1:40:04 – A fragment of memory of the Corn Palace, oblivion, road trip to Montana, old cassettes, roadside attractions, Hello Dolly on 8-track, WALL-E (2008), Hank Snow, forgetting, the theory of The Overnightscape, Bryant Park, night topics, South Dakota, matches, Podcast Alley, Daryl Hannah, Blade Runner (1982), random noises, the nature of beauty, Bob Newhart, William Sanderson, later in Battery Park, the sound of a dock, mini vacation, Pocket Overnightscape, archiving, 2013 is the first year since 1987 with all four digits different, return of a spicy and warm and cool tone to the world, Mike Nesmith rejoins The Monkees, quinoa, a mangosteen-cacao beverage, Bolthouse Farm Bom Dia discontinued?, acai berries, accents are like piercings for letters, America’s Got Talent, Newark, talent and delusion, Eric Buss, Rudy Coby, Coby Electronics, vague aspect from the eary 1990s, Marilyn Manson, PEP (past-editing paranoia), 1930s cartoon character “Scrappy”, Scrappyland blog, The Film Daily archive, closing ceremony of The Olympics, aspects of conspiracy theories, Grand Theft Auto IV, lawful evil, new theory of the world, Bob Costas, standards of appearance, Batman and Robin, Pink Floyd, Eric Idle, Take That, and Johnny Dangerously (1984). F1853

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