtual worlds, Bluffcosm, Little World of Racetracks, Second Life, OpenSim, Owltoco Steele, Flushing adventure, Blade Runner, Science Innovation Company, There, OSGrid, APB Reloaded, murder in videogames, got a Mickey Mouse “Plane Crazy” figurine at the comic book store, Walt Disney, “it all started with a mouse”, folding worlds in multidimensional space, Flatland by Edwin Abbott, station racket, wooden laptop, Corsair Triple Smoke, lack of pine-flavored foods and candy, Mad Monster Party (1967) came out on Blu-ray yesterday, teen frenzy for Cher Lloyd at Best Buy, fashion trends, rampling on the grass in Bryant Park, the funny vampire voice, Count von Count, new taxis, new season of Doctor Who, Rose, Amy, Daleks, League of Legends, Dota 2, kickstarter, BUG-A-SALT, Indiegogo, Bib Fortuna, I Still Remember – a documentary about Jim Fidler, Overnightscape Handbook 88, New Midnight Cassette System, Basic Overnightscape (17/32/35), The Rampler, Cameravore, and investigating pretzel shoppes. F1857

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