3:12:33 –   What’s in the bag?, Groove Tube cylindrical maze toy, Revomaze, tobacco stores, Episode 900, something weird going on in the universe, Mind Grenades, Book Off, buying and selling, burden of objects, thrill of obtaining, demise of media stores, walking around in a daze, pipe smoking, smoke rings, Laurie Anderson, Rattray’s Red Rapparee pipe tobacco, different pipe tobaccos, Romeo Y Julieta mini cigars, 209, Bryant Park, Creative Commons music, 500 song project, Music for Night Driving in VR, Music for Driving in Cyberspace, Metropolis Street Racer, Paper Mate Inkjoy, Twin Peaks, Japanese pen reviews (Zebra Surari, Pilot Acroball, Pentel Vicuna), Me and Orson Welles (2008), the impermanence of theater, stories of entertainent production, Smash, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, chemtrails, the aliens may land at The Olympics, otherdimensional spaces, the humans who live with the Annunaki, beverage choices, Teas’ Tea Jasmine Green Unsweetened Tea, hobbits, gravity, theory accuracy, in the studio, a 900-number ad from the Howard Stern Channel 9 show from 1990, more commercials from 1990, videocassettes, Spotlight Cafe with host Jackie Martling, Louis C.K., President Bush, David Lynch on Late Night with David Letterman, On The Air, Ronnie Rocket, vicuna coat, Twin Peaks synchronicities, back in NYC, the area code of this episode, 900 numbers, 500 song project, pinball truck, Moon (2009), what happened in the original version of 2009?, alternate timelines, Romulus and Remus, return to the opening seating area, Pennies from Heaven (1981), Jessica Harper, Shock Treatment (1981), obtaining, walking to another planet, Imajica by Clive Barker, outer space vs. worlds connected by dimensional contours, Monster Hunters Legos, automatic change machines at checkout counters, bank cafeteria, clerk issues, open source fonts, Adobe Source Sans, 8/8, symbolism, listener email (Brian from Minnesota), taping, The Evil Farm, Pete the Nazi skinhead, 500 song project, Singin’ in the Rain (1952), MGM Musicals, Vaudeville nostalgia, The Twentieth Century, writing numbers, new superhero Dr. Almost, Oceana plaza, Libby the video girl, VR headsets, Colorama at Grand Central, four years ago today, Inramble, the Onsug-style monologue format, writing vs. audio, personality, day world vs night world, and ITC Fenice. F1850

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