1:30:00 –   35th Street in the light rain, Five Guys fries, the dark feeling of supermarkets, Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness, surreality, major traffic problems, nightmarish transactions, looking into a furniture store, furniture describer, the fun of recording, Naruto, Sherlock Hemlock, Sesame Street, karaoke, nail salons, upcoming movie “Cloud Atlas”, the horrible Matrix sequels, Lana Wachowski, the long-lost Herald Center mall, bell statue, hologram store, dictators, celebrity transsexuals, the pursuit of happiness, gender identity and the biomorhic field, perception, The Fountain (2006), Thomas Dolby, Penn Station, soldiers, rail camo, Lord of the Rings Lego, back in the day, destroying historical landmarks, Mountain Dew/Doritos and Pepsi/Lays “ribbon” ads, time travel, Orange Julius, The Olympics, Bob Costas, subway, Olympic opening ceremony, Mike Oldfield, Billy Carter, Roger Clinton, Roseanne Barr for President, banks of TVs, Paul is dead, Let It Be, giant baby, Mary Poppins, India blackout, Snoop Lion, get seltzer, stoic clerk, Bella, sad little arcade, euro penny, and the official predication of the end of the penny of the United States of America. F1849

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