2:29:20 – Frank in NYC talking about many things… Ceci n’est pas une cloud, Rattray’s Red Rapparee pipe tobacco, bad hair day, explosion, how you appear to others, street hassle, haircut synchronicity, Phyllis Diller dies at age 95, Mad Monster Party (1967), Rankin/Bass stop motion animation, monster parties, shoe problem, Mad Monster Party’s plot is similar to Blade Runner (boy meets girl, finds out she’s a robot, then finds out he’s also a robot), Blade Runner (1982), analog visuals and synthesizers, peps, Tony Scott dies at age 68, Prometheus (2012), Annunaki and human origins, Eyes Wide Shut (1999), The Upper City, four dimensional space, pop culture obsession across many worlds, World Financial Center, Wintergarden, 9/11, new shopping area, World Trade Center memories, J&R Music World, CD shopping, Spotify, Japanimation, PATH simulator game, new Fixx album, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, sirens, The Inbetweeners (TV Series 2008–2010), ghost trains, The X Factor (UK), the new cruel shoes, new album by The Fixx – “Beautiful Friction”, carton d’allumettes, new album by Men Without Hats – “Love in the Age of War”, the song “Sail To You” by Men At Work, new album by Lava Children – “Lava Childen”, Initial Exit Ramp (10/12/09), Bronies, alternate reality entertainment, Year Zero, Welcome Back Kotter, Douglas Adams, cockiness, the happy idiot archetype, triangle of multidimensional monster party stores, Star Wars, Bryant Park lawn, rampling on the grass, kubb, Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, random music in the distance, Airbag Frank, Kickstarter campaigns (Pinball Arcade Twilight Zone and Star Trek:The Next Generation, Oculus Rift), virtual reality, return of Jet Set Radio, Retro City Rampage, GTA IV, Saints Row 2, Kitaro cassette, Guitari, The Paunch Stevenson Show, a mess in storage, the lost iPod, climate control, Crystal Pepsi, Cocaine energy drink, groceries at Target, “The Monitron”, “excuse me sir I own the lane”, In Time (2011), Overnightscape Central, The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, complainers, dreamlike train trip, New Bridge Landing, Nathan’s french fries, Secaucus Junction, differences between train and bus culture, KIND Bars, statue of a weed, the Pascack Valley Line platform, projecting into a sub-world, the old Bergen Mall, liquor laws, Whole Foods, the pluot wax, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, found the band, free popcorn – Smartfood Selects Parmesan Herb Popcorn, do not touch the cubical shrubbery, Mummenschanz on The Muppet Show, Mummenschanz commercials, and Mummenschanz at the end of the world. F1854

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/). Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora – more info at TheOvernightscape.com