The Overnightscape #620 (Wednesday, September 5, 2007 / 1:15:00 / 34.4 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Testing the new mobile Overnightscape studio on the porch, Kansas, cigar review (“Van Der Donk Finishing Touch”), getting an ashtray, air traffic, bug on microphone, Samson G-Track, MadPlayer, firmware, beverage review (“Macallan Fine Oak – Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 10 Years Old”), absinthe effects, seeing a face in the dry cat food, bright spark, beautiful weather, carbon monoxide detector, proximity effect, wind chimes, Speyside, mono, cooking millet, Wolf Blitzer’s popcorn warning, scratching bug bites, the mission to rescue The Overnightcase with Roel and Manny, donut update, voiceover class upate, Zoolander, 20 day mark, midtown popcorn incident, thinking a lot about the world of Crazy Taxi, Popcorn Mania, Second Life, Sony Home, Frank takes the Autistic Aptitude Test, beverage review (“Diet Pepsi Max – Invigorating Cola”), CD-ROM magazines from the early 1990s, Blender Magazine Hot List, whatever happened to the 2003 Avril Lavigne wannabes?, messy handwriting, obscurity, neophilia, Usher perfume, Pine-Sol new scent voting, Games Magazine from March 1984, Aroma Disc system by Charles of the Ritz, ScentStories, birds, the back of the microphone, Web 2.0, Twitter, The New Games, The New Math, Facebook, thanks for the tips, and the soapy outdoors. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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