1:20:27 – Frank in NYC talking about many things… Upcoming movie Hotel Transylvania, monster parties, power generator rental, HBO bench, dumpster premonition, lunch at a brand new Whole Foods, Bolthouse Farms Bom Dia Acai + 10 Superblend, seabuckthorn, superfruits, New Jersey wines, soft cardboard, Katherine Hepburn, wellness booth, resin, peanut butter packets, Hurricane Isaac, Republican National Convention, thrill of the fight, abstract conflict, Red Sox Nation, sax, computer shopping hell, ASUS, the half a supermarket dream, idea in my mind, unanswered prayers, get down to the heart of the matter, the Bryant Park lawn, Don Henley, night world audio thoughts, sharing not selling, the love of the adventure of the mystery of life, creatures of two worlds, mocking day tone, cosmic tour guides, the zombie trend, another band, sopping dry heavy popcorn, Pizza vs. Skeletons, Chainsaws & Toasters, 53rd and 3rd, MLM creep, weird semi-taxi, bus stop excavation, Rush, skeleton news, interactive dueling banjo skeletons, monster party music, and any banjo experts. F1856

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